Marks Family Writing Center

What to expect

  • maximum 45 minutes of individual consultation
  • interactive: don't expect to drop off your paper, literally or mentally. Our sessions pivot upon your engagement with the work
  • a few questions to get started, such as:
    • Do you have written instructions?
    • Have you gotten any feedback from other readers?
    • When do you plan on submitting it?
    • How close to being finished do you consider it to be?
    • Do you have particular concerns or goals?
  • some hands-on work to insure that you have a good sense of direction before the session ends

What to bring (as applicable)

  • two paper copies of whatever it is you're working on, if you have begun a draft or have received feedback from your professor or TA, and a pencil or pen
  • or, your laptop and one paper copy of any document in progress
  • your assignment, instructions, application form, job description, proposal guidelines -- ie, description of the task at hand
  • any supporting documents, from your notes to books and articles, other feedback from your professor or TA -- anything that sheds light on what you are aiming to do