Loss Pequeño Glazier

A Digital Poetry Portfolio


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Note: Most works best viewed in Internet Explorer

Algorithmic Works II

Program-based renderings of text & image extracted from poetry databases

Io Sono At Swoons (2002)

The Clinamen (links forthcoming):
I (2000), II (2002), III (2002)


Interactive Works II

Program-directed work engaging user's input in producing user-determined compositions

Cog (2001, link forthcoming)


Algorithmic Works I

JavaScript investigation of literary variants with a new text generated every ten seconds

White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares (1999)


Interactive Works I

JavaScript -based interactive composition of image, text, and code

Mouseover (Netscape only)


Kinetic & Visual Works

Text and image in time-based presentations using animated GIFs, bitmap images, and text

"New Works"

Viz Études


Computer Generation of Text

Text and image generated from procedural and computer-related processes