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A century ago our visual environment was much simpler, a symbol of the spiritual mind active in numberless ideas, a synod of Anglican friars were discussing their carnal desires, a woman needs a flat tummy a firm bosom and a nice derrière, accepting all thoughts whether profound insignificant or peculiar, After alpha-hydroxy acids what? Chanel research has the answer, after four days I suddenly realized that there was some potential here, Ahhh! The ghost of Elvis is eating all the cake -- oh it's just Liz Taylor, all the things you could be by now if Henry Miller's wife was your mother, alpha And and continues past beta and gamma And to end at alpha, an angry telephone call signals the end of the world for cult members, And get this she's blond now hair the same color as yours doesn't that figure?, and if I attacked a lifeless pillar with my language it would totter, and so he swallowed the pus while continuing to suck on my finger, Anyone know the punch line for which the joke is "What's an Ali McGraw?", Are we ready for the truth? Don't you think we should first lie to each other?, Are you sick and tired of your dirty stinky ugly useless old slippers?, arrange words according to sound -- arrange objects according to color, as a member of the world conspiracy you control your own future, as culler and counter of syllables as arranger and recorder, as the speed of television goes up the movies start going faster, as to pleasure it is true in fact that tidying up is a pleasure, beauty arises and passes away like all other phenomena, bitter men are generally academics who failed to get tenure, but damp park benches I visit no more they always make my rear end sore, but February made me shiver with every paper I'd deliver, but unfortunately the whole insight of the sixties has been lost here, capital and labor need not be antagonistic to each other, Carlos Casteneda is the 2nd baseman for the L.A. Dodgers, change your social security number and disappear from Big Brother, Check. Extra wire? Check. Blurb? Check. Pole? Check. Hannah? She's a bitch with balls doncha, Cindy Crawford plays the pinup in swimwear with just the right exposure, closer to Christ and Buddha especially Buddha and further therefore, considering how much I have tried to change my relationship to fear, defeat money power in media power defeat through mass power, "Don't be a prima donna!" I said. She replied "I'm not a dinosaur!", don't just stand around talking to spandex-clad women on the Stairmasters, don't eat any muffin that is more than 6 inches in diameter, don't tell your men to lay still like that -- they should move around a little more, Don't the words "dreadful" and "social gathering" go so nicely together?, Dr. Pepper: sweet center sort of serves as a secondary thruster, driving is then going alphabetically by national order, Drop your hair down! Get drunk! Get mad! Be sad! Do something! Loosen up! Who cares?, each thing as Gertrude Stein puts it is as important as every other, early morning walks to Battery Park City -- predawn paranoia, eight students were arrested and a police officer broke a finger, equal portions of flaming kitchen delicately offset by sneaker, every man should know that words fail that garlic prevails and that shoes matter, everybody would show a housebreaker where the family jewels are, extremist Shiite revolutionary philosophy-worshippers, "Far dearer to me than my treasure" the heiress declared "is my leisure", feel free to copy this upload it put it anywhere and everywhere, fifteen minutes of moving and gyrating and bouncing off each other, fill your pockets with sugar packets as well as salt and pepper shakers, Fish do not weary of water. The joys of solitude are similar, 5 p.m. rolls around today as it always does -- same year after year, for better or worse the digit replaced the linseed oil and now we're here, for presenting a too-effeminate Jesus the silken wavy hair, Get all hot and breathy as the Japanese nearly attack Pearl Harbor!, (giggling) all those mulatto babies and their eyes are too close together, grifters portastatic unwound nothing painted blue refrigerator, Grover from Sesame Street tells me to go near then far "near far near far", had this been an actual emergency we would have fled in terror, half of any scandal -- no 75% -- is the media's, has allowed the hobby of collecting odd words to sidetrack his career, he uses it to fill the salt shaker {Would that make it a snow shaker?}, her pubes strangely smooth in contrast to the splendid abundance of her hair, Hey you. Yeah. YOU! Pacifist type. Are you thinking "Hey this isn't MY war?", hills juggling lactoidal lung mounds natures fonts orbs and pillows sandbag spheres, horizontal interactions among a plurality of centers, How and why is lyric more prominent in some periods than in ours?, How can I be happy in the morning when I have to sleep on the floor?, How many sex-restricted jobs require a penis or a vagina?, hyper-aroused individuals are driven thinkers and worriers, I always take the path-of-most-resistance when it comes to my in-laws, I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together, I am in pursuit of spirit and she is in pursuit of her career, I am naked and passing through the phone lines. I am in your computer, I am the one all men are the Other but none of them are my other, I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars, I cannot think in a rational manner. My mind has lost its order, I don't know whether I'd rather be having a bottle of vinegar, I found a long blonde hair in the sprinkler kinda the color of your hair, I got tired of hanging around people who wouldn't pee in the shower, I have trained the dog to lick my feet while I watch TV and whenever, I like living in a corrupt country -- I feel like a fish in water, I live on the freaking computer and spend all my time with teddy bears, ("I met Andy Warhol at a really chic party") blow it out your hair, I never put on a pair of shoes until I've worn them at least five years, I said I'm charming and dashing I'm rental car bashing phony paper, I saw the worst bands of my generation/applied by magic marker, I scratch my head with the lightning and purr myself to sleep with the thunder, I think I have some valid thoughts that may be of interest to others, I think we've got a little damn female lunar inadequacy here, I will continue to collect words until I can't stand it anymore, I wonder if it would be cool if I had it shortened up to like here, I write in order to hear. Never do I hear and then write what I hear, I'd like to butter your muffin I'm not bluffin' serve you on a platter, I'd love to go out with you but I have to stay home and see if I snore, I'll bring Jews and fags to my parent's house. We'll all go to hell together, I'm desperately trying to erase notions of past/present/future, I'm gonna go one-four-two-three-three-four-one I'm not goin' on no bars, I'm not looking to exterminate anybody in particular, if only I had an electric drill it would have been so much simpler, if the doors of perception were cleansed man could see things as they truly are, If you were a musical instrument what would it be? The conductor, if you were shipwrecked on a desert island with Geraldo Rivera, if [sic] is always a pleasure to hear from a satisfied customer, if you wore one you would have to have a frilly apron and a Hoover, including Francis Ford Coppola and jetsetting daughter Sofia, interest in skimming: the type of reading we do with the newspaper, Is it necessary to be loud and eccentric to be called a star?, Is that you I smell or is it your mattress stuffed with rotten potatas?, it was along the lines of having tattooed on my arm "Art Forever", it's changing the private lives of men and women across America, it's from AT&T ... they're making you an honorary stockholder, It's purely a guess but could it happen within the next 1-5 years?, James Brown 1974 = Sai Baba 1994, Jesus freaks mow down gays in Greenwich Village with a nine-millimeter, Jhana told us that her man must have a big bank account and a new car, Jovian gravity shatters a comet making it all the brighter, kill roaches with a monkey wrench while playing Wagnerian arias, Knots bills and you can stuff 'em. How about a duck Congress and a debtor?, legalise the Mafia never but never invade Australia, let's pursue that: we could help each other with new hair styles etc., like keep peeking in your briefcase and saying "You got enough air in there?", most of us at least once in our lives suffer an attack of glamnesia, most people over 35 are technologically immature, Mother Theresa:Nipsey Russell -- Nipsey Russell:Mother Theresa, my delicate obsession manifests itself in my calm demeanor, my own manseed diluted in a mixture of corn syrup and water, "Never decide on anything and then we change our minds" says another, never never rather be Ida never never rather be Ida, no hands fixes tie looks around and usually pisses on the floor, No no. I don't bake cookies. You're thinking of those dorks over at Keebler, no salt MSG preservatives artificial color or flavor, no TV no car and I don't even have a stereo anymore, Now what do you do? Buy a Queer Nation T-shirt and slam even harder?, oh what a world with super mice and atom rabbits yet I dream of more, on December 21 1994 he said "See you next year!", one lame little bunny that brings shitty candy (nothing cool like Santa), one of the hallmarks of a culture is the capacity to conquer, pardon me miss but I can't help noticing that you have cum in your hair, PCP. Fucking PCP. Who the fuck does PCP anymore?, people aren't depressed in this country solely because of their color, playing baseball with apples peeing in ice-cube trays and growing up poor, poetry can do just about anything except perhaps disappear, pull out their unrevealed penises and urinate on the transformed pair, right wing favored monarchical government with rigid social structure, Sally Jesse Raphael's wardrobe was provided by Christian Dior, sauerkraut-sniffing mustard-licking bratwurst-roasting Nazi-loving whore, saw my baby down by the river will she have to come up soon for air, say no to the draft or work or religion or authority figures, she was buying clothes and I was putting slinkies on the escalator, she went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and licked everyone else's fingers, Sherlock Holmes Nicks 5 and 8 From Watson and Spends it on Coke and Hookers, since time immemorial mankind has known of the importance of texture, slam at those who sanctimoniously wear those red ribbons all over, some of us are predicting eventual generational warfare, sounding almost like a warped mix of Jean Baudrillard and Yogi Berra, spending gobs of money to make sure he's got a big say in the future, Surely one's sensitivity being blocked serves well to open others?, tell me about your sexual escapades with a riding lawnmower, (that of the half-witted man who was hankering for a cauliflower), that's actually how I see myself as a linguistic inventor, The Buddha is master of ethics. Ethics do not master the Buddha, the cheerleaders would spit beer and yell "Fuck you!" at the crowd massed together, The difference between public and private. Linguistically what is there?, the eggs of a prehistoric animal were found in Mongolia, the ego of Madonna seems a little stale in 1994, the end result of complete cellular representation is cancer, the faces were empty the eyes as bleak as the tomorrow they foresaw, the feeling that somehow somewhere you've been kicked in the head like this before, the form became generic and what mattered were the words on the cover, the genius has in our days shaken off the shackles which had encumbered, the intelligence of any discussion diminishes with the square, the kind that comes out of your butt so fast your butt cheeks get splashed with water, the morning hard on -- you wake up and Joey's admiring the chandelier, The name of what Biblical character has been given to cab drivers?, the only thing I can eat approaching solid is yogurt thru a straw, the parts can be read in any order -- everything is out of order, the planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania, the politics of desire male chauvinist engineer right on sister!, the small hairless animals with over eighteen legs in my underwear, The sound of one hand clapping is the sound of hitting molecules of air?, the world remains the same as ever when we remove it from our shoulders, there are 2 archetypes of you fucks out there: the "loner" and the "loser", there is a temporary return to a more conventional structure, there will be a Taffy pull at St. Peters tomorrow not a Peter, there's a railroad there and trains go by and there's people locked in cattle cars, they smile in your face all the time they wanna take your place the backstabbers, 30 is a terrible age but take it from someone that has been there, this generation has full access and comprehension of computers, those brothers smoke more weed than Cheech & Chong and Cypress Hill put together, those scary fucks on the train who frighten the homeless people who live there, thoughts are no more than very gentle vibrations moving in the ether, thus in fear and trembling the superior man sets his life in order, today my skirt is very short and I'm sure not to show any beaver, too much permissiveness on one end too much reluctance on another, Transit bus stopped by potato stuffed in exhaust pipe -- Potato Power!, try and recognize celebrities through sniffing their bodily odors, trying to mask the private with the public in a linguistic manner, unlike a lot of you I've never really been ashamed by my mother, velvet over liquified pros babyfood-bland safety-check my buffer, very few people in China believe in Communism anymore, watch out for 10's ranting stew of fuck-you's on this laryngeal chamber, we'll supply the greasepaint if you bring some worn-out clothes we can set on fire, well I've already got AT&T as my long distance carrier, What could be a more ordinary part of everyday than the weather?, What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs chewing on a razor?, What if Hitler was alive today? What if Germany had won the war?, What three Jews were thrown into a fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar?, what with a bout of malaria three broken legs and then these rumors, What's the point of having a telephone if you can't order a pizza?, What's your take on the emerging generation of Avant-Pop writers?, when I die I will leave all my school pens to the children of India, when I was your age we didn't have none of them fancy-ass computers, when it's time to get dressed you'll notice that the sensual pleasure lingers, when you find condoms in the shower's soapdish you know you've arrived sugar, when you live in Manhattan you need to build your own private Westchester, Which is the odd one out: a baked bean a soya bean or a vibrator?, while also being encouraged to simply let the words lie where they are, Who ever heard of a cold cereal that makes you feel warm all over?, who once during a flood lifted up a mountain with his little finger, who were sick of listening to the pap strains of Loggins & Messina, whose artfully ribbed abdomen has been compared to a six pack of beer, with no doubt a fearsome gen-u-ine imitation Jackie Chan Haayyeeaahh, women don't need to go to the bathroom when they get up but will shower, yeah music is always on my mind whenever I'm driving in a car, yes and that's why I haven't thrown away a piece of cardboard in nine years, yet they strut around half-naked pouring honey all over each other, you can see for yourself what you have become by serving under others, you can't have a self-created fetish or a self-created desire, you have a natural grace and great consideration for others, you imagine your hands around the throat of that Coke-drinking polar bear, You like the credit cards and private planes. Money can really take you far, you realize that the phone number on the bathroom wall of the bar is yours, young bitter people think bitterness begins in their refrigerator, your gunboat tactics hold no fear for pigs defending their homes and culture;