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A baby better, a basic error, a big fat liar, a biscuit mixer, a blind pig sampler, a castrated deer, a-caterwawed, a class A splinter, a closed mouth gathers, A Current Affair, a dodgy geezer, a dulcinea, a few months later, a flair for fanfare, a flea in his ear, a full head of hair, a given letter, a glazier's glacier, a goat of terror, a great deal for pears, a hint hits harder, a horse from the rear, a little later, a little note here, a little note there, a lusty winter, a major factor, a moid a bobbeh, a penny for your, a pile of papers, a play of mirrors, a real crowd pleaser, A Self Called Nowhere, a sensitive ear, a sheet of paper, a sight for sore ears, a toxic shower, (a word I've never, A.B.C. powers, abracadabra, abracadaver, abscotchalater, Abyssinia!, academia, accepts whatever, accura cursor, acquired ideas, acroteria, act now pay later, actual letters, adminicular, adversaria, affects a puba, afraid of crackers, afternoon anchor, aharmonica, air indigo bra, Alapalooza, aischrolatreia, 'alf a mo Kaiser, Alfred E. Packer, all cops are unfair, all men hate to hear, all of a clister, all sex and thunder, all shot no powder, Allas! What wonder!, Almost Cut My Hair, aloglagnia, alone athwart a, alone together, alpha and beta, alter the altar, alter the future, alterna-alda, alterna-boner, alterna-booger, alterna-duffer, alterna-leper, alterna-lobster, alterna-loser, alterna-poser, alterna-pouter, alterna-sphincter, alterna-sucker, always a pleasure, amateur kisser, Amber Valletta, ambient sleeper, ambulance chaser, AMC Pacer, Anaktoria, anal visitor, Anastasia, anautarchia, and a pattern here, and a wallflower, and claim some corners, and dumb and dumber, and every color, and here's the kicker, and human bothers, and I cleaned her ears, and inferiors, and into ploughshares, and the winners are, (and then more laughter), and then there were four, and there were rumors, and with ideas, and you your water, Andy Warhola, Anglophilia, angry and bitter, animal dander, animal lover, animal matter, animal welfare, Anna Livia, annoys an oyster, annye camara, another author, another era, another order, another trucker, anti-Big Brother, any gas faster, any mass slaughter, anywhere but here, anywhere near her, anywhere near here, appear hours after, appeared in the air, Apple computer, apple turnover, applying surmah, après la lettre, aprosexia, aqua-net-cha-cha, arbor or bowler, archphilosopher, arcubalister, Ardah was martyred, are just ideas, are neither better, Are you my boxer?, Ariel Bender, arrogant tramplers, ars erotica, art sure no stinter, as good as ever, as it should whether, asafetida, aseptic splendor, Asian babe blather, ask questions later, assassinator, asshole Luftwaffe, ass-holes are tighter, asylum-seeker, at whatever hour, ataraxia, attack of asthma, attention grabber, authorized dealer, avant la lettre, baby worm letters, back to Africa, back to my center, Back To The Future, backward beat counter, bagpipes for lovers, baket lasagna, Balenciaga, baloney bopper, banana buffer, BananaRammer, bar proprietor, Barbara Kruger, Barbara Walters, bark instead of fur, barythymia, battle of the bras, Bay City Rollers, Bayreuther Blätter, be a wallflower, be careful out there, be from the water, be specific sure, beautiful sizzlers, become what you are, becoming warmer, beefsteak bludgeoneer, Beelizabubba, best-seller -- later, bestial arenas, beta and gamma, better editor, Better? Much better, better not bitter, Bianca Jagger, big bottom hula, bigged up the chalwa, Bigger & Deffer, birds of a feather, Black Note forever?, black is a quicker, black thighs stepped over, bleepers and beaters, bleepers and bloppers, blispers and bliskers, Blobbymania, blond in the bleachers, bloodthirsty butchers, bloopers and beaters, blow for all I care, bluggy earwugger, blur are face dancers, Boadicea, Bobby Bonilla, boiled football leather, bonus recliner, boom shakalaka, booths for two or more, booty behind bars, boundaries are blurred, bowling for dollars, bra before butter, brain transplant donor, breast magnolias, breathe underwater, breed altogether, Brian De Palma, bring me my slippers, Brother Wayne Kramer, brothers wed sisters, brown that just lays there, bucking the culture, buffalo butter, bugs and squirrels gnaw, Bullamakanka, bulldagger swagger, "Bullhead" or "Ozma", busboys bent over, business with pleasure, but even here there, But hey what the fuh?, but no vaginas), but this is the hour, butt the merrier, butterflies flutter, Buy Now Lay Later, Buy now! Pay later!, cake mix and flat beer, California, call the CrimeStoppers, called the Queen a whore, calorie-counter, Camille Paglia, campy leftovers, can't boogie no more, canceric clister, capital letter, career hyena, Carrol O'Connor, carrying member, cast the net wider, cataphor over, catatonia, Catherine Sloper, Catholic Finger, cats sleep anywhere, caveat emptor, ceiling inspector, cellar of horror, cellophane wrapper, centuriator, ceramide partners, certified Kosher, cervical muffler, chaka & pliers, change at Jamaica, cheap plastic pasta, Cherry Garcia, chews up space man ta, chiffon taffeta, Chippendale's dancer, Chita Rivera, (choking back the tears), chronic ideas, cigarette hunger, circular scripture, circular sculpture, circular stricture, circular structure, circular wonder, Clan of the Cave Bear, classical meter, clean shaved cloniger, clear headedness clear, close but no cigar, clothescheck and soda, clovered and clobbered, coagulator, cock and superstar, coconspirator, coffee achiever, coffee is cheaper, collective anger, coloratura, Come on! Fondle her!, (comes a step nearer), comes the evil year, comfirmed my worst fears, committed writer, complaint as culture, composites concur, computer failure, computer hacker, condoms and barbed wire, consumer fodder, contrast and compare, cookin' cucumber, cooking on water, copycat murder, Corny Kelleher, corroding humours, Cosima Wagner, costa da costa, Could it be better?, cover to cover, crawdaddie stomper, Creedence Clearwater, cricker gun lighter, Crimson & Clover, cross chunky mosh core, (crossing to center), cruising on vapors, crunching parts of her, crush with eyeliner, cry like a river, Cry Me A River, cup full o' tumor, curio seekers, cursor disappear, curvilinear, cut a hair in four, cut slice gash root beer, cutanddry grammar, cyclopædia, d-gorgeous d-va, Da-nuh na na na!, Dada qua Dada, (Damn he's EVERYWHERE!), dance'all selecta, dancing dogs and bears, dang depadepa, Daniel Ortega, darker & darker, Dasher not Dancer, data processor, Davis Angela, day-glo lowrider, De Soto stale car, deadlier daughter, Dear Abby Dharma:, death of the author, death without borders, dehumanizer, deliver power, Demeulenmeester, Denim these trousers!, denunciator, dentonians cheer, depopulator, desiderata, desktop publisher, devoid of chapters, Did you come yet dear?, Did you eat dinner?, Die Meistersinger, Die Puffitinter, different answers, digging the fucker's, Dinosaur Jr., dirty derrière, disjecta membra, disseminator, divide and conquer, do not come in here, do not feed the deer, do unto others, do whatcha gotta, Do you remember?, Do you see auras?, Does anyone care?, Does music matter?, dog in the manger, dog shit as treasure, doing Derrida, don't know no better, Don't Make Me Over, don't talk to strangers, Donna Shalala, Doting on Divas, dotted with color, double entendre, down an idea, down for whatever, Dr. Joyce Brothers, dread thick in the air, drilled into your ear, drink myself sober, dropping Dracula, Drown In My Own Tears, ducks on disclosure, duk-ki yi terror, dung clay and creeper, During daylight hours?, e-literature, ear of wanderer, ease your system here, easy big fella, easy on the ear, eat less sleep better, eat more shitty boar, eat more to shit more, eating disorder, echolalia, Eddas or Sagas, ehipassika, 8 inches or more, either eider or, ela man howa, Eleanor's bumpers, electric guitar, elucidator, emancipator, en la pagina, encryption software, end of an era, endure the hunger, enter a culture, epetai-zana, equivocator, era usherer, Erik Estrada, europera, every rote gesture, exasperator, excludes all others, exempli gratia, expression falters, extender thunder, exterminator, facing the alba, fagioli basta, fail as The Buddha, Fairy Godmother, fake brick wallpaper, fall into winter, Family Affair, famous designer, fan da see-eck-la, farts from the tuba, fashion dictator, fast it's a killer, faster and louder, father and farther, father and feather, father and führer, father and further, fatter and balder, faulty landing gear, fawning behavior, fawning lackluster, fear for the winter, feeling of failure, Feeling the jitters?, feet in my face snores, fellow fishwrappers, females are rendered, ferreted fractures, Festung Europa, fetus a favor, fickle-ass finger, fiction is a bore, fifty grand a year, Figman & Sitter, fill the fucking floor, fin de siècle, fire extinguisher, first the rectal pear, firty-free frevvers, flagpole varnisher, flaming lips cover, Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours", flocculent zephyr, flopping like flippers, flora and fauna, flower brigadier, flowers need water, fluffer meets nutter, follow my mother, follow the leader, fondle the Friar, foo bar and foobar, foot in the white door, footprint provider, footsteps bathroom door, footwear test center, For Cristes mooder deere!, for ever after, for fuchsia furor, for me O Partha, foreskin formula, four-foot-wide path clear, four star caviar, Franklin Urethra, free trial offer, fresh fish oil furor, friends are no longer, friends depict toner, fringes and fingers, from sill to flower, from the ... whatever, frozen sea water, fuck a school lecture, Fuck you too you whore!, fucked up frizz texture, Fucking Madonna?, Fuddnuddler Brothers, full Danish hardcore, further and further, ga pa ta and ka, gagging bumfodder, Gandhi Mahatma, garbage compactor, Gaudier-Brzeska, Genifer Flowers, gentiannella, gentlemen prefer, geodæsia, George Santayana, get it together, get your filthy paws, get your rear in gear, gialalina, gimme an F cheer, gimmews of a spur, give a pig a chair, give 'em the finger, give me jizz Edgar, given up sugar, glad car and cur bore, (glass sprays to the floor), globularia, glorious hangers, go fuck your mother, "Go get the butter!", God dam Van Dammer!, God snaps his fingers, God! You look older!, God's eye on Goa, Goethe or Schiller, goiter forever, Good morning neighbor!, Good. Nibbling the ear, gossipy chatter, GracefulPhatSheba, grammiticaster, grandma's pacemaker, grawed on her lover, Grecian Formula, green rust on copper, (grunts once or twice more), gum stuck in your hair, gun-pon-tooth ninja, H is for Hector, Ha Ha Ha aH hA!!, hadeharia, half-eaten lobster, half-finished sodas, hallelujah square, hamarthithia, Hamburger Helper, Hamilcar Barca, hang on a tick sir, Happy Together, harder and longer, harderthanallya, Harlem Globetrotters, harrowing teeters, has no point either, has signs on both ears, hasta la vista, hasta mañana, hates new ideas, Have you tried McSquared?, having the pleasure, he's scratched up Slayer, head under water, heartsore algebra, Heave a Havana!, heavy pigfucker, heir bin ich Vater, Hell and Maria, hella raw flavors), hellbent for leather, hemavathamma, Henry Kissinger, heptacapsular, (her eyes filled with tears), her later memoir, her more star power, her slender fingers, her sour sulfur hair, here's how to order:, hey look me over, hi you're on the air, high on tequila, his voice fells the bear, hither and thither, Hitler's plastered hair, hogs to a slaughter, Home of the Whopper, Homeric laughter, homophobia, hoodrat prudesucker, hoold thy pees doghter, hooly blood honoure, hooting ondatra, hormone don't pay her, horsehair suspenders, hot dogs $1.00, hot fuckin' Tina, Hot Fuckin' Tuna, hots for Demi Moore, hottentot tutor, hotter or harder, How did that get there?, hummers oops drummers, hunting the slipper, hurrah and huzzah, hymnophobia, hypertext browser, hypochondria, I am just not clear, I am the illa, I asked him whether, I began to tire, I believe in whirrs, I can break a pear, I can do no more, I change underwear, I despise actors, I don't remember, I don't want to bore, I dream teenagers, I Got The Power, I grow I prosper, I had the answer, I hate my father, I hate my mother, I hate my sister, I hate your mother, I have a spot here, I I everywhere, I is another, I is for Ida, I pushed it too far, I really don't care, I saw what I saw, I solemnly swear, I still have the scars, I took a tonga, I want a new car, I was free to hear, I was unaware, I will not keep 4, I wonder whether, I would polish their, I loved who you were, I'll drive. Bend over, I'll come back stronger, I'll have a rootbeer, I'm a great lover, I'm moving to Mars, I'm A Believer, I'm losing my hair, (I've seen you out there), I've stolen all their, Ice Ice Baby. Brrrrrr, icing each other, idiolalla, if brains were water, if one keeps aware, if sounds and words were, if sounds like "ba" are, if the shoe fits wear, if their meanings were, if you deal with tar, illicitator, illiterature, impulse to titter, (in a loud whisper), in absentia, in awe of Job's tears, in bed with saucers, In full bloom. Better, In Living Color, In manus tuas!, in short -- I fucked her, in their own manner, in there and we hear, inamorata, incinerator, increments never, incunabula, Indian giver, infundibular, ink predecessors, inner and outer, insidiator, interotica, interpolator, interscapular, Is a superstar!, Is it cobweb air?, Isabel Archer, it becomes sincere, It Can't Happen Here, it can't happen here, it just India, it might be a chair, it tastes like flowers, it was a pleasure, it's a mess in there, it's not square to care, It's Now Or Never, it's really out there, it's so bright in here, it's the last frontier, it's your tax dollars, itchy to bugger, J. Edgar Hoover, Jacko Tear Jerker, jag förstår inte, Je ne fucking quois, Jean-Baptiste Molière, Jello Biafra, jerk the Jehovah, Jerry Garcia, Jesuit boxer, Jesus blood never, jimmy protector, jingo or junker, jizzy yehuda, Joan LaBarbara, Josef Mengele, Jostlin' the Elder, joy knob kielbasa, jugular letter, just roll a bomber, kevo bo beeva, konsiderata, Kalifornia, Karen Carpenter, karmic wadada, keep up the shit raw, Kenny fucks spiders, Khaddi or Khaddar, khidri tai-gensa, kill it then and there, kill the messenger, kinesthesia, Kinetic Honda, kissing a smoker, knee grows everywhere, know your endorser, knowledge is power, La Dolce Vita, La Favorita, La Giocanda, La Traviata, Lady Godiva, lalochezia, lamp of life lobster, language barrier, Lankavatara, lap dance hernia, last year's lost dollars, late-blooming boomers, leaden-eyed despair, learn from the water, leave it forever, legends and losers, lend me ten dollars, Leo Durocher, Leon Klinghoffer, Lesbopalooza, let loose beef rashers, let me turn monster, let your yeah be yeah, Let's Stay Together, lick chops and basta, licorice wicker, life as theater, life is something more, light as a feather, light from a dead star, lighter & lighter, lighthearted letter, like oil on water, like the ul-cheaper, lingering finger, Lionel Tiger, lips sing in labor, lipsanotheca, liquor is quicker, liquor store world tour, literature tires, Little Jack Horner, little lambs no more, live teddy bears are, living in la-la, lobster thermidor, Lollapalooza, long before others, look to the queen there, Loosen up! Who cares?, looser and looser, losers from winners, lost years lost dollars, Louis Althusser, Louise and Thelma, lousy freeloaders, love is fer suckers, love is the answer, lover's lips after, low on Pop you lair, Lucrezia Borgia, lure away lawyers, lux et voluptas, ma bella luna, Ma! Pa! Whoops-a-la!, Maceo Parker, Macintosh Quadra, Magic Eye Picture, Mahabarata, Mahatma Minor, make bread without straw, make go-go putter, makes my cat purr ear, makes my mouth water, male nostalgia, mama pajama, Man of La Mancha, man sal taa of twas, man-eating ogre, manage to expire, mantuamaker, manila lila, manual labor, Mao more than ever, Margaret Verver, Maria Shriver, Mario Lanza, Martin Heidegger, Mary Tyler Moore, masala dosa, Mass in B Minor, Mastercard/Visa, Max Factor factor, Max's Kansas-a, meatball regular, meatball regulars, Meatloaf for dinner?, meatplow cholita, Medea culture, meet more shitty bore, megahadoota, Men In Aida, mental enema, mescal endeavor, messier affairs, metal detector, Metal Militia, mi Uzi weighs a, Mi Vida Loca, microphone bleeder, mid-knacker snacker, might-have-been-tingler, Miller High Life beer, mind over matter, "Minds" says another, Minivan Drama, mirage disappears, Mission of Burma, Mistress Formika, mixer cum grinder, moist expenditure, mom's in a dumpster, moneyscrivener, Moon Unit Zappa, more and more water, more better faster, more cars than you are, More fudge Miss Taylor?, more fuel for the fire, more -- I don't know -- pure, (more on this later), more than mascara, more workers prefer, Mother Teresa, mother's aorta, movers and shakers, Mph. Snrph. Whassup? Huh?, Mr. Cashdollar, muddier waters, mugged by gorillas, music is of more, music to my ears, mutated member, muzaffarnagar, my afro's on fire, my bugged out desires, my dad went gaga, my dear I don't care, my former dealer, my friends go ga-ga, my jaw is lava, my work for others, Myra's ma to Mars, Naked Jennifer, Nancy Sinatra, narrry unfit ma, nasal-stop cluster, Nature or nurture?, naugahyde is yours, Naughty by Nature, ne in noon oother, Nebuchadnezzar, neither here nor there, neither hither nor, neither spoken nor, neither will wither, never returner, New Line Cinema, niblets of faffner, nickel anymore), nickel bag flyer, nifty slurpee straws, 9mm, 1984, 1994, no city dust here, no rat droppings here, no solicitors, no will is required, NoBrain worshipers, nonmelanoma, none whatsoever, nor both nor either, not intended for, Novice drug user?, now -- a disclaimer, now for the answers, now he is no more, now to describe her:, Now what's the matter?, nowhere near the car, nowhere to nowhere, nut meat inner core, nymphomania, O young Lochinvar, O Ypermystra, O.J.-ometer, obiter dicta, obnoxious hugger, obtusanfular, octonocular, odor can linger, odor of under, odorivector, of bear gallbladders, off as jock fodder, offending odor, oh no fashion beer, oh-ho and uh-huh, oh-oh-oh yeah-yeah, Oiling his wah-wah?, older and wiser, Oliver Twist ear, olla-podrida, on parking Karma, (on the verge of tears), once every four years, Once Were Warriors, once were worriers, one for my master, one inch of Shakespeare, one way ticket yeah, one who goes nowhere, one-eyed trout trouser, one-eyed worm wonder, one well timed lunar, onion ring answer, only then and there, opanayika, optional feature, or a pair of pores, or four floppolas, or it's here somewhere, or scary monsters, or Tuva singers, or ubber-dubber, orategama, order the quarter, order whatever, others consider, others the other, our diarrhea, our future leader, our summer hours are, Our world? Our future?, out of hym and here, out of the thin air, over computer, over Ebola, over exophor, over or under, over sampled bars, over with creepers, overexposure, Oy! Do I suffer!, Oy oy vay iz mir!, oysters or spiders, pa pa he slep pa, pa's queer prayers shower, pacificator, padded labia, pain as a teacher, Pallas Athena, Pamela des Barres, pansy bulldaggers, paper hair curler, paper sack puncture, parallel structure, Paramahamsa, paramimia, pardon my blooper, paronychia, party is rubber, passion and grandeur, Passover seder, past tense singular, pat trip dispenser, pause to consider, Pax Britannica, peculiar career, pee-ee and pee-er, peel back the layers, peep show booth swabber, penal pullover, pentacapsular, people bring dollars, people everywhere, people look thinner, People of Color, people who are pure, Perfumania, perpetuana, persistent desire, person of matter, person singular, Peter Pan's Shower, Peter The Dealer, pharmacopoeia, Phi Beta Kappa, phlegmphenomena, Picasso Trigger, pick of the litter, pig on a platter, pinball pocketeer, pioneer leader, piping elixir, piss and golden hair, piss and vinegar, pister impostor, pit bull terrier, Pitcher or catcher?, pity thy father, plastic slipcovers, please explain further, please respect others, please take a number, please warm my wiener, plies her with vodka, plucking the feathers, plumbers and surfers, (plus a few ringers), poetry matters, poker in the rear, Pollux and Castor, poop ship destroyer, pork on Yom Kippur, possessing neither, post-dubya-dubya, Pound America, power to shower, powerhouse schnauzer, pre-op-cock-sucker, pre-op-cop-socker, prenasal wheezer, prepare for pa's prayers, prevaricator, prospopoeia, prick me prick me yeah, Pride=Power, prioritizer, problem child squealer, Professor Longhair, prognosticator, prolegomena, prose literature, proves nothing Voltaire, psychedelia, punched a promoter, push him out of doors, put under coasters, [put your band name here], python siphoner, quacks blue quacks make her, Quadrophenia, Que Sera Sera, Queen of Corona, Queen Victoria, Questa o Quella, question all answers, question and butter, question the answers, quinquarticular, Quit licking my ear!, R is for Rhoda, racist opera, raddest thing ever, radiant beaver, radical gesture, rah rah sis boom bah, raw queer's rear sour sore, razza-matazza, really remember, rectilinear, red and pink flavors, redoubled vigor, refrigerator, regular viewers, regurgitator, relive the laughter, reread another, resartus sartor, retroflex timbre, Richard Carpenter, rivers of Russia, roast beef or water, robbing foreigners, Rocket To Russia, rocks are God's sculptures, Rome's days are numbered, rose color stroof hire, rotten to the core, row your ass back where, rubber pudenda, rubber spatula, ruined your summer, Russia (in Asia), Sabin Danziger, sac room spectator, Sachchidânanda, sacrificator, sailing on a prayer, Salami Lama, salted voobaha, same as it ever, sassy savoir faire, saturnalia, sausage and peppers, save your saliva, saw a sight-saver, saw sheer raw rear scars, saw sulfur structure, say "Ding!" at each floor, "Say su-gar." "Su-gar.", Scarlett O'Hara, scarrier sister, scaryarea, schizophrenia, schleprock propeller, scopophilia, scratching the boarders, screwed by the dollar, scrotum self-repair, scrub your corona, Seconds of Pleasure, seen on Pavlov's door, Seinte Petres soster?, seller of horror, semen and fiber, semicircular, sensitive paper, sensor and censor, sermocinator, setdown secular, severed at shoulder, sewer area, sex bombs in trauma, shake a brown bomber, Shakti and Shakta, Shann matched Tabaqah, she said she was tired, she smells like a bar, she's a cop-sock-er, sheepskin seatcovers, sheer raw rear scar scare, sheketz or shiksa, shifting up a gear, shit from shinola, shit more to eat more, shit on his fingers, shit shave and shower, shit the media, shit-like camcorders, Shiva! Oh Shiva!, shiver me timbers, shock of a tazer, shoe in my armchair, shoot the scene over, short turns and encores, shortly thereafter, shout 1-2-3-4, show me a 'footer, side winder binder, siempre viva, signing off the air, Sigourney Weaver, silly in 5 years, sim-sala-bim-ba, Simone deBeauvoir, sincere idea, Sinead O'Connor, Sister Golden Hair, (sits lost in wonder), sitting on the floor, 60654, Skullapalooza, slap a gag order, slaves of the future, sleazy old geezer, sleeping in a jar, sleepy ketubah, slide finger under, small breasts are chicer, (smelling his finger), smells getting sweeter, Smoke On The Water, smoker is quicker, smoking a kisser, snares supernova, sniff watch and finger, sniffing my finger, sniper in Nassau, so-cute-ya-wanna, so grease out nigga, social caliber, soft-handed slumber, some girls may require, some months it is yeah, somebody's shoulder, something or other, sonic transducer, sooner or later, sorry wrong number, sort of this thing where, Sound familiar?, space-age bachelor, Spare a spatula?, speed the pavement tore, spiderland washer, spill a lot of beer, spines all-a-shiver, split when its right for, Sport? Of what color?, spring into summer, Squirrel-Nut Zippers, S. Anthonies fier, staggering pleasure, stained teeth and fingers, Stand and Deliver, standard procedure, Star Spangled Banner, Star Spangled Bummer, star of home father, stately Wayne Manor, statement of number, stay high forever, steaming hot kanga, Steely Dan rather, Stephanie Seymour, Stiff Little Fingers, still life with matzoh, stoked on the jester, stones on another, stooty club culture, stop dissing Hammer, Straights of Gibraltar, Strain Andromeda, strapping apehanger, stream of ideas, stress table manners, stretching the borders, string of a reader, stringing together, stroking the thighs sir, structive behaviors, strung out on downers, studded dog collar, stuff it deep up there, stump in the gutter, substance abusers, suburban humor, suck the nipple sir, sucking on the stairs, sucking the preacher, (suddenly bitter), suffer ye thus far, suffering minors, sugar magnesia, summam scrutemur, summer's idler hours, sunlight on the floor, sunny dinosaurs, super sarena, super valvular, super waheena, superdopepower, superior airs, supine spectators, supple and tender, surfing to Mecca, sweat out the digger, Swinging Neckbreakers, syllabic order, syllable counter, synaptic hardware, tabula rasa, tailor retailer, take a cold shower, take an enema, Take two. Feel better, takin' a growler, tamale tooter, tarzan tarzana, technophobia, Teenage Lolita, tell me this before, tell within ten years, tenure for teachers, terrier terror, testificator, "that buzz in your ear, that particular, that Von Bargen flair, that wall has more ears, that we never wear, that's what Poot is for, that's going too far, that's the mind killer, that's what they're there for, The Allman Brothers, (the audience roars), the Bay Area, The Best Joke Ever!!!!, the best of the year, the bigger picture, the cat's pajamas, the chunky sputters, the cooked and the raw, the core idea, the corpuscular, the Counterculture, the deserving poor, The Dhammapada, the dream is over, the epicenter, the game starts over, The Great Dictator, The Happy Hooker, The Hasheesh Eater, the head of Tuna, The Hillside Strangler, The Honeymooners, the human shredder, the kick and the snare, the makeup master, the meat was over, The Merry Pranksters, the morning after, the name came later, the new is old here, the next Nirvana, the nineteenth letter, the old left hander, the pain is still there, the party's over, The past was better!, The Power Broker, the pumpkin censor, the Queen of Sheba, the reader over, the reader under, The Reign of Terror, the remote stops here, the right to arm bears, the second day their, The Second World War, the smell of poppers, the smell of worn tires, The Sperminator, the Sphinx of Giza, the supreme mantra, the tripping spider, the tosser-saucers, the unheard hearer, the unthought thinker, the verbal junk store, the vice of manners, The Vietnam War, the way to enter, the weather is here, The Wings of Desire, the worst is older, their lonely corners, their predecessors, thejedimaster, then hey whatever, then you're a loser, there are areas, there are no answers, there is nothing here, therefore wherefore here, they don't do colors, they just want sneakers, they taste good to her, things are what they are, things will get better, think for the younger, think of a color, thinner and thinner, 39¢ more, (36 Chambers), this is a pleasure, this way the viewer, those pajamas were, those were some lean years, thou madest Eva, thrasher more hardcore, three days of fever, three four shut the door, Three Musketeers Bar, 3-speed back shaver, through a haze of tears, thus to transfigure, tighter & tighter, time was whatever, times without number, tither and tather, to eat more shit more, to lie at death's door, to please of others, to see I need ears, to shit more eat more, to the Kiss covers, toasterover there, tobacco whacker, Tom and John Metzger, tonight in Russia, Tony the Tiger, too fair to the fair, too much mascara, tool-and-die workers, torn ear lobe repair, tornado bowler, torturing readers, tough rough wet whiskers, Tougher Than Leather, toward transgender, tower of torture, Toxic Avenger, trendy truth-seekers, trial and error, trigger your pleasure, Tropic of Cancer, troughs of lasagna, Trout Mask Replica, truculent hamper, tuna turn flounder, turkey hamburgers, turkish fig peddler, turning a corner, turning to flower, 24 before, 24 hour lure, 20 years younger, twinkles will appear, two claws fave software, two degrees off square, two in together, two patties smothered, two-tone boys of ska, U is for Una, "Un anata wa?", under erasure, under fudge packer, under her tenure, under or over, under the veneer, under the weather, underwear drawers, undreamt of butter, unknowable (duh), unruly wazir, Until fathead here!, until he seesaw, until then stay pure, uphill gardeners, urethra cleaner, usa el poder, using the structure, utterly-utta, V is for Victor, Vagina Diner, valium coma, van full of grandpas, Vancouver cougar, Vasco de Gama, velvet urethra, velvet uvula, verbal arena, versificator, vertical structure, Vesti la giubba, victims clamber their, Victor D. Brenner, Viva Sativa, (voice comes up stronger), (voice growing fainter), vomiting cobra, von Bitter Rucker, Vulturuvarnar!, vulvamorphia, Waco gun dealer, Wagalaweia, Wagner's operas, Wagnermania, wake-and-bake nature, walk under ladders, walking on water, walrus lisps whispers, Waltzing Matilda, War and Santana, warm cancer cluster, was I ere I saw, we ask no quarter, we don't know whether, we really don't care, we sing together, we're still sleepwalkers, we're taking over, we're talking cheese here, Welcome Back Kotter, well listener here, well served its master, well the world showed her, were barely aware, were black curly hairs, wet sari number, wetter and wetter, wetter the bedder, wetter the better, whales and bats order, What a jerk right? Yeah, What causes thunder?, What is Nirvana?, what makes the answers, when glances linger, when I made sculpture, when I'm sixty four, when in charge ponder, when in doubt ignore, when in doubt power, where Jews purge their tears, where oars are fingers, where the sneeches are, where where over there, whez ma web-shooters, which I remember, which therefore ignores, whimpled hosanna, whirr verbalizer, whispers and whiskers, White Castle Sliders, white-trash-o-rama, whithersoever, Who gets the finger?, Who stole my water?, who what why when where, Who you callin' a...?, Who's doing better?, Who's minding the store?, whomever and where, Why Centrum Silver?, Why look! It's a pair!, Why should we bother?, will weather warfare, Willie's weed-whacker, wind on the water, Winners and Losers, Winifred Wagner, Winona Ryder, wirrywisloker, with standard dual air, withdraw your member, without the ever, Wo ist Brünnhilda, women libbers are, Woodstock '94, woodsy aroma, Woody and Mia, woolsey expander, words on the cover, words tossed together, wrenches the jerker, Wrestlemania, wristy leg spinners, writers are better, Xeramide Pur, xerox candy bar, Y U I Orta, yeah free your mind sure, yeah hacha hacha, yearning and desire, years in the litter, yellow Jewish stars, yes after dinner, "Yes" is the answer, yidishe mama, yogurt has culture, Yoknapatawpha, yoo in the butchers, you blondy liar, you can kiss: you are, you get the picture, "you had to be there", you have just entered..., you have no h00ters, you hurt I suffer, you suck the flower, You sure? Sure I'm sure, you're getting warmer, you're moving forward, you're not a failure, you're quite the scenester, You've Got The Power, Young Black Teenagers, younger and tanner, your cheap aroma, your friend Tom Brokaw, your guts for garters, your Mazda dealer, your poor daddy's ear, yours for $2, youth lasts for ever, yu idiot yah, Yugoslavia, Z is for Zilla, Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah;