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Loss Pequeño Glazier

NEW: E-Poetry 2011 CFP, Digital Avant-garde 1 of 3 (Paul Baker) Digital Avant-garde 2 of 3 (Paul Baker) Digital Avant-garde 3 of 3 (Paul Baker) Baila, Code, Cod, Ode

WEB FEATURES: Digital Poetry, Online Works, Cerisy, Siegen, London

BOOKS: Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algorithm (Salt Publishing), Digital Poetics (U Alabama P)


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SELECTED DIGITAL WORKS: Io Sono At Swoons | White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares | Cog | Colibrí | A Revolution Is Worth A Thousand Words | Viz Études | More.
Online Works

Digital Poetry:

  • Algorithmic Works II. Program-based renderings of text & image extracted from poetry databases
    • New! Luz (2005). Digitally-generated choreography for text & dance
    • Baila (2005). Digitally-generated choreography for 1 voice and 3 dancers, London, 2005. See also video (forthcoming)
    • Territorio Libre (2003). See also video (E-Poetry 2003, 2nd part)
    • Io Sono At Swoons (2002). See also video (E-Poetry 2003, 1st part),video (Language & Encoding, 2002), & p0es1s. Digitale Poesie exhibition, 2004
    • The Clinamen (2000-2002): Zipolite, N'Awlins, Brown, Ich Bin Ein, The Clinamen (forthcoming)
    • Biggz (with Simon Biggs)
  • Interactive works II: Program-directed work engaging user's input in producing user-determined compositions
    • IF-Only / As-IF (2001): Cog, Blue Ice Glacier, Radial Alphabet, more (forthcoming)
  • Algorithmic Works I: JavaScript investigation of literary variants with a new text generated every ten seconds
  • Interactive Works I: JavaScript -based interactive composition of image, text, and code
  • Kinetic & Visual Works: Text and image in time-based presentations using animated GIFs, bitmap images, and text
    • Mi Pequeño Amor (1998-1999) (new interface pending)
    • Viz Études (1996-1998)
    • See also: Viz Études/Mi Pequeño Amor kiosk mix (forthcoming)
  • See also: Computer Generation of Text (1994-1996): Text and image generated from procedural and computer-related processes, including UNIX: Eclout, Greps

Note: More links to listed works forthcoming

Recent/Selected Writings:

Web Exhibitions:


About the Author:



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