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A car is the ultimate extension of the Great American Frontier, a gleekzorp without a ternpee is like a quop without a fertsneet (sorta), a noise annoys an oyster but a noisier noise annoys an oyster more, a stunning picture of a black woman's coming of age in America, accumulating enough information so that all judgments are ignored, acetylene Nirvana talking 'bout your hemorrhoids baby steam roller, after twenty-six years he proved to his teachers that he could master desire, Ah! Who gives a fuck about all of these so-called American "prose" writers?, all animals are created equal but some are more equal than others, all because of our sexed brains no process of enculturation at work here, all of these elements have resonances in popular literature, altered versions of the paper pouches to microwave popcorn producers, American attitudes and American ideals extend its power, an amorous Jew on Yom Kippur saw a shiksel decided to clip her, and a big suck deez to the beef-eating white supremacists at hamburgers, and he goes up to the horse in a friendly manner and he sitcks into her, and it's insane -- another spring has arrived early -- dreary thoughts of summer, and speaking of quacks reminds me of cracks and stacks and sacks and shacks and schnackers, and that way the two work together and manage not to stomp on each other, and these days what I see as hip is a lot softer warmer and cozier, anyone could have taken a dump in the bath and it wouldn't have mattered, approximately 2500 kittens and puppies are born each hour, as bar soaps go this is a good one -- not too much aroma a good lather, as if the world of the poem like the world as a whole were nothing but nature, as the water-bird shakes off the water from its wings with a little flutter, Avoid comments about the taste of sweat. Most body parts taste pretty bitter, az me shveigt iz men a halber nar -- az me redt iz men a ganster nar, bash & pop friday night is killing megoo goo dolls superstar car washer, Beauclerk Beau Boswell Bozzy Langton Lanky Sheridan Sherry Murphy Mur, Benzo Wani Yea Benzo Bero Tsani Yea Hum Hum Phat Phat Phat Svaha!, better remove a rotten apple from the store than let it rot the others, blackvaginafinda I'm the motherfucker fucking sombodiez daughter, Bob Dole. Will someone in their right mind please martyr themselves and kill this fucker?, born of a mortal woman and an Incubus he was the great enchanter, busyness to cover up emptiness stemming from fear and paranoia, but even false flattery is flattering in its own peculiar manner, But if we should lend it to you how would you spend 500 million dollars?, but it just goes to show that generalizations are of little use here, But were it Ferdinand or Fernand I fergit? It's Ferdinand de Saussure, but why Surrealist books and not vegetarian sandwiches or hipster, butcher who back into meat grinder get a little behind in his orders, by rhythmic reversion sextillion worlds passed into diaphanous lustre, Call your apartment from a payphone and ask for yourself. Do this every hour, cannot piss if someone is watching flushes urinal and comes back later, Catch a Cold Mouth Rape Minors MTV Sucks Ass Skull Fuck the Virgin Mother, Cheryl said "You don't have to be a star to pull up a chair during dinner", Cling Free is what? It's a dryer sheet. Where do dryer sheets go? In the dryer, Cosmia Wagner: more anti-Semitic than anyone short of Hitler, cougars and other wild cats become excited by children who play outdoors, courteous postal workers are kind courteous and patient with customers, date her for 12 years put her in all your movies then start dating her daughter, delicately lift filthy airline toilet seat gingerly with one finger, developing something of a crush on the "Headline News" afternoon anchor, discover your own unique "eating print": Picker Prowler Finisher Hoarder, Do you let your child take teddy bears of the same sex to bed with him or her?, Do you want to equalize things a little with an evil business partner?, Does this mean when I come to New York we can't go out and get smashed anymore?, don't swallow the microphone if you grow up to be a subway announcer, due to the lack of space we cannot undertake such a task here however, Editors note: it is very unprofessional to sleep with co-workers, especially for men who add heft to their Haines with a roll in their trousers, even though the best orifice is in your ear I longed to vox the voder, every pound and compact square inch of man meat waltzing around one another, every woman at some time will experience concern about her figure, fantasies and uncontrollable urges: nothing I could write about here, for this reason I've decided Nixon deserves something more something deeper, Goldsmith piles words upon words until they lose one meaning and gain another, goulash composed of all the leftovers from the meals of all the leftovers, he found her text too conventional and took it upon himself to alter, he has marauded eardrums and blown minds with his pathetic poetic roar, he pumped and he pumped and he pumped and he pumped and all that came wuz dog water, he replied "Oh in about 5 minutes after your mother goes to the store", he thought Adolph Hitler's followers said "Hi Hitler" rather than "Heil Hitler", he will scrape your stuck animal parts from the blackened grill of human desire, helps put a layer of protection between you your life and your dilemmas, Hitler complained that he had been "sickened" by the appearance of "that Jew Schorr", Hitler: "there was no greater man in German history than Richard Wagner", holcross pullets starting to lay Betty Clayton granite 5-6204, How do you expect to rid yourself of all nasty habits by September?, How many red stunt cows are doing acrobatics in the pinball pasture?, however I began to question systems of hierarchy and power, I admire you because I've never had the courage it takes to be a liar, I don't see it myself -- but people tell me I look like the Ayatollah, I don't know. Why don't you do a different type of writing when you are there?, I feel bad for the Beach Boys. Suddenly one day they weren't hip anymore, I hate those random erections you get. If it wasn't for Boris Becker, I have one lifetime ahead of me and things are getting better and better, I kissed the raindrops off your nose and promised that I'd stay with you forever, "I know what you're thinking" said the Lemon King as he drank his sparkling seltzer, I mean you wouldn't want to go to a party with all tricks and no tramps huh?, I never asked what they meant -- I only entered them into my computer, I plugged my phone in where the blender used to be. I called someone. They went "Aaaaahhhh...", I remained completely quiet inwardly ejaculating fervent prayers, I think sex is the best form of expressing your love to someone you care for, I thought it was nice of them to give me my props like that ... stop dissing Hammer, I told them kids to keep their arms inside the ride. Damnedest thing I ever saw", I wanted to be a priest to kind of continue the family career, I'm going to devote ten minutes to letting the present happen hither, I'm through with masturbation and the triple X matinee double features, I've never rolled upside down on an expressway at 70 miles per hour, if you have the spirit within you will never fail to attract others, if you press down on the hamburger and gray juices drip down the hamburger, If you write the word "monkey" a million times do you start to think you're Shakespeare?, in a way it is more natural to sit on the floor instead of a chair, in the world in which we live without hype and controversy things disappear, Is it because raver girlfriends are better looking than girlfriends of skaters?, Is my cock big enough is my brain small enough for you to make me a star?, Is poor Parsifal never to be let out of these Jewish torture chambers?, Is that another lie created to keep me complacent begging for more?, Is that Sean Penn? He's the dude that had sexual intercourse with Madonna, it is beginning to be hinted that we are a nation of amateurs, it's like when -- this is really a stretch -- you take a bath and you watch the water, it's so difficult being a working mom and keeping it all together, it's something of a no-brainer although a carefully chosen no-brainer, January 1933 National Socialists come to power, just because they can't pronounce it New Yorkers don't write without the letter "r", Killorcure and Killthemall and Killeachother and Killkelly-on-the-Fleure, Leave me alone. I must work and do not want to know about my blood pressure, let's hear it for please myself and am pleased by what I look on in the mirror, like a peaceful flood he swept away the mental debris of his listeners, like trying to empty oneself of all previously acquired ideas, L-I-T-E. The new way to spell "light" with 20% fewer letters!, many a day have I dreamed of this load to be dropped with such ease and stature, Mary is crying about what? He's been dead a hundred zillion billion years, maybe it was just a pathetically vacant week for literature, medical researchers warn women about danger at the beauty parlor, Michael has (choose one or more: nose chin cheeks eyes mouth toes) surgically altered!, mitigating factor: impedes inhalation of particulate matter, More people choose British Airways to London than any other airline. Duh, most people tend to pick up a word that is introduced into the right ear, my bong burnt bright electrifying fractals dancing in the raging embers, my method of writing allows me to "sight" language by stringing together, my name is Martin I am great in math but bad in science for whoever, never mind that the world seems to be busting out all over -- small breasts have their, no bull no horseshit just the full honest-to-god filth from the creamy-coozer, (note that the change in time being talked about was also signaled with a "wa"), nothing may be used whole or in part without permission from the publishers, now Martha Quinn is doing pimple cream commercials and Adam is somewhere, Olympics: faster higher stronger. Information: faster smaller cheaper, on one side Melville's whale blubber and on the other is Freud's human blubber, patently utopian and almost necessarily a disaster, permanent values independent at least from Life Time and Coca-Cola, Please do not send cash through the mail. Thank you for helping us to serve you better, please let this be a material monument to horizontal structure, post-deconstructive tendencies tend to slight or ignore texts altogether, recently I read something and I must say I can't remember the author, recognize my God-self is to recognize gists to go some rock 'n' rollers, red=AIDS purple=urban violence pink=breast cancer, remember "Something good is going to happen to you today free thinker!", saints are not produced in batches every semester like lawyers and doctors, segregation now segregation tomorrow segregation forever, Shall mortal man be more just than God? Shall a man be more pure than his maker?, she got tired of his tirades about the "no-talent" Arnold Schwarzenegger, she said "What you will see is people living only on hope in India", she wants the toilet seat left down and he ... well actually no trouble there, Siegfried Wagner: involved in one homosexual scrape after another, Similarly he has no luck with his right hand or with both hands together!, so after doing this for years you get popular. You get a little more, so throw ya gunz in the air throw ya gunz in the air buck buck like you don't care, stroke your thigh while commenting how much you can't wait until the meal is over, surface often covered with hair bristly in some areas soft in others, that way you will be able to look back on your trip and really remember, the color of her where she is inside out is enough to make me kill her, the drip from their fucks fed forty-two ducks three geese and a fucking big gander, The economy is finally getting somewhere. What about your career?, the laboratory of daily life can almost seem like a torture chamber, The movie ends. It's only 4:30 a.m. That killed 2 !/2 hours, The Nation is growing older. People are living longer dying later, the party merely tolerated Hitler's enthusiasm for Wagner, the patter of rain on the tin roof awakens me from a fitful slumber, the soul of an Eastern prophet and the spirit of a Western pioneer, the twinkle in his eyes is actually the sun shining between his ears, the woman replied "If I could come that way I wouldn't need a vibrator", Then one day it rained. The afternoon sky drew its dark curtains shut and it poured, there are more than five McDonalds bags currently in the floorboard of your car, there is nothing that cannot be done with a pencil and a piece of paper, There's a part of us that believes we can always be better. Stronger. Smarter, there's always somebody working on "the next big thing" in some garage somewhere, things go best with K-Y jelly but that candelabra will NEVER EVER, this is just a sample of the torture all species that we eat must endure, this is never born nor ever dies nor having been will not be anymore, this Nicholas anon leet fle a fart as greet as it had been a thonder, those lazy flower children and their punk-rock spawn can go hang for all I care, tiptoe to the edge of a chasm before you jump -- that's always easier, to "Get out of my house!" and "What do you want with my wife?" there is no answer, to swim the Mister misty sea and cease the Mister mystery that Mister, trained to think in the exact same way and worry in the exact same manner, two of them are green two are flesh-colored two are blue and one is a mixture, usually you don't have to worry about whether to use wa or ga, "Vast" and "Bleak" are the two best words I've heard describe this. "Really good" are two more, watching nine years of your life disintegrate and having to start all over, we all would probably not be alive right now had Germany won the war, we won't go down in history but we will go down on your little sister), we'll see how much good your thorough knowledge of Ginsberg and Creeley does you there, We've just extended that to everyday life. Know what? It feels even better!, well I am very intuitive and in touch with my feminine nature, well I ask myself "How did I spend the morning?" and give myself an answer, What did you want? Another blurry photo with a dog running through a fire?, What happens when a guy takes you out and finds out you are an undertaker?, "What if someone falls and breaks their head? Lawsuit ... parents ... insurance ... blah blah blah", What two of the so-called primary colors when mixed together make rupture?, What's inside? Is it pubic hair? Is it cobweb air? I bet you just don't care, when asked to explain he replied with disdain "I'm trying to buy me a car", when I was little I was always getting my hands caught in the cookie jar, When the bunny loses his velvet is he still beautiful? It all means more, when you throw a puppy from a ship into the water it can swim to shore, Where is a blue collar white guy like me supposed to go to get the dharma?, Where is the problem? Because it is certainly not with my work that's for sure, Who picks up the doggie-doo in the park -- and what do they do with it after?, Who was Isolde Wagner and why did the rest of the family spurn her?, Why are cigarettes sold in gas stations when smoking is prohibited there?, Will you marry me and have my children? [unfortunate side-effects: beware!], with a promise to award something to those who can come up with the answer, with humans taking the place of anthropomorphic animal characters, words at their best can only point in the right direction they can't take you there, yesterday I found out what doughnuts are for: they hold dough airplanes together, "You guys wanna smoke a bowl?" I asked and dove into their living area, you were feeling great about that suit until uhhh security in menswear;