Larry Eigner
Photo Credit:
Debra Heimerdinger

Online Works

The Collected Poems of Larry Eigner, Volumes 1-4
Edited by Curtis Faville and Robert Grenier
Stanford University Press

In Volume III of the Collected Poems of Larry Eigner, page 1074 was inadvertently replaced with a duplicate of page 1174. Purchasers of the original (flawed) set may obtain a corrected Volume III, by returning the flawed Volume III, with a check for $10 (to cover the costs of mailing), to: Curtis Faville 34 Franciscan Way Kensington CA 94707 (The check for $10 should be made out to Curtis Faville.) Copies of the corrected Volume III may be purchased directly from Curtis Faville @$30 per copy, plus $10 for mailing, or $40 total.
You can also get a pdf of the missing page from SUP.


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