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Clark Coolidge
Uncollected and Unpublished Poems



Blue sky
few crags, the slopes
are green

whistling by
the granite stopwatch







lots of overdue librarian

the eventual toad

crazy sanity faltering by the sea

goddam huge lungs

pills that swallow themselves

yesterday: (before and after)

two wings flapping in the mind

falling beanbags sadly

small wet black cold-cuts

the failure of a mammary piano

all tears shall dry up!

energetic golden mindworm

the factotum remembered

candied love removed from a radio

human cries will dry up the sap flow

to marry a woman gathers moss

tar replaces wax at the earholes

ghosts rematerialize at a drop of the pants

greensleeves becomes our national anthem

grossly miscalculated are our surds

I can't recall a more perfect war!

we have invented a sound which will drown out all others

can you look me in the eyes and shout: foe! (?)

can you flee the moan of gold?

oddly enough the sky is still blue occasionally

television hawks our heart disease

never will the moon be enough

we're under the sun too

lovers jailed for crazy

a matter of the president's sex

enough tears become lenses for the eyes

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A man just dropped by, about our old love.

                                    Prov. May, 1962






Flywheel Pester
Craggy Oldbitch
Simperer Remley
Tantamount T. Tightwad
Woodsmell Q. Breakbrain
Privey Under
Feldspar Chipjaw
Friendoman Guiley (The Elder)
Fabian Victim
Crenshaw Cloacha
Coonbread Glempsh
Tugowar A. Trembley
Fillmouth C. Bathless
Gout Clamp
Fag Earl
Stimpson Stutter
Garbagemine Cluster
Premper Peed
Stencil Untz
Goatshard List
Pickaninny Christ
Penis Pencilkrantz
A. Greater Gastower
Felinity Felon
Grapeface Goldcrap
Gaston Greeb
Stylish Slow
Presown Pence
Globular Toad
Viable Magnet
Findme A. Coldspot (The Beachboy)
Crandall Cream
Cranberry Flyless
Gordo Abom
Flimsy Blacknote
Callous Cryhard
Drank Rabies
Coreless Hose
Fedora Kaballa
Kalabash Unguent
Various Nudes
Skitteyboom Croak
Vagabond Beehive
Candy Crawless
Talkable Talents
Federal Groaner
Kindly Free
Goneis Love
Genesis Treebranch
Coldwater Rill
"Big" Ripple (Negro Blues Singer)
Cryless Bone
Whitey Coon
Album Spadeface
Raga Votefree
Potty Chamberlain
Breathless Mattress
Delect Able Maggott
Cara Pace

                  Prov. - 8/VI/62





                        (a spontaneous ode
                        to "'the electric toad')


"I went to the animal fair
the birds and the beasts were there
the big baboon, by the light of the moon
was combing her golden hair"

terrible gusts - unbelievable     GAS!

glowing rod - red on tapers - dress in darkness

nevertheless - sounding emptylot - isinglass murmurs

vineland - grape and shot - bags of own

gentle soap flowing - on gable and slide

fisting titanic - grass flowers - everly on

breakable zoo - inbred in bread - tool tunes

zonitor flux and flow - every tricky eternity

ocean stability and rock - of floor and tide origins

exasperate - glib and grow - nevertheless

janitor ponders - the cellar bugs meditate

line on bass - "you'll never get a job!"

simple sin rule - whacked wrists - all aglow again

sever - that flow - too severe - never! - icicles onward

                                    Prov. 8/V/62






It's crazy, you watch skies
flavorfull sun, green
"Don't ask me to forgive you"

The Devil's Quarry nevertheless
querulous, temperature of tempest

The grab-irons! flatfooted flotation, in
Toobey's backlot there's
enough pestsilence

Sun gone black clouds in back of the sulfur the light
mist mist's odd, mire you
can't surface

Glasses, put on, feeling
insisted on ice, Sis
scream if you want

Volumes of poetry scaling walls, the notion
(recall you?) ream that fall
That Fall she couldn't

He was vengeful, he
at the point of falling
in, "Fallguy" nevers

Coughed! coughy, all coffee, intrepid
and stalwart you know it, well we'll
wait - wait, back there

Dizzy and silent and wrapt up
all passion glow, burn
fire glowwood glow, worm
worms are, lately

Wait a long wait along the south face they're up
a black corkscrew they're up to
the rock wet black the rock

Scab circus circle and step
you'll tomorrow down a blue city plain
it hurts over sharp edges

The color of air is blue the oxygen gives it
aching sun and body on, trembling on
sheer mind wall

They're up there they're up they're coming they're coming

acrid coiling rope timbers Naw!
coming down it's, scree only scree

Come clown clowning down the rippy pitch
excelsior pants and shit corduroy ope
it's the open flashnight nope!

Up blue light sheer symetries down, clay
the empty spaces and entering faces, the last
one down's an angel too.

                                         Prov. 9:VIII:62





                    VISION SHOT NIGHT
                                       for Lamantia

Whiteness! drippings of bulbs of night--sheer gauze knit black absence
  of neon
Inverted wilderness of blue windows of trees agony smudges fabric of the
  open wounded stars
Casting gold net--crystals of dream fish--echo movement the shrill tinkle
  of pigiron candles snuffed down eyes of roaring forge smoking
Hair paste leaking from sunny kindergarten skulls--eyes writhing snakes--
  alarms of ecstasy of darkness of whirling put-downs pot-dooms
  the fear-fumed sundays
To fear tower to launch wheel to green mustard planks--strewn brain wires
  phosphorescent white worms--radiator piles of queer underwear
  clanking bottom of the boat the skull car of electric ear wax
The cat snaps shut--pipes whistle wall space--silence turns rust in
  thoughts--cradle pictures the bulb going out gong entreaty in
  shivering silver box--the black fart at whistle signaling
  dawn come yellow among the crying jellies
Boredom brown cones over eyes the burping monks--tears
  turn invisible daggers--fresh meat smell--overlarge lemonade
  attacks Wimpy's bolas turds--fringe of elevator strap
  blowing eight giraffe clouds in dust of resin sun of
  crumble of roof top streets
Ghost traces in leaking attics of piss on nail boards splinter off
  the mind thinking sweet bells--troubling A-major scale--tank
  maneuvers scattering candy babies in howling sun wilt fields
  showing midnight film of garbage for sticky fingers stinking
  voice answering gay questioneer in orange globes tottering the tree
  line sky
Obnoxious strong jellyfish on soda straws landing Malibu-screech--
  bladder explodes the fire engines rolling legendary--asphalt maniac
  in surge of sunday papers self consciousness pissing water
  the importance of underground meters measuring robot destruction--
  dandruff rate of sunflowers--toenail escape from the washing machine
  hysterical mothers in madness of plastic motel rooms
  transparent to the moon
Go religious to the sunday toad--rooms reclining the stare of mad
  eyes-capsule of ingot hatred in ruby boules removed from
  visionary furnace in total mystery in total mind blast blooding
  the avenues with cretin tentacles monastery drinking fit--
  to be shat with mucous drain to peaceful ceilings--submerging
  swaying platinum heights of cities in entrails of tomato pasteboard
  sentence structure gas drive piping minions of hot onion
  scandal and the bathing entreaties of three rubber owls
Wake up plastered and hire intelligent human guns and future cities the
  crispy racket of breakfast crackers going over the toaster-radio
  radioactive jellies the hissing palate intent on holy crunching
  absorbing finality of whiskered whispers of troglodyte stare
  wondering where death blackened money tunes playing the lysol organ
  high in perfume vapor of death gasp in horror the space of finger
  snap chained to charred wall pyres of staked out city nursing
  from the last falsie human tit removed from hierarchy time
  capsule lounging millenia under moon of steel tons--synchronized
  crack of mind plunger pushed--laughing crowds of mobile eggs
  encrust torn fabric cement found the boiling red lake
  habitation of crustaceans screaming eyeless
Eyeball capsules drop revealing lead termites in windy absence
  space of avenues lusting the invisible woman and lunching gas mains
  demitasse in star whorl--marking crayon visible apricot atmospheres of
  the Popeye Supermouse binge--shadow on paper latest soupsilly results at
  arsemess palace--tuber of acrid glass teeth dissolving vapors attacking
  chalk news gall sanity-all tags left of human waste vomiting capillary
  insect intelligence in cold grim green ball accumulating juices sticks
  pipes cops flypaper and Koolaid stands flapping icicles
Goulish peppers and silly nuts street cries hawking the monstral fly face--
  looming wreckage vistas through searchlit circles ownerless suns--
  total racket of mind equals humming spectrum of all pure tones--
  banana orgasm of music overcomes every dreaming funnypaper--
  commuter service accident in tar paper demolition--queasy
  recipes of the Campbell cannon--bible toilet paper wipes asshole
  of prayers--vulcanized hornpout bubble their eagled victory
Ramps soldier the incipient shriek of liquid industry in shoe shrink
  in wave in gas pop of pink lavatory gladness--garbage kings
  the kinks out of flapdoodle infringement as turbine
  warp work of war worries the eel grass slow blow fish to sell
  of endless bebop garment
Settle this sticky picture with sin and saliva and suck of sandwich
  sores--free bubbling mind from penis entry of Goofy--grab the falling
  plaster from ice wall of fable--free man a blue plate void of
  tear blood follicle futurity
Came foxy back organ vortex of bashing owl balls--tell
  toothy truth of troll pox bridge udder soapy stools
  fry eggplant eyebulbs and troop the goof high life
     red foil
           absent keys
     inky soul
           switch of giggle
     witch of clothing
           cocksman poptoon
     prick grandfather
           O go flyless to moon
No news is nonsense sucked from pink wink eye teats in
  the club foot streets




                                       --Prov 17I63



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