DMS 602/ENG 705X
Dr. Glazier
T, 3:30 PM - 5:10 PM
232 CFA

The seminar will look at the emerging field of digital literature and the essays and texts central to the medium. This class offers the opportunity to map a constellation of crucial texts: media such as sound, video, listserv spaces, scholarly hypertext, etc. can be investigated, depending on interest. We'll attempt to define what it is, what's happening, what's interesting in the medium. We'll do this by looking at established authors, sites, and projects. Crucial, however, will be suggestions you bring from your research; these will extend and frame our discussion. The particular focus of this seminar will be on a consideration of digital poetry as a field of practice, including visual/kinetic text, interactive works, and works in programmable media. We will therefore look at diverse fields of practice within the genre, with attention to specific artists such as Alan Sondheim, Jean-Pierre Balpe, Jörg Piringer, and others. Visits to class by featured artists will occur, when possible. No special computer skills are required. The seminar will require a final project, whether paper or digital, a brief presentation, and weekly participation.