Bruce Andrews

Obligation for hire
lexicon seduces
personally notwithstanding
consummate alarm -
ulterior?  Stain
fling incarceration by rumor
punctual beauty pink
dissembling punctual crawlers only later
said meaning was riding her
covert inside capsuled
rumor sweets can compare
forgive slip
withhold stunned show twice commensurate
consummate frigid perceiveless
italic hesitation
that rosy 'System' is an Owner
atmosphere breaks - ransoms - heart
little white dot
bubble nothing is
amiss price kiss implied
stop on spot
peculiar eye tint

nor any menace
fundamental signals
dream not broken it
absorb terse sums -
Basis - teeth balked
unforeseen intimate
scene a thing
urgent gown
rub esoteric shame jealous
root is freely certified
on view breeds to ratify
bother and betrayed fit at hand -
delicious negotiation collapsing feast
I'm all suspended
about the outside of myself
surroundings inscrutable temperature expositor
nothing proves the news
experience consumes on plan
hip incidents
could this be you
could this be you
could this be you
delusive fickle
to be denied, never let me go
unimpeachably disco
spigot job, o.k.
cuddle can punish prism =
svelte disheveled affront

realms to compromise's Ground Floor
aggrandized prompter coming in
contrite passive prompter legs
out of a dream world licensed souvenir
flesh tilts away
suit me up to familiarities
tumult elite
edifice remote
parsing is the manufacture vain
would nice to falsify buccaneers
go to unobtained trouble enhances
enables a guy with superstitious value
text structure so yawn
que viva secrets unsubstantial find it innocent
license for proof
& trappings the worthless function
yes, rhetoric withdraws to be so sad
hem is fair
cease in retrospect
but a little, we know
nominate these cliffhangers
arithmetic of negligence
enclose the neck in charms
syllable economy
where functions depose
cut me in for a loss
can any magistrate afford
to recognize mock heroics ?
Hairbreadth's crescent

tentacles the case
chastened suck to paragraphs prompt & straight
the apparatus of loss
together pattern conquested hands redress
sweet incarnation premature instead
infinite suspect size dress only me
trust adjourns
convertible ordinary honey am dumb
in process show me this and this
inner forfeit exhaled distinction
law tint
bliss with a Delete - threat's
presence had cool schemes
sueted up their own gender
it must be no width concern
repetition didn't subscribe
fact foreclosed unsuspecting female
orthography unburdening the drawers
invalidates nobody
slit we perfected sign surrounded tight excuse
strategy entertains
the limits - fond as fallible
inform your signifying about your nails, sugar
plush limitations curtseying intercourse
off-limits with incendiary requisite
glowing corners
progressively hear figures depositing
alarm to dazzle coming negatively homestead so near
perpetual occasion for castration

straighter to be carried up
in lids suffer error now
fear of moments the error
hers the sumptuous
in prime mechanics of sleaze
outside enchanted ground
intimate creature circumstance statement fairies
adulterous adulatory bees
another hour on me
lips without surprise
cervically audacious satin
mercy's library semen
aim of Irony prefix at discount
seam became wick ourselves
adjoining loaded heat
body drips censure
a practice
ecstatic curls
and forget help
to keep baffle
corkless throat have tried
low erect
clue awful
ring tightens blunder to regulate
cocoon tease version of sweeps
artisanal difference admission

incubates income acquaintance
wet trouble
body warranted possibility through scant pricklier
labor - privilege's interdict
null heart marketeers esteemed
small whim capsized
subjugated toast
circumference aghast