Jean Day
from Enthusiasm




Poppies prepare buckets
up to be astonished
balancing the way
anyone thinking fills
dewdrops with slow
honey lets bees fly
from silver bullets hitching
the humming-
bird up first as a mistake
then series
of little images and I
remember well
suspenders set
for a spell on a hill
powder flash in a
pan of techniques where
it isn't dull to sit still
perched to curl
operative to a fault in
the forever face
of whatever form
a flower takes
in its own premonition

Real drops rain
(momentary states)
irritate local grubs
elementary children
redound hamfisted
to kids redundant (extremes
while they last) abounding
with longing to lounge
only later occurring
as a roar indelibly fine
living the line
from me to whoever's
democratic future's
dead to the world
receding on the waves
of some high-speed
fiber-optic flap to the capital
almost purely alphabetical
as the strobe effect
ties a neighbor
moving behind a board
fence to a mechanical diary keeping track
of the species—
One calls and I
Nothing is finer than
facts last night
of a front blows first
of a season instantly fragrant
the unimpeachable debris
of extraordinary acts
disrupts ordinarily re-
fractable solos exactly
above and to the side
as stylus to overture
a tone before
the world divides
into subjects and heads
nodding with sun the sum
of particles and waves
falsely at angles of ease
individuals and their images
sciences and their parents
those geniuses whose fractions
propagate sheer crush
like us para-
milk flat on a stone fills
and the flat fear is
it will fall
Late I awoke
perched with a hitch
in my gitalong home
on the waves
of granular robustness
lay awake reckless
left and right tethered
to a pinpoint replica
honey at rest
the day remains
how hot it will get
predictive an itching
disrupts smooth
solos on a field
continuing on
unseen from the road
to an urgent antipodean
imaginary leaning bravely
ungainly on ladders
to an individual boy
with a real request

Forced down bravely steeped
in images composed
in motions I check the
time fix lunch
board a bandwagon in the teeth
of the onrush of a rescueless opposite
in the continuous arising of a tree
next to a box emblematically
boulders along
breathing leaning long
like any self-confident narrator life can never be lived executive
on the other side of the mountain signal to noise
nose to stone ear to there
at once the report
here and clear and close.