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English 584/DMS 607, Spring 2002
Poetics of Adjacency
Professor Glazier, Weds 12:30-3:10,110 Baldy

Texts: Craig J. Saper, Networked Art (Minnesota); Robert Creeley, Just In Time (New Directions); Christian Bök, Eunoia; Darren Wershler-Henry, The Tapeworm Foundry. Books available at Talking Leaves Books, 3158 Main Street, Buffalo (837-8554). Office hours: Fri. 12-2 PM, 245 CFA or by appointment. Current syllabus available online (http://writing.upenn.edu/epc/584/).
Wk Date Topic Oral Due
1. 1/23

Course Introduction

"The Interactive Digital Literary Object"

2. 1/30

Intro to "Receivable" Art, Multimedia Art, Black Mountain College, Robert Creeley

http://easylife.org/netart/catalogue.html http://www.freewords.org/biennial/fbabout.html


Read: Creeley, Just In Time, Creeley DLB*
Due: "Response to 1/27 e-mail"

3. 2/6

Robert Creeley visit

Class visit: Robert Creeley
Recommended: Creeley poetry reading, 7:30 pm, Albright-Knox Museum

  Read: Saper, Intro, Ch. 1.
Due: "Response to Saper Intro, Ch. 1"
NOTE: Please date & label responses "Response to Saper Intro, Ch. 1", etc.
4. 2/13 TBA: See 3/17, Class 8a TBA Read: Saper, Ch. 2, 3.
Due: "Response to Saper Ch. 2, 3 " (Hand in 2/20)
5. 2/20

Receivable Art, Fanzines, Surveillance Art

Topic: Saper, Intro., Ch. 1, 2, 3

T (Banana) Valerie
T (Johnson) Stacey
A (Held) Jonathan
A (Banana) Courtney

Read: Saper Ch. 4
Due: "Response to Saper Ch. 4"
6. 2/27

Concrete Poetry

Topic: Saper, Ch. 4
: Writers Making Film (Hollis Frampton), 4 pm, CFA

T (Maciunas) David
T (Paik) Tammy
A (Debord) Stacey

Read: Saper Ch. 5
Due: "Response to Saper Ch. 5"
Due: Assembling or Project Proposal

7. 3/6


Topic: Saper, Ch. 5

T (Beuys) Courtney
T (CK) Jonathan
A (Close) Valerie
A (Gomringer) Salleen
Read: Saper Ch. 6 Due: "Response to Saper Ch. 6"
8. 3/13


Topic: Saper, Ch. 6, Landow, Bolter, Aarseth
Colloquy previews: Simanowski

T (Something Else) Salleen
A (DeCampos) John
A (Tolman) David
Read: Simanowski Readings
Due: "Response to Simanowski"

Sun. 3/17, 4-6:30 PM, 110 Baldy

Digital Literary Publishing

Class visit: Roberto Simanowski, "German Digital Poetry"

(rs1) David
(rs2) Valerie
(rs3) Stacey (rs4) Salleen

Read: Saper Ch. 7 Due: "Response to Saper, Ch. 7"

9. 3/20


Topic: Saper, Ch. 7
Colloquy previews:
Bök/Wershler-Henry, Biggs, Hennessey/Parrish
: Graffi poetry reading, 4 pm, CFA

Saper Review: Intro-Salleen, 1-Jonathan, 2-Courtney, 3-Stacey, 4-David, 5-John, 6-Valerie, 7-Tammy

T () John
A () Tammy
Read: Bok,Eunoia; Wershler-Henry, Tapeworm, B-W ONLINE TBA
Due: "Response to Bok-Wershler". Due: Assembling or Project Midterm Report
  3/27 Spring Break
10. 4/3 TBA: See 4/19-4/20, Class 12a TBA TBA
11. 4/10

Canadian Pataphysics

Class visit: Christian Bök & Darren Wershler-Henry

(B-W1) Stacey
(B-W2) John
(B-W3) Tammy
Due: "Response to Biggs"
12. 4/17

Digital Interactive Art

Class visit: Simon Biggs
Special Events
: Humanities Computing Colloquium (see class 12a)

Colloquy: (SB1) Jonathan
(SB3) Tammy
(SB3) John
Due: "Response to Hennessey-Parrish"
12a. 4/19-4/20

Humanities Computing Colloquium:
* Simon Biggs presentation, Fri. 4/19, 8PM (Hallwalls)
* Jim Rosenberg Tutorial,
Sat. 4/20, 9AM-1PM, (120 Clemens)
* Presentations/Panels, Sat. 4/20, 1PM-6PM (120 Clemens)
* Performances
, Sat. 4/20, 8PM (120 Clemens)

13. 4/24

Poetics of Literary Computing

Class visit: Neil Hennessey & Katherine Parrish

(H-P1) Courtney
(H-P2) Salleen
(H-P3) Jonathan

Read: Saper, Conclusion. Due: "Response to Saper, Conclusion"
14. 5/1

Final assembling presentations

Topic: Saper: Conclusion
  Due: Final Assembling or Project
A=Article, T=Topic, S=Site; CFA=CFA Screening Room

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