Digital, Sound, & Experimental Poetries Seminar, Fall 2001
TU 7-9:40 PM, 6 Clemens

Professor Loss Glazier


This is a seminar that occurs only once a week. This means you must prepare for each class ENTHUSIASTICALLY! Accordingly, it is also CRUCIAL that you attend all classes. (You may miss one class only. After the first absence each subsequent unexcused absence will deduct one letter grade from your final grade.)


Readings and listenings. Do all reading and listening assignments. These are generally brief and should be done carefully and thoroughly.

Weekly Responses (20%) 2 paragraphs per week: a one paragraph response to the reading and a one paragraph response to the listening. (Listenings refer to the CD tracks on the CD in the Morris text, to materials in the UBU EPC MP3 Library, or to materials at the UBU Sound Poetry Library.) On weeks where there are no listening assignments, your response to the reading should be two paragraphs.

Oral Presentations (30%) (2 presentations, 20 minutes each with handout).

1. Presentation on a sound poet from the list.

2. Presentation on a poet, theme,

3. Presentation on a Flash site using sound.

Poetry Reading Report (10%). Attend a poetry reading from the Wednesdays at 4 Plus calendar. Write a two paragraph response about your experience of sound in the reading.

Quizzes (10%). Unannounced quizzes may be given.

Final Project (30%). A creative or documentary Web-based project on an author, musician, or theme related to the course content. Projects must collect and analyze material presented (see handout).

Extra Credit (5%). One extra poetry reading report may be submitted for an additional 5% towards your grade.