English 584/DMS 584 - Spring, 2000
Weds. 1230 - 1510, 115 BALDY
Registration # 112276
Professor Loss Pequeño Glazier
Office hours: Weds. 11-Noon/by appt. in 245 CFA


Texts: Ryan, Marie-Laure, Cyberspace Textuality: Computer Technology and Literary Theory (TL), online readings as assigned


1. Paper/project. Research paper of 20-25 pages or digital project of equivalent scope and research. Paper/project to be developed in collaborative environment i.e., presented to group at intervals. (See Class Project.)

2. Oral presentation. 1 presentation (10-15 minutes) of a significant Web site or digital project. (Choice of site/project in consultation with instructor.) These might include sites such as Cyber Poetry Gallery, DOC(K)S ON LINE, Machine Made of Words, UbuWeb Visual & Concrete Poetry (historical, contemporary, sound, papers), VISPO LANGU(IM)AGE, Wr-eye-tings Scratchpad, or CD-ROMs such as The Little Magazine, etc. This presentation should present a tour of the site, a demonstration of the most interesting content of the site/project, a presentation of theoretical issues that the site illuminates, and a discussion of what influence design and presentation of the site present for the user. Please stay within the allotted time of 15 minutes.

3. Position postings. 1 posting related to readings. Posting should be made by the Sunday preceding the class for which reading is assigned. Posting is meant to be brief 1-3 paragraphs. It should summarize issues of interest to you and pose one or more questions that the reading raises. Use the subject line "Posting P1" (or relevant number)

4. Related Wednesdays at 4 Plus readings. Attendance at related readings is encouraged.

5. Special April conference. On April 5th, there will be a complementary morning session to the seminar (focusing on the Moo) for those who can attend.


This course will seek to do two things. First, raise the issue of electronic poetry. What is it? What does it do? How do you define it? What are its parameters? This is a field that has only recently been entered and one for which these questions are valid and intriguing. Second, how is "making" related to e-poetry? There will be a strong emphasis on student papers/projects: to focus on these early and to report on them at regular intervals through the semester. The goal is to help students realize a paper/project of particular interest and to provide a focus on such a paper/project with the class offering collaborative input, encouragement, critique, etc., to foster the realization of the student's paper/project.

Each class will consist of: (1) discussion of readings and (2) site demo by a student/discussion segments.