Creative Writing Minor

Students who wish to minor in Creative Writing should contact the Director of the Creative Writing Program, Dr. Julia Bloch, at the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing at 3808 Walnut St. (215-573-CPCW).

The minor in Creative Writing consists of six courses. Of these,

Among the four Creative Writing workshops minors take, English 10, the introductory Creative Writing workshop, is strongly recommended (although not required). Among the two courses taken by Creative Writing minors in the study of literature in English, English 269, on poetics, is recommended, as is any of a number of English courses regularly offered in which students study the history and development of a genre (for instance, English 60, on the history of the English novel).

For a sampling of Creative Writing workshops currently offered, click here.

Creative Writing has had a long tradition at Penn. The Creative Writing faculty (standing, adjunct, visiting) has included some of the most important writers of our time and some of Penn's most brilliant and effective teachers, among them Philip Roth, Carlos Fuentes, John Wideman, Nora Magid, Romulus Linney, Daniel Hoffman, Paul Fussell, Jerre Mangione, and Loren Eisley.

The current faculty includes Dick Polman (journalism), Kitsi Watterson (fiction and nonfiction), Charles Bernstein (poetry and poetics), Lise Funderburg (nonfiction), Marion Kant (travel writing), Deborah Burnham (poetry), Anthony DeCurtis (popular culture reviewing and feature writing), Liz Van Doren (writing for children), Kathleen DeMarco (screenwriting), Paul Hendrickson (nonfiction), Max Apple (fiction writing), Bob Perelman (poetry), Gregory Djanikian (poetry), Robert Strauss (journalism), Lorene Cary (fiction and memoir), Karen Rile (fiction), Kenneth Goldsmith (experimental writing) and Herman Beavers (poetry).

The emergence of a lively culture of writers at Penn in recent years, with the advent of the Kelly Writers House in 1995-96, has put contemporary writing in the foreground among Penn students. The Kelly Writers House Fellows seminar, an advanced undergraduate seminar in English, features three super-eminent writers each spring. This is just one of many collaborations between and among the Writers House, the English department's undergraduate literature major, and the Creative Writing Program. The founding of the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, a site for further collaboration among all of Penn's writing programs, makes a minor in Creative Writing even more attractive.