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A bald girl brags of her cousin's long hair, a big chunk of his foot and his sneaker, a body and a mind free of all cares, a brain like a BB in a boxcar, a Christian style method over the saw, a crank with armor will never harm her, a dog a plan a canal: pagoda, A dog! A panic in a pagoda!, a feller is lower than the cellar, a fireball exploding in a bugbear, a group of vision-seeking edge dwellers, A is for Amy who fell down the stairs, a lovyere and a lusty bacheler, A man a plan a canal Panama?, a radical departure will occur, a rather mediocre conductor, a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water, a remarkable true-life adventure, a saver is better than an earner, a tear slides ruining my eyeliner, a tin mug for a jar of gum Nita, Abelard's famous inamorata, absolute self-control and composure, abusing the daughter in a dumpster, accurst be he that first invented war, acting like you're stupider than you are, afraid of the opinions of others, agitated by the winds of desire, (albeit with a Valium coma), all abandon hope ye who enter here, all alone at the '64 Worlds Fair, all liberals are fascist dictators, all men are afraid of eyelash curlers, all previously acquired ideas, all the men and women merely players, all those things that are not included here, (all ninety-nine of you muthafuckas), "Allas" quod he "that day that I was bore!", Alouette gentile Alouette, alright it's Emerson Lake and Palmer, an army of bagel-crazed teddy bears, An Eden in ancient America?, An hour later you're hungry for power!, an incredibly new fresh rush of air, an instant later a Fiat Spider, an off-rhyming encylopedia, and as for my hair I'm glad it's still there, and bathed every sap-vessel in moisture, and everywhere I turned language was there, (and he makes one hell of a french cruller), And here's a hard brown cock for a quarter!, and his knacker went off like a cracker, and I'll be sleeping out in the guys were, And if we were all eyes how would we hear?, and more than I have time to type in here, and my poetry is going nowhere, and not having the impulse to titter, and now on to more important matters, and our love become a funeral pyre, and that's the reason there was a cold war, and the cabbie went looking for his fare, and the forests will echo with laughter, and the poets turned into gang members, and there's a chance that things will get better, and to quickly pass over this matter, and to think of all that talent squandered, and turne I wol agayn to my matere, and we pretty much destroyed their flowers, and when mat mouth starts it really motors, and when she got there the cupboard was bare, and you thought your old job was forever, Angry Housewives vs. Happy Hookers, anishallower than they really are, annoys a noisier moister oyster, another adores power lawn mowers, anyone with ideas with fly-er, Apologia pro Vita Sua, apologies for the horrid grammar, appropriation becomes another, Are my balls showing? So what if they are?, Are you available for Bar Mitzvahs?, Are you lonely and want your profile here?, Are you sure I don't know you from somewhere?, argue about politics whatever, as a student she surpassed her mentors, as freendly as he were his owene brother, as opposed to all external order, as smidgens of elf droppings filled my ear, as when two rams are butting together, as-salamu alaykum my brother, assume the power of those in power, at any moment it might reappear, at home the talk is of worldly affairs, auditors like to examine figures, aura ashore appears to be aware, awarding a sperm whale 9.9 for, B is for Basil assaulted by bears, baby you can drive my slut's underwear, bad ones now better ones in the future, bake it bake it hammer hammer hammer, because I'd doubled my age in a year, because of your fucking marijuana, becoming superior to one's peers, been using her head as a mass driver, Beetlejuice. No just kidding. It's Heathers, before you attack her wrap your whacker, being longer and stronger and moister, Ben Franklin with the kite getting over, Bernard Flapdoodle has nothing on her!, Beryl Grey is a star S-T-A-R!, best reason to trip a rollerblader, big 'ol 180 flips going super, bitter people have a sense of humor, black eyes cut-off penises and world wars, black-framed glasses and pocket-protector, blinking cursor and weary-eyed verser, blow jobs in the toilets from the extras, Body of a boy! Mind of a monster!, bolt cutters to break the joints bolt cutters, bondage trousers accepting cucumbers, bordello red on the interior, bought van followed The Grateful Dead on tour, breakfast and lunch is a good idea, Buddha really had his shit together, bum bum bumblebee bumblebee tuna, bushbrothers ambush fickle-ass finger, but although he was a philosopher, but by night I'm one hell of a lover, But is it fair? It is certainly fair!, but mocks the steady running of the hour, but nature is not easily devoured, but some of us are long peninsulas, but the thought that we are beyond the law, but there's a buzz out of friendship laughter, But what can you do? Pressures are pressures, butt trumpet as primitive enema, Buy a lava lamp. Stare at it for hours, By The Time I Get To Arizona, by turns self-indulgent and self-aware, call Psychic Friends Network 24 hrs, Can I imagine the pain? Smell the fear?, caused a sensitive fellow to quiver, Cheryl as knob: a woman with no hair, chicks dig me -- I wear colored underwear, children of the same age play together, chu-chus shoops wyongwyongs yeahyeahyeahs, chunky is chunkier thick is thicker, cigarette lighters and calculators, coffee vacuum insulated server, cold air is coming down from Canada, Confessions Of A Wannabe Gangsta, constantly twitching my index finger, construct a new encyclopedia, Coolio Biggie Smalls above the law, Could you shove it a few inches higher?, couldn't pee his way out of a paper, couldn't pronounce "Ich bin ein Berliner", courgettes have eaten my petunias, create their own private space that differs, cross-pollination for extra flavor, cunnilingus is a real tongue twister, cut hair get high cut hair get high cut hair, Cyrano could pen better love letters, dark party bars shiny Cadillac cars, death is life's way of telling you you're fired, definitely her natural color, deprivation and craving no longer, Der Egobooster und Linenshooter, devoted his spare time to "soap sculpture", "Dick" I said between bites of ambrosia, Dictionary Of Received Ideas, disconnecting yourself from mass culture, dissapees dissa disuh disappears, Do I look cute here with my computer?, do little children have a hernia, do not underestimate the power, Do whatever you want. You don't matter, Do you have any brothers and sisters?, Do you know where some Yellow Fingers are?, Do you think of yourself as a jester?, Does it feel sticky after you clean your, don't be a loner cover your boner, don't do things like have smelly green sneakers, don't you worry it's only a shower, don't go among tombs nor smell bad odor, don't know how to take no for an answer, don't over react if I come back poor, double-speed munchkins oh-oh-oh yeah-yeahs, Drool drool drool drool drool drool ... My payola!, dropping a curtsy she cut a caper, drugs became an escape from the pressure, each of these smallest rhythmical measures, early release for serial numbers, "Eat your veggies bitch!" or "Flower Fucker!", eclips'd her crescents and lick'd up her stars, egg ranch: where unborn chickens are murdered, Ego withering epithet: "Sinner!", Einstein once asked with sadness and wonder, either of the higher or the lower, Emily Dickinson worse than ever, emphasize how glad you are to see her, endure no light being themselves obscure, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Equal Opportunity Employer, especially when Ren bites the blister, even minded in success and failure, even to the most unlearned reader, every cranny is hopping with texture, eyeballs char eyeballs water from the pair, fanstasy alternating with despair, farting in a crowded elevator, fear is the great incapacitator, feeling somewhat despondent I called her, female qualities of love and order, feower sipon seofon beop eahta, find out why people have waited years for, (finds himself in a tight little corner), (finger, flagellate yourself with a wet printer, Flipper? Was that supposed to be clever?, flower blomma blume flor fiore fleur, fluid oozing from stem joint to blister, folks with beating blood are beating the air, follow-up: happiness ever after..., for a few days I tried being clever, 42,000 Jews from Treblinka, four thousand holes in Blackburn Lancashire, Fra Girolamo Savonarola, Frank: Portrait of a Cereal Eater, Franz looked at the orgasm from afar, fresher fish that's fresher and much finer, Freud's connections with countless molesters, friends applaud the comedy is over, from Deep Throat to Studio 54, from dripping faucets to flapping banners, fuck you both I'm in the crummy center, Gamp is my name and Gamp is my natur', gasoline-powered turtle-neck sweater, gentle helpful chaste conduct everywhere, George Clinton and Bill Clinton together, get him out of this place he will rot here, Get the fuck out of here! Party's over!, Get this Vanilla Lice shit outta here!, gettin' laid and gettin' paid thick zippers, getting sucked off by winos for quarters, giant yellow slabs of melting butter, give 'em a nice big fax tone in the ear, Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder, go out and get yourself some grass-killer, go out through the motion sensitive doors, go Upstate and get your head together, God is a concept by which we measure, God is honest. He don't take payola, God! This is a tasty little sucker!, gotta run the cat's caught in the printer, grant me a respite of two or three years, great green globs of greasy grimy gopher, Guess I have some growing up to do huh?, gunpowder for trees and lemon leather, hairball blocking the drain of the shower, Has anyone ever Spamized a car?, he gives ear rings to those who have no ears, he made him a coat of many colors, he replied with a yawn "It's inertia.", (he that planted the ear) (shall he not hear?), He's no pitcher. He's a belly itcher!, Hehehehehhahehaeohaoheh! Helter Skelter in a summer swelter, hewers of wood and drawers of water, hey babe take out your fuckin' retainer, Hey Frank what are we doing this summer?, hey let's be nostalgic about last year, hiding out in the Xerox backwater, highlighted in yellow magic marker, hip ptomaine poison choose thine pleasure, hit the open man Little Grasshopper, hope you're as good looking when I'm sober, How can you be anywhere else but here?, How do you make a hormone? Don't pay her, How do you spell "onomatopoeia"?, How long do you plan to be "almost there?", How long is this gonna be sitting here?, How To Be Very Very Popular, hugs don't feel as good on the computer, I absolutely adore living here, I am not afraid of the computer, I am obsessed with being immature, I am sick and tired of the cold weather, I approach this work not as a writer, I believe in getting in hot water, I can eat my weight in cocktail wieners, I can't believe she gave her your number!, I cannot in truth very well answer, I could have been a brilliant Erica, I don't agree with fucking with nature, I don't want to point any fingers here, I don't have time to deal with you posers, I don't know what I'm doing anymore, I don't need another Jewish mother, I dread looking like that when I'm older, i final position lose it before, I forgot to increment the counter, I get along quite well without commas, I have always taken nature's orders, I have only fleetingly considered, I have to stay home and see if I snore, I haven't been too encouraged so far, I hope you find what you are looking for, I learned how to curse from my grandmother, I love what you do for me Toyota, I love your brain she said in her letter, I mean you wouldn't tongue him in the ear, I must do what is best for your daughter, I myself haven't yelled a line in years, I never became a Sanskrit scholar, I never saw Star Wars and I don't care, I never thought that I would end up here, I never watch commercials anymore, I prefer to remain an enigma, I refused to embrace diet cola, I said "Give me a bladder por favor", I said "I'm going to buy some sugar", I saw darkness where I saw light before, I say "Beeehhhpeeehhhh. Beehhhhpeeehhh -- ehhh? Beeehhhpeeehhh -- ehhh?", I should be allowed to glue my poster, I think I can take it a lot farther, I think I could have written it better, I think perhaps I failed as a father, I think you want Material Culture, I thought I told you to wait in the car, I thought it was a 900 number, I too can scatter proverbs like showers, I try to catch my breath. Then I say "Eehhhhhh", I want to spend more time with my blender, I was there but I wasn't really there, I will sympathize with the outsider, I wish my husband's penis was bigger, I'd like it to be a bit heavier, I'm being sent to the moon by NASA, I'm on fire. Can I run through your sprinkler?, I'm a goddess but I'm not your mother, I'm afraid I shall have to use butter, I'm filling the cracks that ran through the door, I'm looking over a four-leaf clover, I'm smelling it all the way over here, I'm sorry I have to repeat it here, I.V. attached filled with Dr. Pepper, I've actually seen her burn water, I've become an obsessive note-taker, I've got a feeling a higher power, I've got an itch honey. Lower. Lower, I've never had a headache last 12 hours, I've never known anybody like her, I've painted myself into a corner, if you want to look twenty years younger, if you're breathing up in your chest you're scared, imagine please: morbid myopia, imperfect erring mortals as we are, imperfections in the sheets of paper, in July the water boils in the jar, in six feet which are called hexameters, in the dim whirlpools of this dream obscure, inducing unconsciousness in strangers, inserted out of the common order, interior is another matter, Is it better than working 40 hours?, Is it the message or the messengers?, Is that going to wreck your computer?, Isn't one word as good as another?, it is a virtuous deed to pull hair, it was the 31st of March this year, it was very very expensive there, it's morally wrong to allow suckers, it's not just reality that matters, it's on (Dr. Dre) 187um killa, it's where your lady friend is on all fours, it's getting to be that time of the year, it's only a year and after a year, it's time to get live live live like a wire, Janet get that condom out of your hair!, j'adore je a window I do not care, Jeepers creepers where'd you get those peepers?, jogging shorts getting shorter and shorter, just don't bother me with your holier, just stringing bits and pieces together, keep a collection of teeth in a jar, kill the past kill it dead write the future, killing raises fears over the future, Kinda makes you wish you had a job -- huh?, kneejerk phobias and pack behavior, knock at a door and you'll hear an answer, know the mother and pick up the daughter, language as music of sense in our ears, late-blooming boomers (late-booming bloomers?), lawyers are scarier than dinosaurs, leaving the note that she hoped would say more, let me begin again I've gone too far, let's talk about frozen diarrhea, Life Is The Only Thing Worth Living For, liquidation of the British Empire, listening to the chorus with one ear, lived a little red hen and a rooster, living in Buttfuck Louisiana, Long Island thinking I had the answer, Longevity? I'm dead in the water, look I have no idea who you are, looking at that which is no longer there, loving purple-helmeted warrior, Luis Angel Firpo the prize-fighter, M-my wife don't allow me no butter, made it possible to hear with the ears, making-happy-la-dee-dee-la-dee-da, man at his birth is supple and tender, masculinity and the rule of law, massacre and slaughter in Rwanda, Master! Master! My dick's caught in the door!, mathematically arranged gestures, May I be excused Ms. Motorola?, Maybe but Jesus was a Rottweiler!, me chuckling in a malicious manner, men are like portable heaters that snore, men are not monogamous by nature, methylenedioxymethampheta, missing persons paraphernalia, more than 6 inches in diameter, more twenty somethings with bad facial hair, Mr. Duck's basal-cell carcinoma, Mr. Four and a Half Inches is here!, Mr. Puffy gives up to the farmer, Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter, music major/boner extraordinaire, my dear I don't care a great deal for pears, my eyes begin to get that glaze-over, my heart is grown as moldy as my hair, my mom knew Mickey Dolenz's sister, my year would be good just like Goodyear's tire, naked people feel more -- I don't know -- pure, name all three well-known German composers:, ne'er mind that hallucination of yours, never had any need for another, never understood what was gowater, new linear cultural ideas, newspaper taxis appear on the shore, 1974 Chevy Nova, 1968. Survivors and War, 90% work 10% pleasure, no I can't pronounce Melanogaster, No. It's Mary Poppins in a wheelchair, no more virginity for that matter, nodding out over and over for hours, not available in all areas, not only in terms of "yogic powers", not opposed to praxis but to doxa, not the famous irrational number, not to the future but to the fuchsia, nothing annoys me more than complainers, nothing is real not even the star's hair, notice to AT&T customers:, now they're fishing the fissure for Fisher, now we put the Madam inside the Sir, off staying away from one another, offer a heifer run with the halter, Oh I gotta hide! Look who's over there!, oh no that guy will never disapper, oh now this is really going too far..., Oh! The vulva's dilating doctor!, On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, on first looking into Chapman's Homer, 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4, one cannot step twice into the same river, one line always ending like another, One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor, one old Oxford ox opening oysters, 1 part Mr. Clean to 10 parts water, oompah oompah stick it up your jumper, or even Dickinson's four-line stanzas, (or the rest of the world) needed was more, order your food by colors and textures, ordinary steerable dish radar, our sun is a lousy boring small star, out over the bodies splayed on the floor, overpaid oversexed and over here, P-A-R-T-Y? Because I gotta!, pancake-eating-peace-loving pacemaker, parse this sentence: John hit the barrier, parties are designed to make you bitter, (patting foot nervously against the floor), peaceniking knicknocking pancakemaker, people over 40 tend to lie more, people remain nomadic by nature, pesky mosquitoes that buzz in your ear, Pete Briggs is a pink pig big pig patter, phrases such as "I hate my father" or, playing with the ease of Charlie Parker, please sign me up for the other gender, poetry has an essential nature, Police Discover Crack In Australia, pom-piss equinical posterior, Poor: Economically Unprepared, portable stereos devour power, pot of gloss vanilla vibe your lover, pray that you may never have to endure, pray to Azazoth or Zoroaster, probably the earliest flyswatters, pure theory must provoke peels of laughter, Q is for Quinton who sank in a mire, quasihemidemisemiquaver, quiet mind is ready for whatever, R is for Rhoda consumed by a fire, red epoxy polyester powder, Red lost case Ma. Jesse James acts older, remember the rumors you used to hear, renowned for punishing boys with long hair, "Repulsion" is showing on my finger, Riff how do you finger-fuck your sister?, romance with literature from afar, S is for stupid which some of us are, said a doleful young man with a stutter, saippuakauppias (soap dealer), save the world for conventional warfare, scrap the rollers the mousse and the dryer, see my back is sensitive to trauma, see ya soon (funerals B-days dinner?), seek out restaurants that use real china, self-proclaimed Cyberpunks are everywhere, Send no money. You will be billed later, shading within a garment may occur, shamelessly hamhanded politicore, sharp as a stick but not small in stature, sentences serve to describe how things are, she looked so beautiful I could eat her, she really is no fun whatsoever, she's licking my warm emancipator, she said "Just like a man only longer", she said "They're behind the couch." And they were!, she's the world's sexiest undertaker, sheepskin seatcovers little lambs no more, short-haired animal with no visitors, shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theater, sim sewer rebuild fabulous sewers, singing "dollar dollar bill y'all" in the shower, 6 of one !/2 dozen of the other, smell of grape juice signifies banana, smells like used dishwater but tastes better, smiles with one eye and cries with the other, Smoke ball-point pens. Burn all your waste paper, "Smoke On The Water..." "Slow Walking Walter...", snakes grew upon her head in place of hair, so hairy she shaves with a weedwhacker, so he wrote her a letter to thank her, so I sing a song of love Julia, so now we have the fake indy cola, so she tried it and shouted "Eureka!", so there here where her sulfur sphere stares her, So You Want To Be (A Rock 'n Roll Star), some lady says: please enter your number, something worthwhile instead of mopping floors, Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture, Sophia Loren in vintage Dior, sore as shitty left handed screwdrivers, Sounds dangerous. You have no idea, spank this like punk rock it's only a car, spending all afternoon skimming Chaucer, sports jackets may be worn but no trousers, squirted from the groin of Tina Turner, star to pull up a chair during dinner, stipulations is the answer either, such is the parable of samsara, Suede Charlatans Elastica Pulp and Blur, suffers from Clue Deficit Disorder, sugar-laden saturated color, sweet oiliness to come together, take a long honest look in the mirror, teach yourself how use a catheter, tearssharp as diamondscold as glassHard tears, tell within ten of the correct figure, that I don't really want to speak to her, that paperclip that blew into the air, that part (of his body) is all shattered, that Rice Crispies won't even talk to her, that thereafter nobody emplogheda, The Ayatollah of Rock 'n Rollah, the bad guy is always the foreigner, the beating of a high school janitor, the best thing about the Persian Gulf War, the dignity of manual labor, the fetid pile of insect saliva, the garbage of Gaza: all yours Yasir, the goosey grain and the sun-flushed sleeper, the government doesn't work anymore, the greatest collection of words ever, the highs will be a little bit higher, the investigation of ideas, the less you talk the better off you are, the longing for the Authentic Other, the lows will be a little bit lower, the mind may be dipped in any color, the more points you get the stranger you are, the most utterly bitchin' thing ever, the most powerful powerstick ever, the new theory is that men don't mature, the next up-and-coming sonnet-slinger, the now Cindy Crawfordless Richard Gere, the phone rings and I can't bear to answer, the pronunciation of the vulgar, the second and then the third will occur, the shells that she sells are sea-shells for sure, the sun shines brighter after a shower, the system of salvation by silver, the transcendental sound of Nirvana, the true the real the hard etc., The ultimate head-to-toe make-over!, the victory of left-wing storm troopers, The Zen room? Shit let me put my joint there!, Then his dingus shot off in his zipper!, then you're gonna have sticky underwear, there are no typographical errors, there is grasping because there is desire, there / is / no / love / in / this / world / any / more, there is no such thing as a bad mother, there is rhythm that moves the eye over, there was no leaf upon the forest bare, there's a kind of spiritual hunger, there's a lot of waiting in the drama, there's a popular myth in our culture, these two numbers have long been considered, they are Yuppies -- smart-ass power-lunchers, they call them "urine tests" but know better, they say we're 98% water, they're not exactly knocking down my door, thicker members stroking on forever, things are O.K. and they're getting better, think of Valhalla as Hitler's bunker, this country's obsession with "forever", this done on some pretext or another, this insane cathedral of ideas, this is the longest three pages ever, this monstrous volume could rouse the neighbors, this music reminds me of last summer, this question doesn't get us anywhere, thistle the successful thistle sifter, time in American history your, to absorb it grows longer and longer, to her that is not here and doth not hear, to his horror he finds it full of hair, too many hoes and not enough hookers, too old to cut the mustard anymore, topped with our creamy schizophrenia, (troubled pats his shoulder tentatively), trust your doctor to have all the answers, try not to be afraid of legwarmers, trying to pick up salt with a plunger, ultimately wins the reader over, uncovering layer upon layer, underwear drawers that we never wear, upon entering the tensebarriers, used to be Dada now is Derrida, used to diddle himself with a conger, usually between the cracked bulghur, vesihiisi sihisi hississa, vinyl rubber and their cling-fit sisters, voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir, wait a second I need a letter here, walk a month rather than jump a river, walked past the wig store danced at the Fillmore, was in love to the point of dementia, Was mom a virgin when you married her?, Was that a penguin I just ran over?, we are not formed as notes of music are, we can't talk about anger or water, we don't sell left handed toilet plungers, we drop them in the tubs with hair dryers, we never saw you in bed together, we shun ideology and dogma, we're left objectivizing each other, We're short but we're hung like horses. We are?, well you know I hate to be a downer, well you're still white but now I can see ya, Western individuated culture, Whassa matter? Just get your ears lowered?, What are some of the signs of a liar?, What are your thoughts about marijuana?, What do you call fish bones? Skele-tuna, What do you think about getting older?, what Freud meant by "infantile amnesia", What is a by-product of dark suckers?, what is once well done is done forever, What is something red? What is something "ah?", What makes one band better than another?, What makes one sound better than another?, What makes one word better than another?, What part didn't you understand? The buh?, What the hell is a radio picture?, What the hell is a sonic transducer?, what she wanted was eternal glamour, "What should I be looking for?" I inquired, what thynge it is that wommen moost desire, what you are is forever who you were, What's blue and thrashes about on the floor?, What's red and white and bubbles all over?, What's the difference between a Hoover?, What's the difference between earth and air?, What's the matter you don't like hamburgers?, What's the point of worrying anymore?, What's your favorite brand of underwear?, when I feel my finger on your trigger, when the oak leaves are as big as mice ears, when you die only one of six numbers, when you make what you love make it smarter, when you think of grandma think of grammar, where bananas meet other bananas, Where could she go? She was already there, Where did I leave the word for "spatula?", where eyes inevitably distract ears, where the head and the neck are the stopper, Whether Hoffa Whiter whites : Tide or Cheer ?, (which had I thought a few baffling features, which lies not calm in eyes or braided hair, Which living person do you most admire?, which was filled with the heaviest mortar, white delta against the purple feathers, who admonished a giddy young spinster, who condemns a fictional character, who was laying his gal with a cheater, who was lonely and wanted a futter, who was nicer by far than her sister, who was raped as she knelt at the alter, who was raped in the woods by a drover, Why is one line better than another?, Why is one page better than another?, Why is one thought better than another?, Why is one word better than another?, Why is there a dick on this man's shoulder?, Why not fail students with the right answers?, Why reject some thoughts and accept others?, Why stand up straight when you can fall over?, Why wouldn't a system like that work here?, Will that be allowed in Neutopia?, Will they fill my ass with Liquid Plumber?, winter in her winter haunts she wanders, with a glug-glug here and a handshake there, with thick glasses and a bad comb-over, with Vitamin A and moisturizers, Women Are From Venus Men Are From Mars, women never have anything to wear, wooly boogers on our damp pajamas, works best if told while in a swivel chair, Wow! That girl has some pipes and so much more, "Yeah but bacon tastes good!" John Travolta, Yeah every fold is a new adventure!, yeah I'm O.K. I'm still hanging in there, yellow cigarette stained teeth and fingers, yes I did when I was a teenager, yet in the cellar my pet still swelters, yisgadal v'yiskadash smai raba, you are now running on reserve power, you boogied all night in a cheesy bar, you can see this ain't "moon/spoon/June" stuff here, you can't start at the top of the ladder, you could make more money as a butcher, you ever cut your grass and find a car, You get a lot of famous people here?, you have to notice sooner or later, you know I don't need a straw anymore, you know what I am going to say here, You know what I hate? Indian givers, you push the button you choose the lover, you see a shoe we see America, you smell -- let's take a shower together, You swept the floor? What a good boy you are!, you will be awarded some great honor, you will die if you smoke marijuana, you'll feel silkier than ever before, you're a superstar yes that's what you are, you're getting warmer younger and tanner, you're out there in the middle of nowhere, You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here, you're so fine I would drink your bathwater, you've paid your dues for a couple of years, your dog is aging faster than you are, your Jure Man Fewer err and Chance sell err, your mother is like a football player, your operas but certainly not ours;