Loss Pequeño Glazier UB 2013
Credit: Matt Lesny, 2013

Loss Pequeño Glazier is Director of the Electronic Poetry Center (http://writing.upenn.edu/epc/), E-Poetry President & Artistic Director, and Professor, Dept. of Media Study, State University of New York at Buffalo. The EPC is an extensive resource for innovative and digital poetry and includes the E-Poetry archives, author resources, and numerous, highly-selective links.

Author of Digital Poetics: The Making of E-Poetries (Univ. of Alabama Press, 2002), Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algorithm (Salt Publishing, 2003), Small Press (Greenwood, 1992), and poems, essays, film, visual art, sound and digital works, as well as projects for dance, music, installations, and performance, including Collectif Aixois d'Art Contemporain, Neuberger Museum SUNY Purchase, Royal Festival Hall London, Instituto del Libro Havana, Guggenheim Museum New York, UCLA Hammer Museum, Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz Berlin, California Institute of the Arts, University of London, Le Divan du Monde Paris, Bowery Poetry Club New York, Brown University Providence, and Palazzo delle Arti of Naples.

His work in digital writing focuses on code and its discontents, whether in natural language permutation, literary (mis) translation, computer programming, or aesthetic, spatial, and paralogical progressions of language poeisis.

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