Jean Day
from Enthusiasm


Ode in Pencil

... feet, born first
into the west of a world
before its triangulation ...
Which is where
the parents of the originals
(the first ones) sign
on to an underworld
downstairs (the jeep
follows along behind).
It's the taste of the sun
swollen on their tongues
that makes them spit, "Whatever it is,
it's alive!" Socks
they arrive; stranger
they depart
Last brief rays
in repetion's machine
set the scene [or Spiel]
on permanent sputter:
a woman entering
the frame of a murderous
cloud clobbers a man
ratcheting back
behind silent
credits (all clear
in underwear),
hogtied at the end
to the twang
of a player piano,
the small
unhappy voice of allegory
in snowy scrub the blood