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A group of black children on T.V. singing God Bless America, a justification of my seemingly haphazard procedure, a sound-based linguistic document of a person's life for __ years, Add these to your collection and be a part of the nostalgia!, ahhh I hate your fuckin' guts and I hope that you die Sticky Fingers, *all spelling and punctuation are as they appeared in the letters, allas the pitee that was ther cracchynge of chekes rentynge eek of heer, and anyway visible nipples are not quite on for a mother, and couldn't wait to dash back into the fine gardens far from "nature", and it's as if she's constantly being sprinkled with tarantulas, And then on the way home you have to carry an empty Tupperware?, and what comes up that tube is the undigested food from their dinner, And what constitutes understanding or failure to understand here?, any spilled juice will be forever embedded in your creased Dockers, anything not fitting into these categories causes cancer, anyway I suspect Stockhausen's been off the deep end for some years, Are you drinking rocket fuel or wearing an electric shock collar?, array thirteen toothbrushes of different colors on your dresser, as it turned out the world wasn't ready for the Sex Pistols either, as the talk goes on we are getting nowhere and that is a pleasure, At an orgy does anyone really want to be a wallflower?, At last! This is the answer! Forgot the question? It doesn't matter!!, (at the time of writing) I never think of what I have said before, Atomic energy tested in Japan. Made in America, Audiences would be worrying and asking "What are we in for?", because a credit rate like yours deserves an interest rate like ours, because every word you are without is a thought or idea or, because you live in the suburbs where the American Dream endures, Black Oak Arkansas -- amazingly they came from Black Oak Arkansas, blacktress/glamazon Vaginal Creme Davis to the screeching scissor, blazing into galaxies transfigured with ineffable auras, books are daily losing their status of the carriers of culture, brother lover mother other smother another undercover, broun fellinis alphabet soup daddy godus and human flavor, but he remains humble and sees himself merely as a "forerunner", but you must get away from competing with yourself and with others, constantly putting their fingers to the winds of popular culture, contempt for a nearly universal symbol of childhood terror, count the cracks in the bedroom plaster until the sex act is over, creates echoes wherein subject and object bounce off of each other, declination of Cancer is the exaltation of Jupiter, Did he die and go to heck or is he up there with Pat and Checkers?, Did you know that 4 out of 10 accidents are caused by drunk drivers?, Do recording artists get embarrassed by their old record covers?, Do you expect by the end of this program you will have an answer?, Do you regard me as a rival or as a collaborator?, Do you want to look better feel better run faster and jump higher?, Does door slamming or dog barking cause your mind to go into high gear?, don't ask why Levi's 501 jeans have stayed in style for 50 years, don't fuck with this shit if you've had any sort of liver disorders, Dr. Johnson a few days before his death burning heaps of papers, Drab Local Fish Part of Problem as Camden's Aquarium Flounders, Eat your dinner! Don't you know there are people starving in India?, eating disorders not an equal opportunity destroyer, Egyptians knew exactly when it was time for the percolator, ever since I have fled the world I have known neither hatred nor fear, every day and in every way I am getting better and better, every day around 10 A.M. throws up on the down escalator, every little movement assumes the dimensions of a maneuver, everybody thinks that you're doing much better than you really are, exclusionary couples who also claim to be your best friends -- Grrrrr!!, 50% off the person you call most anytime anywhere, for Dionne Warwick to record the song "That's what psychic friends are for", for gnats never lack the air grubs the earth nor polliwogs the water, for he believed that therein lay the very essence of adventures, Forrest Gump is a retarded motherfucker and he's on welfare, frankly there is a lot more interesting things happening out there, fried in an electric chair before a throng of cheering spectators, fudge over in the service of ideological agenda, Furtwängler Böhm Strauss Krauss Karajan -- fervent supporters of Hitler, Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha!, give book and CD to Al for his student in California, give one big cheer and one cheer more for the captain of the Pinafore, give to the nearest inch the length in inches of a water meter, God help the thief unfortunate enough to meet me and the muddler, Good morning neighbor! You stay in your corner I'll stay in my corner, granted boredom alienation and wanting what you can't have are, Hanging the lantern/On that full white blooming bough/Exquisite your care!, he has also written music for MCI and Christian Dior, he is now remembered (if at all) as at best a one-book wonder, he seems to be in an eddy spinning round and round getting nowhere, he started out in search of money but in death he has found much more, Hey kitty! You're like the queen of the ball the hot chick on the dance floor, How do people get access to avant-garde music in this culture?, How many living ex-Presidents of the United States are there?, How much is this moment worth? $100? $1000?, Hunter-Animal Assassin: Meat Mercenary Bambi Butcher, I am exhausted and I can't keep my eyes open any longer, I am free to pursue the realm of the professional amateur, I am not bound to any one system way path country idea, I am not getting answers because I do not really need answers, I close my eyes. Your fingers play and make my stomach muscles quiver, I don't know about you but I'd rather be a name than a number, I figured you had a sense of humor -- after all you married her, I get distracted just walking downstairs to get a glass of water, I got something to say I raped your mother today -- Metallica, I had a dream I was falling through a hole in the ozone layer, I hate getting blown by a girl and then she tries to kiss you after, I hate it when people try to impose their opinions on others, I hate when thin girls complain about their big hips thighs etc., I hate when you think you have to fart but instead you shit your drawers, I know that certain vitamins can make your doo-doo crazy colors, I like the ambiguous ones which dawn on the target days later, I look exactly the same but everyone else looks so much older, I may be startled but I won't give my body up to be powder, I never saw you put jelly on a tuna fish sandwich before, I promise I'll bring you just a little bit of the plague in a jar, I ran and ran and ran and ran until I couldn't run anymore, I really hate it when people cheat in the Express Lane at the store, "I see!" said the blind carpenter as he picked up his hammer and saw, I spend half the year here and half the year there. My wife stays there all year, I want to bring in infinite regress and infinite progress here, I was a pretty serious pot-head in the early high-school years, I went down to the sacred store where I'd heard the music years before, I wish some people would stop confusing us with California, I wish we could chat longer but I'm having an old friend for dinner, I woke up on the roadside daydreaming 'bout the way things sometimes are, I would create a book out of wood and carve words into the "cover", I would try to get her to try something she had never tried before, I'd like to order a large ibbit-obbt-ibbit-urger with no Sa, I'm feelin' kinda feelin' kinda feelin' kinda feelin' kinda, I'm just a sweet transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania, I've been doing this forever and I'll keep doing this forever, if anyone on MP says "bitch" there'll be THQot shooter, if brains were farts he couldn't stink up the inside of a matchbox car, if this came out in the '80s it would have made a million dollars, if we can't compare breasts to apples should we compare them to nuclear, if you compare yourself with others you may become vain and bitter, if you had three million dollars you would want seven million dollars, if you've been putting off refinancing your home call The Money Store, impossible to communicate anything but particulars, In Europe they name streets after poets why not in America?, in out in out in out halfway in they look like an "S" together, in the future my time may be measured not in "seasons" but in years, in the great American tradition of getting what you pay for, inevitably prominent for the contemporary reader, injected with enough silicon to float a luxury liner, Is it possible for me to have any privacy around here?, Is it wrong ... tell me is it wrong ... to close your eyes ... to sleep forever?, it is a reality -- and I see it more as I get older, it is the quintessential butter from the churning milk of dharma, it was a depressing way to leave and I felt sorry for the deer, it's a possible soundtrack to a more sane reasonable future, it's beyond the car manufac who sees cope as a drug-frayed nutter, it's really short because I'm getting ready to shave it this summer, it's stretching the point to say that magazines cause eating disorders, jam miniature marshmallows up your nose and sneeze them all over, jo ghar ko nahin chala sakta woh Dilli kya chalayega, Joe America hated those troublesome Nazis Nips and Niggers, just 6 refreshing calories per glass it tastes so good all over, just those icy you're on the wrong side of the tracks motherfucker stares, Ken do you think my nose is growing? I think it keeps getting longer, let me repeat this so it will be easy for you to remember:, Let's just read the poem! I want to say it too but it gets me nowhere, like that time you helped me unzip my pants in the photo booth on your, likewise I find myself at this phase "listening" less and reading more, lo-fi chicken scratch that chugs along and would go well with a hooker, look at the simple pleasures enjoyed by working class America, look for our President's Day sales insert in most of today's papers, mankind's betrayal of was totally fucked up suddenly I saw, many many police officers have seen my genitalia, Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre, Mistress Formika: you fags aren't moshing hard enough -- mosh harder!, more shit to learn more shit to earn more shit to yearn more shit to burn more, most people would give anything to make one classic in their career, motors pigs ponies dark water nationalism smoke music beer, Mr. Crow doesn't fuck fatties hear me now (and believe me later), music doesn't have to be caviar it can also be pasta, music of elevators and dentist offices in the future, my head and gargle just gargle and gargle and I don't care who hears, my mother has never put vodka in a milkshake or wrecked her car, My two plum trees are/So gracious see they flower/One now one later, neither gives a hoot about that system of academic power, never put off till tomorrow what you can avoid all together, New York 10385277 Pennsylvania, nicotine heroin cocaine alcohol caffeine marijuana, no one had any notion what ancient Teutons actually wore, no writer now working elicits greater pleasure in his readers, Nundanket all Gott lifts up my heart as it is sung in the blue air, Oblivious to spiders in hair. Get the spiders out of my hair!, of course the "full of beans" defense can work against moaners and groaners, Oh and Stephen King is absolutely the best too! And Derrida!, oh my God it's senior year and all you care about is your career, oh yeah and Satan does not like me for he does not answer my prayers, on a lazy summer day with no summer school no job and no chores, On Saturday night I lost my wife and where do you think I found her?, one of us might lose his hair but you're reminded that it once was there, one part sunset one part Seagram's gin yes you'll find the hidden pleasure, one's slimey and has whiskers and the other one lives in the water, only that the music doesn't topple when the theory's knocked over, Or how am I to describe the important empirical fact here?, or is it that L + M = (aside from a nostalgia, or stop by and touch his overgrown big hangnail for healing power, perhaps it's all a test to keep steering ever toward nibana, perhaps the outstanding question in American social culture, picking up a cool dog shit with a plastic bag from the backyard floor, plodding linear thinkers democracy: one vote every four years, pour Agent Orange into local reservoir to enhance flavor, Public Enemy #1: that neutering bastard Bob Barker, queen-sized Sealy posturpedic from $349, Quiz: We all know how Jesus got whacked but how did his disciples fare?, Ramakrishna: Where does the strength of an aspirant lie? In his tears, rather a mania engendered by a melancholic humor, rather then calling you on the phone and risking losing my temper, remember that soda pop will freeze if you leave it in the freezer, respect for yourself will not come about through the disdain of others, retains shape and does not melt even when out of refrigerator, Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa), screenless window remains open making me itch and scratch all over, She lives thousands of miles away. Yet for weeks I've had a crush on her, she said it was wrong to call the language of her work "vernacular", she stripped away her rancid poncho an' laid out naked by the door, she told me that he can't sleep at night -- the greatest of our composers, She's not wearing any pants. Her lower openings now total four, shit like camcorders Snapple cigarette lighters and calculators, sniper victim snapping pictures with Ricoh and eating Gummy Bears, so the streets of the world will flow red with the blood of non-believers, some people would do almost anything to bring home Chi-Chi's salsa, sometimes I lie awake at night and ask "Why me?" Then a voice answers, (sung in German no less -- even Jim Morrison wouldn't go that far), Sunshine is always in fashion. When are we going to get some more?, Take a look at what you are. It is revolting. You're really nowhere, taking notes while overhearing conversations in a crowded bar, that is what I told a magazine when they put me on the cover, that's why you got 2 last names and 3 Social Security numbers, the empty spaces allow for the non-obstruction of the centers, the gay community is as powerless as I've seen it in years, the pandemonium of the world burst upon my unwilling ears, the person with style neither needs nor seeks the approval of others, the positive ends will attract the negative ends and vice-versa, the room was dark the blinds drawn and I was alone with the computer, the shock of seeing a minority in the ivory tower, the Tickling Babysitter controlling the playground: respect through fear, the use of translation as the invention of a desired other, the vector has never been of the slightest use to any creature, the whole purpose of your life is to serve as a warning to others, then again somebody might imitate the original gesture, There are a few undercover cops on this train. Nice disguises huh?, There are more days in the week than Friday. Most animals know better, there are millions of little bits of me walking around everywhere, they will have to go back to their countries because they were not born here, this has to be in the dark for a few days so it's going down here, this is an entertaining reminder to get my shit together, this society keeps you from realizing your own needs and desires, those who scaled the cliffs of Normandy under heavy enemy fire, thus shall it be done to the man who the king delighteth to honor, tonight's Top Ten List from the home office in Sioux City Iowa, Too many women tiny anti-aisles. One open cash register, tradition flouted at one moment reinvented at another, try now we can only lose and our love becomes a funeral pyre, try to use normal printed paper on the overhead projector, type of bastard (or see likeness to President's genitalia), undoubtedly Thoreau was disappointed by commercial failures, unfortunately sometimes we start to drown in this flood of data, until they're all sharp corners and then gently thrust into thy nether, wanting to be licked: a perfectly perforated piece of blotter, Watch for more heroic excitement coming to Macy's this summer!, we have to tie a steak around her neck so the dog will play with her, we want and deserve tin-can architecture in a tin-horn culture, well alchemy is just a little better form of Cinderella, What do you call a guy with no arms and legs inside your computer? What do you call it when the media talks about the media?, What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? A mirror, What is the number one number in Casey Kasem's Top Ten Numbers?, What method does Kurt Cobain use to collect his thoughts? A spatula, What nationality of women do you think make the best lovers?, what to do when they ask for your Social Security Number:, what you see is what you get or better what you get is what you hear, What's a man like me supposed to do with all this extra savoir-faire?, "What's so unpleasant about being drunk?" you ask a glass of water, when you find an unflushed toilet leave it alone and use another, when you're with someone you care for nothing says closeness like a whisper, whether you're black or white or Hispanic or Chinese it don't matter, Which means when we are writing it's not always us who is writing eh?, Who cares what we SAW you should be doing your own thing and that's the LAW!, Why should I waste more precious time in relating such trifling pleasures?, Will someone in their right mind please martyr themselves and kill this fucker?, Will you Mr. Tab allow my take on this and combine my flavors?, Would it be right to judge Christ by his crucifiers and detractors?, Would you like Gin and platonic or do you prefer Scotch and sofa?, wrap her up in tissue paper and send her down the elevator, write down the name and address of your hotel in case of amnesia, you are an adult and people around you have their own agendas, you are houseless but not homeless because home is wherever you are, you can call me anything you like but don't call me late for dinner, you can't find love in a truckload of turnips unless it's to the stars, you know a lot of girls go out with me just to further their careers, you should leave your bedroom window wide open at night in the winter, "You'll surely run up against existence and non-existence somewhere!", yuppie bullshit for women who wore beige stockings or relaxed their hair;