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A beard of stars, a bissel here, a bissel there, a bisseleh, a bocher a, a bowe he bar, a brief flicker, a cappella, a dollar here, a dollar there, a fear affair, a female deer, a few fewer, a great grinner, a kitchy choir, a language tires, a moll a mere, a new chapter, a nipple or, a pair appears, a pair of peers, a pair of piers, a pair of queers, a pair of sheers, a pair of stairs, a pair of stares, a pair of stars, a prayer of peers, a quarter here, a quarter there, a queer ashore, a ray of slurs, a rule stands there, a stair of pears, a star of pears, a stare of pears, a stare of peers, a tender square, a ultima, a whip a chair, a world of fear, a year later, a-weem-o-weh, abasia, Abba-aper, acacia, acca bacca, acid-dropper, act together, Adam Verver, add some commas, admire rigor, Adolph Hitler, adore a ware, adored once more, adult diapers, adulterer, Afrikaaner, after burner, after dinner, against the hair, agar-agar, age and hunger, agenhina, ah ha uh huh, aikidoka, air inventor, Airstream trailer, aisle sitters, aissaoua, akalika, Al and Tipper, Alan Alda, Albert Ayler, Alfred Adler, Ali Baba, Ali McGraw, Alice Cooper, Alisaundre, Alka-Seltzer, All foam. No beer, all for Hannah, all mouth no ears, all tempa Cheer, all that glitters, all this anger, all women are, Allah Akbar, Allah and beer, alma mater, almacanter, altacocker, alterna-bore, altipaltar, Altisidora, amateur hour, amber beaver, ambidexter, America, Amerikkka, amphisboena, Amy Fisher, an up-lifter, anal clefter, anaphora, anarchia, anathema, and a fly-er, and cha cha cha, and dear reader, and fishfauna, and forever, and furthermore, and let's be fair, and not Goozbar, and right-wingers, and she was war, and slammed the door, and the downers, and the trip la, and the uppers, and they are ours, and whatever, and yellow fur, Andrew Kritzer, anesthesia, angry scowler, Anil Kapoor, ankle-biter, Anna Wintour, annotator, anonywar, Anselm Kiefer, answer: boogers, antecessor, antechamber, anti-Netters, anti-nowhere, antichimber, anticlosure, aphasia, apishamore, apocrypha, aporia, apparitor, appear austere, appear aware, appear unsure, *aqua pura, Aqua Velva, Arabella, Archie Bunker, architecture, Arf! Woof! Arf! Buh!, arietta, armourbearer, arseholia, art as dogma, Arthur Brenner, artificer, Arts & Leisure, arugula, as is a raa, ask your doctor, asses eres, asshy heerers, Astoria, at unawares, Atalanta, athanasia, atom-eater, au pair ardor, Aunt Jemimah, Auntiwallah, aura appears, auricula, auricular, austere aura, Author! Author!, auto de fer, autopia, auxiliar, Avicenna, aware aura, axiliar, Ayatollah, B.F. Skinner, ba-ruh a-tah, babes boobs and beer, babes with boners, Baby Boomers, baby buffer, Baby Busters, baby fever, babykillers, baby-kisser, back burn churner, back seat driver, back to nature, bacteria, Bad Behavoir, bagsy platter, baked Alaska, balaclava, bamarama, Bambi Butcher, bang the Buddha, bankrupt banker, bar area, Bar Sinister, Barbarella, Barbarossa, Barbwah Wahwah, barefoot doctor, barely aware, bark which yields there, Barney Miller, Barry Cuda, basket-weaver, battacuda, batter better, batter's bitter, Baywatch watcher, be regular, beat the beaver, Beaver Cleaver, because it's there, bedawbeda, bedroom caper, bedroom humor, beef for dinner, been that done there, beeper owner, before her door, before never, before somewhere, behind closed doors, beleaguerer, belladonna, belly bomber, bellytimber, ben-wa biter, (bends his finger), beta-blocker, beta-tester, Bets 'n 'Tiffah, better banger, better beware, better cheddars, bezonata, Big cadaver!, big hed 4 da, big leg Emma, bill me later, billow breaker, Billy Liar, bimbo sucker, binocular, bird aria, bird on a wire, biscuit flipper, bit poppier, bite me right here, Biter? Bider?, Bitterella, bittre salte teeres, black curly hairs, Black September, blackouts are pure, Blark Barooga!, bleecher creatur, bleed your diddler, blood-and-plunder, blood sweat & beers, blood sweat & gears, Blood Sweat & Tears, bloody wanker, blow pop colors, blow the chauffer, blow the shofar, blubber lover, blue chair white chair, blue jay bloomer, Bobby Fischer, bodhichitta, Bodhisattva, bonnyclabber, booby picture, boogie monster, boola boola, booty carta), bore your butter, Boris Becker, bossa nova, bottom hula, bottomfeeder, bouncing beaver, bounti killa, boxerella, boys with back hair, boys with long hair, Brahmacharya, braid nostril hairs, braid your dog's hair, brandy sniffer, bricks and mortar, broken vert bar, bromopnea, brownie batter, Bubbabrother, buccinator, Buddha cigar, buddy banter, bug bus backfire, buju wanna, Bulgravia, bulimia, bummer comma, bumper snicker, burned-out wankers, (bursts into tears), Burt Lancaster, But is it fair?, but they loucester, But wait -- there's more!, butthead tooter, Butthole Surfers, buttsteak dinner, buzzer beater, by armored cars, Ca Plane Pour Moi, cachexia, Caesar's cancer, Caligula, call in favors, call'd the anter, camarilla, came a cropper, can opener, cancer cluster, candle basher, candy striper, candy wrapper, canicular, canzonetta, carcinoma, care if they're there, carnivora, carpet cluster, carrot waxer, cashier drawer, Cast(r)a Diva, cat hair or scare, Cat Scratch Fever, catechiser, causes cancer, ceiling painter, cervical smear, chamber-pot chores, change your color, Charles Aznavour, Charles Baudelaire, Charlie Parker, charming features, chatter-water, Chaucer scholar, chauri chaura, Che Guevara, cheb i sabbah, check out nowhere, check the flavor, cheeba cheeba, cheese together, Chester Shaver, chicken center, chicken licker, chicken-peeper, child molester, chink-a chinka, chiromancer, chirotonsor, chitter chatter, chlamydia, Chögyam Trungpa, choke horsepower, Christian Dior, Christian LaCroix, Christian Slater, Christmas mummer, Chubby Checker, chubbychaser, chuck a pizza, chumbawumba, ci R specters, Cicciolina, cindicator, circle the square, City Slickers, Civa civa!, clappermaclaw, Clare the Cleaner, Claude Montana, cleanse all Karma, clear chair corp care, clear to the core, Cleopatra, clever Trevor, Clitermystra, clitter-clatter, Close Encounters, clothes encounters, Coagula, coagula, Coca-Cola, Colonel Sanders, colored fella, come on Martha, come on the air, come on wit da, Come Together, compurgator, coniaker, conquistador, conspirator, contemplator, contra SIDA, contrayerva, conventicler, conycatcher, cooked rare cold sore, cooler color, copies of Jaws, corpuscular, Cosa Nostra, cosmic motor, couch patater, Count Chocula, counter offer, countercaster, coup d'etat, couplebeggar, coventicler, cover your ear, Cowabunga!, crack a few laws, crank catheter, cranked up bikers, crawling order, cream collector, creamsourer, creamy coozer, creamy layer, Creature Feature, creepin on ah, crime and despair, Crispin Glover, crispy critters, criticaster, crooked fuckers, cross your fingers, crotch cricketeer, crusty leather, cry in my beer, cryptic slaughter, Cucamonga, cuggermugger, culture vulture, cum catheter, cum together, cup and saucer, cupcake slobber, curricula, curry favor, curryover, cushion creeper, cut a stinker, cut creator, cuticular, cyber dogma, cyberhipster, cyberia, cybersangha, Cyndi Lauper, D'yer Mak'er, Dakshineswar, Dalai Lama, Danny Glover, dare to care dear, dats my potna, Dave Dellinger, David Tudor, dead don't bodda, deaf in one ear, deaky doodler, dear car owner, Dear John letter, Dear MadamSir, death warmed over, death with honor, Debra Winger, decomposers, dedicator, deep dish pizza, deeper water, deepseepeeper, defer further, Deianira, demand better, Dennis Hopper, dental bothers, denture wearer, depadepa, deprecator, derrière lures, destroy desire, devour power, Dexter Pointer, dhobi wallah, diahoah, diamonds shatter, Diane Sawyer, diarrhea, dickhead kicker, Did I ever!, Did I ever?, Did you burn her?, Did you ever!, Did you ever?, Die Walküre, dikephobia, dil deewana, dingdong tender, Dinky LaLa, dipper slipper, disc disorder, dishonourer, disincumber, Disraeli Gears, divide by fur, divine nectar, divulge dinner, do a runner, do call hearers, Doctor Sloper, doctor's orders, dolphin waxer, don't do colors, don't lose your hair, don't quote me here, done that been there, Donna Summer, doo-dah doo-dah, Doogie Howser, doppelganger, doubleheader, down on uppers, Down with winter!, Dr. Bronner's, Dr. Pepper, Dr. Sphincter, drain the monster, draw & quarter, Drew Barrymore, (drinks some water), drop a litter, drop your trousers, drug-frayed nutter, drunk-ass spunda, duck and cover, Dulcinea, dumb and dumber, dyslexia, e'er ere aware, E-Z Cheddar, eager buyers, eager ears hear, eaper weeper, ear x-pander, earlyfouler, earnest sink hair, eat a beaver, eat boar shit boar, Eat fork fucker!, eat more shit more, Ed Wood Jr., Eddie Munster, Eddie Vedder, Edgarator, edge to center, edible deer, Edit? What for?, EE Yah EE Yah, eerier hair, Eeyore Eeyore, egg-shaped members, eggscumuddher, 18-wheeler, eke blockbuster, Eldridge Cleaver, electric chair, electrosphere, Ella Ella, emendator, Emile Zola, empire builder, empty temper, empyreuma, encendedor, end at alpha, endeavourer, Endless Summer, engendrure, enough chatter, ensurancer, entrepreneur, Epcot Center, epiphora, equangular, Ere were sewers?, Eroica, erotica, Esperanza, Estée Lauder, et cetera, ether feather, ethnic cleanser, euania, eugeria, euphemasia, euphoria, euthanasia, even after, even number, ever chipper, ever clever, every color, every ten years, evil-doer, Evil Homer, Excalibur, exterior, extirpator, exurbia, Exxonia, eye of Shiva, eye opener, eyed voyagers, Eyeful-Tower, eyelash whisper, eyesore eyesore, EZ Wider, fadanuf fa, failing writer, Fair Isle sweater, Fallingwater, Fannie Stancer, Fantasia, far out number, fargobawler, fasgrolia, Faster Faster, fat black mamas, fat slow bumpers, fat square twista, fatwa fever, Fawlty Towers, fecal matter, Felix Unger, female flowers, fens or chapters, Ferris Bueller, ferver fever, fetch the paper, fetus filter, feuerzauber, fever hovers, fewer Hoovers, fewer readers, fickle-finger, Fierabras, Fifth Grade trauma, fight cow slaughter, fill lip in star, filled with desire, filled with water, final front ear, final frontier, Find Her Finer, finger their pair, first trimester, fish breaks water, fish that's fresher, 5:44, five percenters, five year fever, flame-broiled Whopper, flat as a board, flattened fauna, flavors rather, fledden for fere, flesh fedora, flips brief flutters, flopperoola, flounce and flutter, flying colors, flying saucers, flying toasters, foamy features, foot in the door, fopper stopper, for beginners, for forever, For forever?, for forty years, for four summers, for good measure, for theirs for ours, for whatever, forgive a pear, foriverer, former better, former latter, former smoker, fornicator, Forrest Sawyer, founding father, 4 more years, four stiff-standers, 48 Hours, Fox Base Alpha, Frampton Peter, Francois Voltaire, Frank O'Hara, Frank Sinatra, frauleinstrapper, Freddy Fender, Freddy Kruger, Free John Sinclair, free no sugar, Freedom Rider, freeze frame is flaw, ¡¡Frequency Clear!!, fresh gulls pucker, fresher fuchsia, fresher führer, from Toastmaster, fruitti cancer, Frutopia, Fry-O-Lator, fuchsia fever, fuchsia führer, fuchsia furor, Fuck Sinatra, Fucking Ada, fuffenheimer, Fuller's failures, fumppinhoffer, fumumsteiser, funicilar, funkee geetar, fur retailer, future Führer, future leader, gagging finger, gaiter grabber, gallinipper, gallow-clapper, garlic-eater, Gary Cooper, Gary Gilmore, Gary Glitter, gas sufferers, gaser faster, gather gathas, gauzy vapors, gavingoober, Gay Enola, gay Mafia, geddat a here, gee-whizzy star, gender bender, George Bernard Shaw, George Steinbrenner, gerbil lover, gerkin jerker, gerland for hire, gerund-grinder, get cheap labor, get happier, Get Yer Ya-Ya's, ghettoblaster, Gift of nature?, Gilda Radner, gilli dander, gillyflower, Gimme Danger, Gimme Shelter, Ginger Rodgers, girl gangbangers, glad he ate her, gladiator, glazed yehuda, Glenn or Glenda?, gloomy rager, go Speed Racer, gobblehoofer, God is nowhere!, godzillionaire, goggle-gripper, going bonkers, going nowhere, Golda Meir, Golden Slumber, golden shower, goldfish crackers, gonkulator, gonna wanna, gonna water, gonorrhoea, good for one fare, Good Friday ears, GOPer, gorgonzola, gormandizer, gotta outta, gouda power, grainy texture, Grandpa Munster, grass all over, Gray's Papaya, grease releasers, Great White Father, Greates Schtschuptar!, green-eyed monster, greener pastures, (grins) that's for sure, Gris-Gris Ya-Ya, groovy other, grows more and more, grunion runner, Guide to Kulchur, gurudeva, gutta-percha, hair remover, hajemoosa, hakenkreuzler, half an answer, halfseasover, halo benders, hamesucker, hand encounter, hangs in the air, hankie soaker, Hannah Weiner, Happy Easter, harbor anger, hard drive failure, hardcore cadre, hardee har har, Harder! Faster!, hare rama, hari hara, Harley Krishna, harmonica, Harper's Bazaar, Harry Wiener, hasenpfeffer, hate each other, HATEFUL shit here, hatha yoga, hatopia, have fallen ears, have to have her, he has never, he roars roars roars, he stick hindra, He was extra!, Head and Shoulders, headed monster, hear eager ears, hear her hare there, hearing impaired, Heather Locklear, hegemonster, heir to her hair, Helen Keller, hell for leather, hella power, hella-lather, hellivator, Help Me Honda, Help Me Rhonda, Helter Skelter, Helvetica, hennaed fissure, Henry Miller, Henry Winkler, her hairy hare, her mother's fears, her tender years, her terrier, her tour ends here, here even here, Herman Munster, hermanator, heroina, Hesperia, hexangular, hey big spender, Hi howareya?, Hialeah, Hiawatha, hiba kusha, high-ho Silver, High Plains Drifter, High six figures?, Hill Anita, hilly creamer, Himalaya, Himmler's karma, hip hip hurrah, hiphopera, hiphoppier, hipocentaur, hippiater, hippometer, hips off kilter, hir cote-armures, hir yelow heer, Hiroshima, hoffenpfeffer, holding it dear, Hollywood Squares, holy water, home don't matter, honeydripper, Hooch and Turner, Horch die Hörner, horns of a hare, horror Hora, Horse Cock Phepner, horseshit diva, hot and feather, hot dog hider, hot patater, Hot Rod Mama, hover over, how fat you are, How many squares?, howsoever, HUB-a-hubba, hubba-hubba, Hula Hula, hula hula, human armor, human bothers, human flavor, human watcher, humans on Mars, Hundred Flowers, hung hemp banners, hungry drinker, hunka hunka, hunkamunka, hush-a-hush-a, hyperaware, hyperbola, hysteria, I am nowhere, I choose neither, I dare Ida, I don't know -- pure, I feel older, I hate Brenda, I hate niggers, I hate wiggers, I hear a sore, I like that yeah, I lived on air, I remember, I shot J.R., I think therefore, I think we are, I want paper, I wish I were, I would I were, I'll Take You There, I'm a-flutter, I'm a Pepper, I'm not Shakespeare, I'm a loser, I'm all for a, I've lost my flair, I've seen fatter, idea here, if you prefer, ignavia, ignores ant wars, Ike and Tina, imitator, immortal fear, implant rupture, imprimatur, (in a mortar), in for King Lear, in hot water, in mortal fear, in the future, indagator, inferior, infiltrator, inheritor, ink jet printer, inlineskater, inner outer, inner prowlers, [insert picture], Insha Allah, inside trader, insomnia, instant coma, instant comma, Instant Karma, instant water, inter-stellar, intercalar, interceder, intercessor, intercessour, interior, Interiors, interlunar, interstellar, Intifada, iouea, ira ryrah, irregular, is another, is as it were, Is it Kosher?, is way over, Islam's purdah, Isn't it queer?, istoria, it don't matter, it's a killer, It's Alright Ma, it's my pleasure, itchy sofa, izquierda, Izvestia, J.J. Walker, Jack The Ripper, jacks are better, jacks of color, Jacques Derrida, Jake La Motta, jam when ever, James Blood Ulmer, Jammy$, jangly but far, je ne sais pas, je ne sais quoi, Jeffery Dahmer, jelly powder, Jenny Holzer, Jerry Springer, Jesus I fear, Jewier hair, Jewish Mother, jhuggi dweller, jilts a juggler, Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Conners, Jimmy Hoffa, jipijapa, Jockey for her, Jodie Foster, Joe Consumer, Joe Janitor, Joe Montana, John Dillinger, John Lee Hooker, John Travolta, Johnnie Walker, Johnny Thunders, johnny-wopstraw, Judas-colour, Judiaca, jugful of tears, jugg mugg cha cha, juggi baba, juggling chain saws, juice the Juda, Juliana, juice producer, Jungle Fever, Junior Junior, junior snooker, just a gesture, just romance her, just the weather, just to "be sure", Kali Yuga, Kampuchea, Kaspar Hauser, Kennebunker, kennel killer, Kenneth Anger, Kenny Rodgers, Kevin Bowser, Kevin Costner, keys and dreamers, Khovanshchina, ki yi terror, kia ora, kickin terra, kiddie lidder, kiddie litter, kill all lawyers, kill for Wagner, kill your teachers, Kilroy was here, Kim Basinger, kinda hunker, kittly-bender, klin zha kinta, knaves and traitors, knirps for moisture, Knock knock who's there?, knuckle under, komiex zha, kookaburra, kooks everywhere, kosmokrator, Krishna Krishna, krispy kritters, kuvelata, Kwaanza leap year, L'état c'est moi, labia bear, Lackawanna, Lana Turner, language was there, lap lung butter, large inhaler, Large Professor, Larry Kramer, Larry Sanders, lassa fever, last hired first fired, late in Sleeper, late intruders, late-night noodler, later memoir, law enforcer, Lawrence Weiner, laws or old laws, lean hyena, (leaning over), learn from the air, learn from the fire, Lech Walesa, leg or armor, legs with razors, lei si sbaglia, lenticular, lesbianna, less is a bore, lesser matters, let a beefer, let's play doctor, lettuce water, lex non scripta, lhasa asa, Liberia, lick the wrapper, lie detector, life and doxa, life goes on bra, life is hard here, life is unfair, life preserver, like ... uh like uh..., likewise I'm sure, Lindisfarne, linger longer, liposucture, Lipstick Killer, liquid bummer, Liquid Plumber, litter ateur, little death chair, little use here, local color, log a golfer, logic schema, lollybanger, Long Dong Silver, long hair Mullah, long hot summer, lonely corners, Lord & Taylor, Loretta's scars, lotsa matzoh, Lotte Lenya, lotus posture, lotus-eater, Love Hangover, love of labor, Love of Summer, low fat fiber, Lubavitcher, Luciana, Lucy Porter, Luke Skywalker, lukewarm lover, lulla lulla, lunar laughter, lung disturber, lung wart holders, lunisolar, lured to linger, lusts on fingers, M.C. Hammer, Mack the Finger, macronympha, Mahalia, mahamudra, Mahayana, make an offer, make love not war, male cheerleader, malingerer, mama mia, mammalia, Mamusia, Man Of The Year, maranatha, Margery Daw, marijuana, marinara, market-betere, Marshall Tucker, Martha My Dear, Martin Buber, master blaster, Max the Mumbler, May God save her!, Mayor Mayer, MC Solaar, MCCers, me anymore, meat more shit more, Meat Is Murder, meat was over, mediator, mediocre, meditator, megamerger, Meistersinger, melanoma, Melt-O-Pleasure, Melt-O-Rama, melted magma, Men: Be Taller!, mental letters, menticulture, meritmonger, merulator, meshuggener, meta-meta, metabola, metal smashers, Metallica, Methusaleh, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mickey Mouse ears, Midnight Rambler, might have had more, Milarepa, milky mama, Millard Fillmore, minnesingers, mira mira, Mirabella, mirror mirror, misbehaviour, misdemeanor, misremember, Miss Pamela, missing matter, Mister Twister, misty burgers, mixie cover, Mm! Mm! Pycha!, mobile murmurs, mogilalla, moisture meter, moisturizer, mona leisure, Mona Lisa, money changer, money grabber, monkey fingers, monocular, monsterama, moon boot lover, morbidezza, more Legionaries, more shit more bore, moronic boors, moterfuccer, mothafucker, Mother Russia, Motorola, motzi-matzoh, move your readers, (moving center), moving forward, Mr. Fischer, Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mister, Mrs. Doubtfire, much much bigger, much much longer, much much softer, much much stronger, much-sought-after, mud sweat & tears, Muddy Waters, mufti leisure, mugging laughter, multangular, Multiculture, multocular, musical chairs, mustermaster, muthafucka, mutton dagger, muzzle loader, my bad manners, my flessh so deere, My Sharonna, my suster deere, myn beerd myn heer, myrthe and solas, mystic patter, Nacirema, name your pleasure, ne plus ultra, ne'er moor ne'er moor, necktie lover, necromancer, nectarous cheer, need to be here, neeta's natter, neither cause nor, neither here nor, neither hither, neorama, Nessun Dorma, Neuromancer, Neurotica, neuter poker, Neutrogena, never before, never ever, never gonna, never gotta, never grind gears, never hadda, never wanna, New World Order, newer flavor, newer longer, Niagara, niddling platzer, Nift-O-Rama, Niki Taylor, 9+ fracture, ninnyhammer, 96 Tears, nitrous trousers, Nixon's daughters, no I see scars, no more mister, no more weather, no new offer, no one answers, (no pork nowhere), no rock water, No slouch either!, no Virginia, No where? Now here, no world order, nobody cares, noggin-power, nomenclator, nomenclature, non-believer, non ponenda, non-sequitur, noodle nipper, nope me neither, Nosey Parker, not anymore, not to knock ya, not tonight dear, not winter are, nothing matters, novilunar, Now or Later, now or later, now read louder, nuclear tikka, nuclear winter, number cruncher, numbers runner, numbskull scooper, O Tempora, objects thicker, obscene gesture, ocarina, ochre color, octangular, Odor Eaters, odorama, of a reader, of course we are, of course you are, offer expires, Oh Calcutta!, oh fat eater, oh oh uh huh, oh-ho and uh, oil and water, O.J.'s lawyers, Okinawa, olden showers, Oleanna, oleaster, olivaster, on one or more, on our backdoor, On The Corner, once returner, 1. Bend Over!, one bite later, one book a year, one cooling tear, one hit wonder, one inch master, one iota, one l llama, one needs others, one smart feller, ones should suffer, open water, Ophelia, opificer, or a coma, or a comma, or dog-paper, or extenders, or tiers of oars, or whatever, oracular, orange flavor, Orangina, orbicular, order a car, order with pores, Oscar Meyer, Oskar Schlemmer, ostentatour, other factors, other posers, other quavers, other silver, our rat data, out of order, overeater, overnurture, Owen Wister, owly black tears, own a peter, ox-an over, oyster eater, pa ta and ka, pa's paws appear, Paddington Bear, paid thick zippers, painful master, paint-by-numbers, pairs of papas, palm and spellers, panca-sila, pancake maker, Pancho Villa, panometer, panorama, pap smear schlepper, Papa Wemba, paper flower, paperstainer, parabola, parallel bars, parameter, parampara, paranoia, parapherna, park a tiger, partner's partners, pata pata, patch it over, paternoster, pay the piper, paying Peter, peanut bladder, peanut butter, pebbledropper, pecking order, peculator, pedicular, peever peever, peninsula, penny loafers, pentangular, penultima, people are rare, people-hater, pepper the air, Pepsi-Cola, peptic ulcer, per capita, per customer, Perestroika, perfect posture, perform pooja, perform rumor, perimeter, perry-dancer, perturbator, pesky critter, Pete the Puma, Peter Fonda, Peter Sellers, peter meter, peter parka, Petey Wheatstraw, pettifogger, pfra tacna, phallic order, pheasant plucker, phenicopter, philanderer, Philip Sober, philliater, philosopher, Phitonissa, Phoenix River, phreaks and hackers, Phyliss Diller, piacular, piamatter, pianosphere, pickler tickler, picks up pet hair, piece-of-entire, pied-à-terre, pierced labia, Pierrot Lunaire, pillow biter, pinky finger, piss and liquor, pitter patter, <Place your add here>, plaster caster, plastic flowers, Platform sneakers?, play it by ear, playing poker, please place stamp here, plodding plunker, plow cholita, plump comforter, po on a spire, poetic ear, poetic roar, point of finger, Pollack-Krasner, polly minor, Pollyanna, polyemma, Polyester, polyester, polyfusia, poodle petter, pooja figures, pool for fingers, poop-in-pepper, pooper scooper, poppa-loppa, poppa-stopper, pork rocketeer, posit answers, post-fear era, postwar era, postwar order, potwalloper, pound the Preacher, pour one's over, Powderfinger, power center, power failure, power luser, pozzuolana, pozzy-wallah, pre-Safe Sex years, Preach on sister!, precognita, predecessor, prepare for prayer, presencechamber, preteen daughter, pretzel pleasure, pretzel power, Prick Up Your Ears, prim and proper, prima donna, (probing gentler), procureteur, procure proper, progenitor, promulgator, prophesier, props over here, Prosperina, provocateur, prozac lobster, prudish snickers, prudy sisters, prying neighbors, psilosopher, Psycho Killer, psychodrama, puckerupper, pudding lovers, puke fall over, pull my finger, (pulling finger), pulling Peter, pumping plasma, punk-ass suckers, punk rock pasta, puny creature, purple vapors, Pussy Galore, Pussy Power!, put it in here, pytania, python pumper, quacker-backer, quantum tantra, Quaouauh!, quarter pounder, Queen Latifah, queene Medea, queer cinema, qui cum patre, quia-quia, quinquangular, quintasencia, quite a quacker, rabiator, Rachel Hunter, Radio 4, raison d'être, Rajaraja, Ram-O-Rama, Ramakrishna, ramrod rudder, rare seared tuna, rarefied air, rather never, ratifia, rauvolfia, raw=war, raw queers poured prayers, raw rear queer scar, raw rear sour sore, Ray Liotta, Raymond Carver, Raymond Chandler, RC Cola, reading matters, real agenda, rectalgia, rectangular, red and blister, red oktoba, red tooth powder, reign is over, remove your door, Remy stinger, Reno loner, reticular, Rhodoclia, Richard Serra, Richard Tyler, Richard Wagner, right back atcha, right by figure, Right on brother!, right this way sir, Right Will Mentor!, rings no answer, ripe aroma, rise to vote sir, Road Warrior, Robert Chambers, Robert Hunter, Robin Quivers, Rockefeller, Rockville Centre, Rocky Horror, Rogue Warrior, roll her in flour, Rolling Thunder, rolling writer, Roman Empire, romper stomper, roof brain chatter, rose aroma, Rosh Hashanah, rot the others, Roto-Rooter, rouse the neighbors, rub her rubber, rubber dubber, rubber knickers, rubbernecker, ruby slippers, rude young peacher, rumor monger, rutabaga, Sabbathbreaker, Sail On Sailor, saints and sinners, Salad Shooter, salad spinner, salade niçoise, salamander, Sale-O-Rama, Sally Silvers, Sally Struthers, salmon slammer, salmonella, salon tanner, salt and pepper, Salt 'N Pepa, same time next year, samensteller, Sandinista!, sanguifier, Saturnalia, Satyagraha, saucy sisters, sausage smuggler, saw raw rear scars, saw sheer sphere spore, sawed-off fingers, sayonara, says another, scads of stoners, scars with no fur, scattered showers, schlepper for years, schpringentester, schwartza rhumba, scolopendra, score sheer pleasure, screaming lawyers, screwed by the hour, scrotania, sculpts his shoulders, second nature, second-order, seedy ant-bars, sell sing-chana, semiquaver, semi-whisper, send a dollar, senocular, sent to pasture, septangular, sequestrator, Serta sleeper, serve God with fear, sesquialter, seven the yer, seven wonders, severe weather, sex and anger, sex and power, sex in Tulsa, sex offender, sexangular, Sgt. Pepper, shady bowers, shag the Sherpa, Shah's raw rear scars, shake the Quaker, shakes and shivers, shaking Quaker, Shantideva, share agenda, shared reservoir, she blisseth hire, she's a stoner, sheep disorder, Shirley Blehar, shit as treasure, shit boar eat boar, shit media, shit more eat more, shit more meat more, shittle-come-shaw, shoe and Hagar, shoeface whacker, Should I shower?, (shouting louder), shun of pow were, shutter shutter, Siberia, sick wid sucker, sicker longer, Siegfried Wagner, sight for a year, Sigmar Polke, signifier, silence desire, silent stinker, silk seats insphered, silver livers, silver sliver, sina feza, Singapore whore, singing sprinkler, sinsemilla, six feet under, size queens beware, skimming Chaucer, skins together, skitter skatter, skunkish bitter, slack-jawed slaver, sled dog manners, slept with greaser, slinger of slurs, smacked some kidder, small breasts have their, smaller color, smaller sucker, smegma cracker, smelly colors, smitten sister, smoking letters, Smooth Character, smooth without hair, smothered under, Smothers Brothers, snap the fingers, snapper down here, Snooze-O-Rama, snow dad armor, so are the stairs, So size matters?, so there here where, so there we are, soap opera, soapy water, social climber, sofa not chair, soft and tender, softness enters, solar mower, solo-starrers, Somalia, some people are, some sinister, sometimes I hear, sonatina, Songs For Drella, sonnet-slinger, sound in the air, sour cream and prayer, Space Invaders, spacy murmurs, spare sulfur steer, spark to the fire, sparre and rafter, spelling error, sperm in a jar, sperm of color, spermatophore, spigot scepter, spinach straggler, Spindarella, spirulina, splitter hammer, spokescharacter, sporknifeeaw, sporon layer, Spot on fella!, spout to offer, spunky crowbar, square cut punter, Sri Yukteswar, SS Fucker, star caviar, stars still stir their, (starts to snicker), state of theta, steatoma, Stephen Foster, Steven Tyler, Stevie Wonder, Stikker Stokker, Stolichnaya, stondeth yonder, stoner stud-gear, stool lamina, stop her now sir, stop the drug war, Stopperrobber!, store prebendar, Stormy Weather, stranger-rangers, Stratocaster, stream enterer, street fairs keep cars, stretch out a paw, striking power, string on finger, strip the world bare, stupendous snores, superbooster, suah cova, sub-Sahara, suburbia, such a liar, sudsy weepers, sugar sucker, suited stencher, summer pleasure, sun worshipper, sunny and chair, sunny blunders, super duper, superfecta, (superior), superior, superlunar, supernova, supersucker, support (counter), sure beats pizza, sure she's drier, surer-fire, surrebutter, Susan Powter, sushil sharma, Suzanne Somers, swallow water, sweaty clinker, sweaty pepper, Sweet Hitchiker, Sweet Melissa, sweet surrender, sweeter sweater, swimming beaver, Swiss wrist watchers, synonyma, system folder, T suppresser, T.V. dinner, tabloid fodder, taboo-breaker, taco tickler, take huge choker, take it as far, Take my picture!, take off zebra, taking over, tally-wacker, tantric tchotchkes, Tanya Tucker, tar and feather, tasty popcore, tata gata, Tathagata, Taxi bubbler, Taxi Driver, tear out your hair, Teeny Bopper, teeter-totter, teetotaller, Telecaster, TelePrompter, Temper temper!, 10 wives prefer, ten year tenure, Ten Years After, ten years after, 10 years later, tender flower, tennarpinscher, teoria, Terminator, terrier hair, terrier tears, test the waters, text ideetur, texture workers, teyelleyer, thank you brother, that meant loser, that of others, that's an order, that's kind of where, the barrier, the bile pister, The Bride Stripped Bare, the buck stops here, The Carpenters, the coast is clear, The Cockateer, the cold shoulder, the comfy chair, the crack of beers, the cracks of rears, The Deer Hunter, the diluters, the dirt master, the girl next door, The Godfather, the gondola, the great ickster, the horned screamer, The Last Supper, the letter "r", the life after, The Mad Hatter, The Marx Brothers, The Mouse That Roared, The New Yorker, The Pound Era, the reader hears, the room is awed, the same letter, the scent of her, the "seeded" draw, the skinwalkers, the slim reaper, the third gender, the unseen seer, the voice quaqua, The Watchtower, the ... whatever, the who don't care, The Wonder Years, the working poor, The Yakuza, Thelma Ritter, there is therefore, there's no future, there's no Jews here, therefore ignores, therefore see here, therefore shower, therefore they're there, therefore wherefore, thermonuclear, these issues are, (they go further), they were lovers, thighs stepped over, thin idea, thin Jewish hair, thin tastes better, think of grammar, think yourself hear, Thinking Fellers, thinking of fear, third leg trouser, thirty diners, this is not here, thistle sifter, those looking for, thread and better, 3.14, through the back door, thrust reverser, thumb me over, thumpabumpa, thunder-chunder, thundershower, thy cataphor, Tia Juana, tickle torture, Tiger Tiger, tight together, 'til the wee hours, time-traveler, Tiny Dancer, tiny saucers, tits and leather, titter-totter, titties and beer, toasterover, To become more?, To Lucasta, To My Readers:, to pile Ossa, (to the others), to-ga to-ga, toenailia, toilet paper, toilet trader, toototaler, top banana, toreador, torture chamber, tot could totter, touch the torah, toujours l'amor, Tove Me Lender, tranny chaser, tranquillizer, treading water, treat u better, triangular, triluminar, Tristan Tzara, trosper's anger, troublemaker, trouthe and honour, Tupac Shakur, turnip twaddler, twanging wobblers, two years later, ufaratztah, un-bestsellers, Uncle Cheeba, Uncle Fester, under Alla, under oure boure, under-under, underminer, understrapper, up on downers, up the chalwa, up the timbre, Upstairs Downstairs, upstart pikers, Urania, Uri Geller, use a blender, use and acquire, use it after, vain and bitter, vancourier, Vanity Fair, venerea, vermicular, verse & chapter, Victoria, vieuphoia, viewer/voyeur, vin ordinaire, Vintage Voola, viral finger, virtue entire, vodka slammers, vomiting fire, vote Dik Shandar, vox the voder, vurd prucessur, waa-waa flavor, wacker lacquer, Wagner tubas, waiting for hours, walking papers, walks with flavor, wall of guitar, walla walla, wanger hangar, warfare/wordfare, wariata, warp drive stomper, washer dryer, way forever, way too sober, we are aware, we begin here, we feel better, we have therefore, we hear nowhere, We Try Harder, we were: nowhere, we're halfway there, we're here we're queer, wear what ever, webcore webcore, Wee knt dlk here!, weenie slacker, weighs just over, welfare worker, well I'll be a, weller manner, wet all over, wey is slider, whack the stinger, whap the other, Whassa matter?, Whasamatter?, What is matter?, what's needed here, What's the matter?, whatsoever, whatta aura, wheelchair hair war, wheeler-dealer, when I'm older, when you die here, whencesoever, where the boys are, where war whores were, Where will I wear?, Where's the sniper?, wheresoever, "whether"/"weather", Which 44?, Which is longer:, which wrist watchers, whichsoever, whiffs of Dada, whiny letters, whipped kitty fur, whippersnapper, whirlwind feelers, whisper filter, Whistler's Mother, whistling whispers, white phobia, white-shoe member, white-trash platter, Who cares who cares?, Who cares who wears?, Who shot J.R.?, Who the fuck cares?, Who's keeping score?, whoo ha yo gares, whosoever, Why are we here?, Why do you care?, "Why?" I wondered, Why is this here?, wicker whacker, wide and rubber, Wieland Wagner, Wildman Fischer, will be all yours, William Faulkner, William Shakespeare, William Shatner, Willliam Kunstler, Willy Wonka, wind chill factor, windshield wiper, winter's layers, Wish You Were Here, wisteria, wit shield wipers, with skin like hers, with whispers drear, wolf corridor, Wolfgang Wagner, wolfie howler, womanhater, Wonderama, woodland creatures, word inhaler, word warrior, work and proser, works on paper, world of power, worldly pleasures, worth waiting for, Wow and Flutter, wrinkle smoother, write the future, writing for hours, wrung best-sellers, Wu-Tang Clanger, X offender, Xantippa, x-citing ear, y'know dem star, ya-ya henna, yabba dabba, yabbayabba, Yannick Noah, Yass zotnyzor, Yeah but who cares?, yeah whatever, yeahyeahyeahyeah, yellow matter, yin and yenta, Yitzhak Shamir, Yorba Linda, you are not here, you said you saw, You stinking cur!, you've washed over, young and tender, young for his years, your menorah, your term honor, your vichyssoise, youth in Asia, Ypolita, Yudhishthira, Yuma puma, Zachariah, Zima Yoga, zipper bothers, Zippo lighter, Zooma Zooma, Zoroaster, Zsa Zsa Gabor, zukie tappa, zumba zumba;