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A dog may bark but his legs will never grow longer, a good place to meet a man is at the dry cleaners, a great-grandchild nibbles of the liver of another, a holy man long white beard and hair sits in wicker, a light-reddish colored metal of brittle texture, a piece of string or a sunset possessing neither, a simple task carried out by the right hemisphere, a Sylvia Plath with the ego of Madonna, a war correspondent is never a cheerleader, abjuring power and devoting ourselves to pure, absolutely nothing to do for twenty-four hours, after shaving wipe face with Jack Russell terrier, afterward there's a kind of spiritual hunger, air guns are at their best when you're in a moving car, all brung to you in NBC's surrealist color, an ecstatic parade of nocturnal revelers, an empty glass into which anything may be poured, an Ewok dies and the camera lingers longer, an explosive debut of comet near Jupiter, Anarchy a threat on the electronic frontier?, And a shot in the butt. See the scar on my finger?, and also in many different kinds of metre, and changes made in the past will alter the future, and critics are calling it Whoopi's best work in years, and fuck you all if you can not accept my anger, and his continual sulk poisoned the atmosphere, and I'd pour syrup and beef filling all over her, and last but not least for all you beginners out there, and makes the language of power appropriators, and most of all our six very special makeovers, and Mr. Cocoa Tea is impeccably tenored, and nobody will be reading my book anymore, and since you can't change your face why not change your razor, and somebody says "fuck you man he had a point there", and they don't even turn each other "on" anymore, and this diamond ring doesn't shine for me anymore, and when the movie version came out I was shattered, another dizzy romp with Pedro Almodóvar, another triumph in her illustrious career, any word or sentence ending in the sound of "ah", Arbitration Law Called Biased In Union's Favor, Are you tired of all that stultifying palaver?, Are you tired right now? Do you even know where you are?, Artist's Heirs Sue Cafe Over "Picasso Pizza", as a unifying formula is the measure, as soon as I get an answer you'll get the answer, as I continue drawing the lines become harder, Asks "Is it a bug?" The reply: "No it's a feature", assembly line workers do it over and over, (assuming of course the nonoccurrence of Rapture), At a Burger King near you. He just loves them Whoppers, at every point receivers are also transmitters, at the words "come on boys" the rest skip off to find her, at times coming across like Pearl Jam in a blender, awaken the next morning wondering where you were, banish the idea of the capture of power, barbed wire looks nice wrapped around the front end of a car, be an X-girl put those baby barrettes in your hair, be sure to stay healthy -- you can kill yourself later, because I'm sick of searching for the toilet paper, Beer doesn't grow hair where it shouldn't. Beer doesn't care, beg your date to tattoo your name on his derrière, beware of the words contour creepy polyester, bit down on tin foil and felt my whole body shiver, Bon Scott died in 1980 -- found dead in his car, boys with dark hair preferably at least one pierced ear, brain sex never deals with peoples of other cultures, bring up a sample of an office water cooler, Brothers and Sisters the war of the past is over, but don't seem to me to have an enormous future, but as my mother always says "Life isn't fair dear!", but it seems a little stale in 1994, but it wasn't Jehovah that turned the boy over, Carlos Casteneda is a flamenco dancer, carnal relations with an underaged VAX cluster, carnivorous imperialistic oppressor, Casualties of love: The Long Island Lolita, 'cause they all kick boom (in no particular order), chemotherapy interrupts our roast beef dinner, Cheryl said "There's no such thing as an ugly flower", chumbawumba huggy bear and toungeman together, city starts to drag as we are once more hot and tired, cognition is non-binary and non-linear, composite words when their components denote number, cranial cavity filled with neutronic matter, daddy's like a guy who lost his stomach in a war, dangling medallion could get caught in open blender, dar del ala para comer de la pechuga, damn it I'm tired of all this newfangled silverware, description is more valuable than metaphor, Did anyone notice that T3 has four members?, Did she really run an escort service for the stars?, Dionysius Exiguus conceived the idea, disclaimer after disclaimer after disclaimer, disrupt local mass transit with campaign of terror, Do I give anything to the culture I explore?, Do you find yourself being "morbid" in your humor?, Does anyone really want to be a wallflower?, Does your riding mower cost more than most people's cars?, doesn't have the sense God gave an animal cracker, Don't all those studs on your jacket ruin the leather?, don't be a boo-boo bird in God's flock of team players, don't be a fool you've fallen into this pit before, don't point at me daddy-o I cut off your finger, Donald Trump Donald Tramp living in the Men's Shelter, Dr. Jack Kevorkian the suicide doctor, drink boiling urine from Satan's crooked member, enjoy rubbing oatmealed water over each other, equal attention to soup cans and electric chairs, Eric dressed as cop: Whatever you say officer!, even flatter or nasty truth ... 20 years younger, every day I see things that I've never seen before, everyone who walked by knew to what that sign referred, everything gladly reverts to its own true nature, Explicit prima pars. Sequitur pars secunda, Explicit secunda pars. Sequitur pars tercia, Farewell thou latter spring! Farewell All-hallown summer!, February licks and kicks yet it smells of summer, fellatio refers to an Italian dagger, finally got tickets for last leg of the Dead tour, Fire Island sounds awful! I'll probably never go there!!!!, flies all green and buzzing in this dungeon of despair, fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars, for confession is of course something exterior, for one we are loathe to use the word "I" anymore, for the neighborhood pastor tried fucking through plaster, for the sake of vile usury and filthy lucre, forget vodka with a twist try some twisted vodka, form is never more than the extension of culture, from Cecca to Mecca from Mecca to Medina, from its particular form under particular, get rid of Aunts: Zap does the job in 24 hours, ghost of Alanon drifts to Lithium's area, give a man a free hand and he'll run it all over, "Give me half meatball half mulch." "Half what?" "Onion dumpster", glances at the vast array of sheep snickers and says "Sure", go out and talk to people you really don't care for, God we are pale and we are shod like tractor-trailers, "God does not play dice" strikes me as slightly insincere, got a love hangover I don't wanna get over, Great gift idea! Carve holes in the ozone layer!, Guglielmo Marconi (1874-), guilty of wearing black in the hopes she looks thinner, Had the symptoms of Russian fingers (rushin' fingers)?, had been building for long as I could remember, Harry Houdini took his name from a clockmaker, Have I seen her before? Do I know her? Will I score?, he did not know Cato for his mind was untutored, he had diah (*crossed out*) diahoah (*crossed out*) dyah, he leans forward and whispers "I love you" in my ear, he said to me "Kenny I think you've been here before", he said to me "When I read your work the voice I hear, he spoke of the idea of pain as a teacher, he was far too much of a misanthropic loner, heere folwen the wordes bitwene the hoost and the millere, Hey you only live once. Bad music lives forever, Houston Stuart Chamberlain meets Cosima Wagner, how Capitalism bankrolled the counterculture, how far my mouse travels each day in kilometers, How long did the rain of the Flood continue to pour?, How much are you willing to pay for nostalgia, How much can you take using feathers and my fingers?, How was the Grand Canyon formed? A Jew lost a quarter, howlin' and a' growlin' an a' sniffin' at the air, huge quiet motionless dogs with bark instead of fur, I always thought it was Schubert's Unfinished Mars Bar, I am able to work anytime or anywhere, I am an equal opportunity abuser, I am an optimist. That is my raison d'être, I am at home in the world. I can jive anywhere, I can't believe I have to bring an appetizer, I can't believe this year is already half over, I can't even remember picking up the scissors, I don't know which smells worse -- the fart or the charred ass hair, I don't care a bean if I tag behind with plain fare, I don't even know what I believe in anymore, I don't want to be her and I don't want to do her, I drink only vinegar vinegar vinegar!, "I greet you at the beginning of a great career.", I Guess I'll put some jeans on make my lips look redder, I have found it unnecessary to sleep for years, I have no one to blame but myself but everywhere, I have seen the future and it's still in the future, I have some hard code. I want to try your compiler, I haven't lost my mind -- it's backed up on tape somewhere, I hear nothing except the blood rushing through my ears, I intend to be here sir for at least twenty years, I just heard on the Weather Channel -- hell froze over, I know the guy who writes all those fat bumper stickers, I like all women regardless of race or color, I like being able to put words down on paper, I like the openness and predetermined structure, I love you dearly but I can't take it anymore, I mean it's not good for your jeans to kill your father, I mean some of this shit is thicker than Dinty Moore, I miss the first ones because I am holding my jaw, I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?, I never dreamed that I'd be here with all you slipper, I prefer to be a policeman not a soldier, I really hate feeling superior to others, I so wish we was still clawing fur on each other, I still miss you baby but my aim's gettin' better, I swiped the new fall colors at the Clinique counter, I think it is the most democratic idea, I think it's kind of deceitful to the consumer, "I think the latter" was his rhetorical answer, I Touch The Earth The Earth Touches Me by Hugh Prather, I used the same generic form over and over, I very much like the idea of hemp paper, I wept at the end of the penultimate chapter, I would rather exercise than read a newspaper, I wouldn't piss in his ear if his brain was on fire, I'd say my Dirt Devil is the pick of the litter, I'll have to go back to Viva and sell sing-chana, I'm attending the opening of my garage door, I'm giving nuisance lessons at a convenience store, I'm not a pheasant plucker I'm the pheasant plucker, I'm not going to spend my life being a color, I'm sick of plucking pheasants 'till the pheasant plucker, I'm surprised they don't weigh veg in light years over here!, I'm waiting to see if I'm already a winner, I'm simply responding to what's already out there, I'm stopping to go to the bathroom more than ever, I-told-you-so-but-who-am-I-I'm-just-your-mother, if Kurt Cobain had only learned his lesson sooner, if you can't say something in three minutes don't bother, if you could go anywhere to pick your parents where, if you eat the crusts of your bread you'll get curly hair, if you have no dough you are alone as a finger, if you're not happy with your skin try Starting Over, in a time ruled by outlaws in a time ruled by fear, in the quiet little suburbs of toenailia, information is scrambling up R the world somewhere, information and entertainment superpower, insufficiently appreciative of Wagner, Intel486 SX microprocessor, interesting orangey stench and a good lather, intoned in her nose in a very seemly manner, irritants galling bladders yielding stones and ulcers, Is silicon for the hair a boon or a horror?, it all depends upon how rough my calluses are, it is upright not fallen on its face in despair, it made my adolescence a little easier, it seems that the focus of the park is getting air, it seems that the Japanese cannot show pubic hair, it was almost like Margaret Mead in Samoa, it wasn't for pleasure he adopted this measure, It wasn't much to look at but when she bent over, it's a nice little niche in the middle of nowhere, it's all available for all to use and acquire, it's fine if you're masturbating while brushing your hair, It's his first nomination. For anything. Ever, it's OK but I'm not jumping out my drawers, it's the end of the road for Mr. Energizer, "Itchiness is the fuel of victory" -- Albert Speer, Just how do you DEFINE a "poet in "mid-career"? Just how many hair follicles are we talking here?, Just what do men and women do in bed together?, Kali Yuga and other space annihilators, kozmik tryb m so cataclysmic that it ruptures, kur ... umm ... mein ... errr ... oh shit I could never remember, learn from the air learn from the fire learn from the water, let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars, let the state and society remain what they are, let's meet some of the folks who just ruined your summer, life is like a joss-stick it stinks and then it's over, like an insidiously sly bosomic viper, like the other discourses of a given culture, like vapors rising from the holy womb of Gaia, Look out Whitey! Black Power's goin' get yo' mama!, luck factor or purva janam ke karam factor, Make the most of your legs and they'll seem even longer!, make your mother sigh she's old enough to know better, many little notes for all to share (for all to share), mating call: gold chains nestled in abundant chest hair, matter is the phantasmal play of phenomena, maybe I'll just kill myself I just don't care no more, maybe we can stop splitting hairs about who sucks more, meaning subjugated to numerical order, megalithic mono-pose anyway I got there, Michael Admits That He Slept With The Babysitter, middle char is tilde right char is broken vert bar, monstrosity brain-damage screw bug lose misfeature, more higher in favor of a cougar encounter, more may happen in an hour than may happen in years, more than a passing interest in obscene pictures, Morton TV dinners and dead bodies for supper, most of us fail to take our wellness temperature, my nose-crease yields spaghetti I've blackheads 'round my ears, my pay purrs awl due glad den with wrapped words fare as hear, my tennis wasn't the problem it was my bladder, N do I need Apostrophe T need this torture?, nature and man some prefer one others the other, nervous overbred dogs especially those killers, never put your thumbs between two of your back grinders, never puts the cap back on the mango love butter, New York City cab driver scented air freshener, No. I went over the hump where it didn't matter, not enough brains to get anywhere near the gutter, not responsible for typographical errors, nothing needs to change I like things just the way they are, Now get sotted you nasty little fox molester!, now it's 1984 knock knock at your front door, now somewhere in the Black Mountain hills of Dakota, Now spelling does knot phase me. It does knot bring a tier, obsequious type makes glib speech about new leader, of course no one believes in all those myths anymore, oh my God he's got 20 candles up his tweener, oh shit my heart just doesn't feel in it anymore, OK here's an example of non-sequitur:, one can be amused by putting them back together, one day I'm sure she'll egg me on to kill a neighbor, one of childhood's principle elements is sugar, one of my students is a lesbian pot maker, one ounce of LSD 50 gallons of water, or just peel off that annoying case of skin cancer, other pleasant and dedicated no kill shelter, "Our society is always racist" he declares, owner surrenders of dogs is "no time to care for", packing deep bowls continuously for the brothers, parents have a ski house and they're hardly ever there, Pearl Jam You're about as punk rock as The Go Go's were, people who constantly mess with things that are not theirs, permanently-affix sticker with magic marker, physically and mentally we're still sleepwalkers, pick an animal that begins with your new number, placed on a thinly frozen lake with a chihuahua, popular as Stevie Wonder with a flame thrower, primally sexualy stripped down and muscular, pronoia or the opposite of paranoia, Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed In America, "Punish your audience ... they love it." -- Ian Hunter, purge & slouch like the seven-minute elevator, (puts a pen in the electric pencil sharpener), reading a newspaper over somebody's shoulder, reality is relative to the observer, reciprocators punish nonreciprocators, (screams in terror as he feels himself overpowered), she does not care and does not know why she does not care, she doesn't really like it when strange women hold her, she sighs. "What always happens. Everything disappears.", she's an Indy rocker and nothing's gonna stop her, ship jobs to third-world lands where he can get cheap labor, signifies a spiritual readiness for prayer, Simple Simon broke my hymen going to the fair, siphoned trigger shed shod shred come to gagging finger, Sir John Suckling French lick stormy Petrels god of fire, skirt-chaser music doesn't have to be caviar, slammin' Cadillac dogs you probably a cracker, smoggy cities are needed to make carbon paper, so black that they used her as the background for Star Wars, so don't fear if you hear a foreign sound in your ear, so fat you haveta roll over twice to get off her, so she went to the doctor who prodded and shocked her, So soft. So luxurious. So wonderful to wear, so we woke up this morning and we were no longer, So what's the most interesting human behavior?, some books are objects that rarely require a reader, some feathers and bells and a book of Indian lore, some mornings it's just not worth chewing through the leather, some people keep on chasing their tails year after year, Somebody had to put all of this confusion here!, spirituality cannot be faked only shared, spread styrofoam balls all over your lawn for winter, stand in one spot with your hands on the back of the chair, stands out as an island of welcome Bohemia, stare at your thumb and say "I think it's getting larger", stream enterer once returner never returner, Sufi dancing is like square dancing only rounder, summer heat and rotting garbage: fuel of the future, teeth are so yellow I can't believe its not butter, tell me tell me tell me come on tell me the answer, that simple co-appearances being another, the after-world appears to have some charming features, the Bermuda Triangle got tired of warm weather, the big question is: Does the Sheik wear a yarmulke?, the bullet passed through his mouth broke his teeth and lodged here, the cantaloupe near the antelope's interloper, the cat likes fish but she doesn't want to wet her paws, The Dalai Lama walks up to a hot dog vendor, the dark roky days of November and December, the flight of Mohammed from Mecca to Medina, the fucking New York Times cares for nothing but dollars, the Internet is not just some bundle of copper, the joke -- for someone who's supposed to be big on bras, the man in the crowd with the multicolored mirrors, the more machine-like we can be the better we are, the next one will be shorter and hopefully sooner, the peanut butter with the jelly in the same jar, the resemblance is true even in particulars, the scariest people in the world sell crappy cars, (the scene is conducted in low intensive whispers), the slutty bitch's last name is very similar, The Stone Temple Pilots they're elegant bachelors, the telephone will ring when you are outside the door, the television cries those quiet Nick at Nite tears, the very attempt to order sound in the mind's ear, The worker produces sound effects like "hm" or "ha!", the world's confusion between author and character, there are billions of dollars in search of the future, there can be no right or wrong no winners or losers, there has ever been crime-scene tape on your bathroom door, there is as we have been told precious little "here" here, There is no normative sexuality is there?, there is no section that is better than another, there's a big dilemma about my big leg Emma, there's a giant electronic audience out there, these six matchsticks been bred to be perfect para, they've got all the different flavors of girls out there, things that don't go together: poetry and power, think of your imagination as an antenna, this is 59th change here for the N or the R, this should come as no surprise to regular viewers, this subway car smells like the inside of someone's ear, this work is not really dependent on computers, Those pimentos in the olives -- how do they get there?, thou shalt not hump the couch when company is over, though lip allegiance was paid to the law of karma, tibi gratias agimus quod nihil fumas, time passes things improve in a new millenia, to remind themselves that they're Moslems or whatever, (to the tuneful accompaniment of his guitar), today the Mac has become a grownup computer, tommyknockers tommyknockers knocking at the door, Touchwood but I think I am. Actually I'm sure, Try cleaning those fat ass lips! I can smell them from here, two brief phrases interpret as you like: lawn mower, upon returning to New York I was seized with fear, very gentle vibrations moving in the ether, visual artist into a committed writer, "wahoodle" = Doneganese for "comb-over", walls of crystalline purity push on these structures, "Ward I think you were a little hard on the Beaver", was a neighborhood bully who had set cats on fire, WASP (white male): Insensitive Cultural Oppressor, water-filled surgical tubing jammed in a drawer, We ain't on no terms. Shit is squashed and shit is over, we are discussing the body odor of under, we get an initial first impression or picture, we have no leverage being on a lower tier, we know that she has a bright future ahead of her, we wear twice the amount of t-shirts in the summer, we're going to apologize for the rare error:, wearing her face that she keeps in a jar by the door, weight down to 135 -- lost 40 pounds this year, well there's always potted chicken up in the Berkshires, What do you call a deer with no eyes? No idea, what I liked was the way many things went together, What is a stripe anyway but a streak of color?, What Italian composed twenty-seven operas?, What portion of an iceberg floats above the water?, What will people make of our new Ultralite® Versa?, What's it like missing the entire month of November?, What's the difference between a barrel of water?, What's the difference between a Jew and a Pizza?, When did you realize that you had this kind of power?, when floating at a certain pulse we say "We are there!", when the student is ready the teacher will appear, when the wife wears the pants the husband washes the floor, which brings this sentence to the point where we can refer, which Hercules secured as one of his twelve labors, whipped out a half ounce and announced he was a dealer, (who also went by the strange name of John Gardener), who didn't sound like a constipated yodeler, Who is your favorite historical character?, Who the devil is in charge of the music in here?, Why do millions of Americans sneeze and suffer?, Why do my toes curl when I encounter minor flaws?, Why should I write about this affair any longer?, wildly vivid dreams last night of home paranoias, Will I simply sit here and discuss literature?, women sometimes are the type who hate to muss their hair, words and phrases butted up against one another, words whose sound pronounced resembles the sound of laughter, Work fascinates me. I could sit and watch it for hours, worrying about "what's coming up" in the future, Would you eat Jello that had come out of people's ears?, Would you tell me please which way I ought to go from here?, writer and reader writer as reader as utter, writing the words to a sermon nobody will hear, ya' know that outfit would look great on my bedroom floor, Yes I Really Am a Movie Star bumper sticker, you intimidate petty authority figures, you make friends at that boring show you drove so far for, you never know where you're going until you get there, you think a hot tub is a stolen bathroom fixture, you think Dom Perignon is a Mafia leader, you think the French Riviera is a foreign car, You'll see! It's a beautiful way to face the future!, You've been leading a dog's life. Stay off the furniture, your booty must measure 30" or under, your lucky number is 3234554, your parents prayed that the world would be made to suffer, zippo w/o the z only with more pizzazz more;