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A couple of the couples had the most gigantic butts I'd ever seen ever, a cup that was filled with water is drained and just as quickly is replaced by air, A is for Amy who fell down the stairs B is for Basil assaulted by bears, A man with one watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure, a month into the investigation of the bombing of the World Trade Center, a non-violent revolution is not a program of seizure of power, a slight blow to the head is usually enough to cause total amnesia, ADGBE. I think that basically means calculus for your fingers, although they're both Jewish baby-boomers from Queens who've built an empire dating Cher, an emergency tracheotomy is always a good attention-getter, And if you can't call someone a "whoreson" is it okay to call someone a "whore?", and just when it seemed Seventies revisionism couldn't sink any lower, and or section is now keyed with a specific search term to let you zip right there, and the touch of clothes against your body feels better than you ever remembered, and unlike a sock or sometimes I need the entertainment even afterwards, And where are the Bay City Rollers now? I heard one of them runs a carpet store, and white men dig havin' mindless bitches doing whatever they want whenever, any quantity of information to anyone anytime anywhere, apparently it was after Mrs. Shetty had seen the wet sari number, Are those their fata which we read in sibylline between the fas and its nefas?, artists are more worried about money than coming up with a good idea, as the eternally perky newscaster repeated them over and over, at least the truly stupid are blissfully unaware that there is more out there, At this point is there any doubt in your mind that the fire was set by cult members?, basically what we do in our free time is add tricks to this dogs repertoire, before she goes out her daddy makes her have sex with her and I don't think that's fair, besides you can't even live for a year on $20000 anymore, big buildings will prematurely ejaculate life as opposed to death murder, Bitch maybe. Sometimes even ego-sucking yellow-eyed liver-rending vulture, But being a young German and having to listen to this after 50 years!!!!, but even though she ended up with broken crockery and broken furniture, but he won't be whining about his needs while you're out saving baby seals either, but rarely does the discourse go beyond what is fed to us by the media, But you do disgust me. And I do resent you. I resent breathing the same air, caressing fondling or kissing the wife if ejaculation does not occur, castles and candles yellow and orange mounds of carnations mixed with rosewater, Cezanne's Orgasm: beneath the brushstrokes the orgasms became peaches and pears, crimson and clover over and over crimson and clover over and over, dead people are the biggest victims of all -- and they can't defend themselves either, develop a secret neurotoxin that makes females pregnant with dinosaurs, devotion candles orange corner shrine cows spice in piles adorned with swastikas, Did anyone notice that T3 has four members? I guess it doesn't matter, discretion is the better part of valor but stupidity goes everywhere, Do not call my views strange. Do not dismiss me as an "anarchist." I am neither, Do you want to cleanse all Karma and tap into infinite creative power?, "Does this mean you'll be on America's Most Wanted Al?" asks wife Peggy Wanker, "Either it works or it doesn't" as I seem to recall Spicer saying somewhere, elephants never forget but you seldom see a kangaroo with a zipper, eliminate any disorder or discomfort including insomnia, even in ancient times mankind admired the vibrant variety of texture, Ever take off your shoes and walk barefoot through the grass on the beach near the water?, every instance of text is separated by an empty space of white paper, everything is in bondage to the fetters of time and the fetters of desire, everytime that I look in the mirror all these lines on my face getting clearer, Father Devine's Riviera or signed on for more causes than he had time for, first with delight then with diminishing pleasure and finally with tired despair, for comfort of mind writers are better off staying away from one another, For twenty years I've seen our sixties ideals betrayed. I felt lost and uncentered, fortunately it's a race to see which'll crap out first: his heart or his career, 4:40 a.m. reading Details on a rainy sleepless night in India, Friedrich Nietzsche described it as a "colossal four-towered Nibelung structure", geeks haven't had this much excitement since Woody Allen woke up late in Sleeper, give within ten percent the proportion of the earth's surface covered by water, glory hole lobs her as for the tit-licking question she promised never ever, half of what I say is meaningless but I say it just to reach you Julia, He's already 30 and he's still clerking at the Mini-Mart. What a lamer, Helter Skelter in a summer swelter the birds flew off with the fallout shelter, Hi! My name is Brad Majors and this is my fiancée Janet Weiss. I wonder, his dread diabetes by eating a fœtus served up in a sauce of manure, I am but an indifferent performer but I do not play to please others, I am delighted to accept your kind invitation to lie down on the floor, I can't imagine anything of the sort has ever been attempted before, I didn't mean for things to turn out like this but I didn't think they'd go this far, I do know that I'm a male who's been affected by exercises of power, I don't know anything more and I don't know anyone who knows anything more, I for one prefer to purchase my pornography under separate cover, I have a question for you folks: Who is uglier? Rappers or Southern Rockers?, I looked at her face and saw all the pain that had built up over the past ten years, I suddenly felt compelled to find the connection between beauty and dogma, I think maybe I can rustle up a few "big hair" and "long-nail" salons out here, I understood things to be one way but in reality they are another, I wanted to use all those great words that you were never allowed to use before, I was arguing for popular culture and the transcendence of the dance floor, I was there toking up in the bathroom and chanting "I wanna take you higher", I was tired of getting arrested and had even considered cutting my hair, I went to the door today and the postman delivered a partridge in a pear, I wish all the cars would break down and be carted away and melted into chairs, I would like the pleasure of your company but it only gives me displeasure, I'd just hate to be that extended economically into a culture, I'll get spanked for quoting Steven Tyler but how could I say it any better?, I'm not sure sending poems is the answer although I wouldn't rule it out either, I've had it with all those obvious lines and I'm not falling for it anymore, if God had intended man to watch TV he would have given him rabbit ears, if I want to talk to someone I call them -- I haven't answered my phone in years, if I wanted to smell like a fuckin' rose I'd hang out at the perfume counter, if I were a Jew and I were born in Germany and earned my livelihood there, in this sense the pox in your mouth are probably worse than the ones in my drawers, instead of the roar which came there before came a soft oleaginous mutter, it affords me an opportunity to see if I'm really free from anger, it gave me a nice healthy fearful wariness of people with too much "power", it is about that fat bloated over inflated misinformed ego of yours, It's a good thing we have gravity or else when birds died they'd just stay right up there, it's easy to keep them interested using "attentive grunting" similar, it's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under, it's like having a party every night except you don't have to clean up after, it's like i feel like an itchy foot inside a leather shoe on a hot summer, Kate Moss is an anorexic 14-year-old that someone paid the media, like a yin-yang with a pentagon on one side and an apple on the other, looking at him I could see the incarnation of John Lennon sitting right there, "Lord Crist" quod he "how may this world endure so ful of synne is many a creature?", make sure nothing offends nothing too strange nothing to let them see make them wonder, makes voice visual candor ingenious the vernacular spectacular, may I be a bridge a boat and a ship for all those who wish to cross [the water], maybe it's only me but I can't understand why people buy bottled water, Me: Yes? Them: Hi I'm with Fly-By-Night Carpet Cleaning and we're in your area, men just keep on marching off to war electrically they keep a baseball score, Mom said "Your father and I sleep together as man and wife only once a year", money will say more in one moment than the most eloquent lover can in years, my hopes began to lift when I came across the Playtex Thank Goodness It Fits bra, nearly A perfectly A and nearly B sizes -- fitted on an A rather, no anut tummat okei ratatatatatatatatatatatatata, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should whether or not it seems clear, no gimmicks just good ole crispy fried down-n-dirty southern women of color, No: jocks big hair booty love music hickies hippies yuppies and postscript errors, no one knew then that he would later go on to guest star on Leave It To Beaver, now listen boys whatever you do ... do not try and tie your pet bacteria, now THAT would look good on anyone's resume -- Official Breast Term Updater, oh and covering a Simon and Garfunkel song what a novel idea, Oh oh! No more buttered scones for me Master -- I'm off to play the grand piana!, oh yes and a game show is of course the definitive source for English grammar, one is left to infer the passage of time as hair lengthened and drugs got stronger, one riverside city has released turtles to cope with the many cadavers, one thing is for sure though -- the prices are bound to plummet over the next two years, or again it's like having an empty glass into which anything may be poured, originally we were nowhere and now again we are having the pleasure, our language being the primary carrier of our national character, our staff will gratefully direct you when you arrive for a peaceful adventure, out of everyone you know who owns stereo equipment yours should be better, overclearing forests may have contributed to the demise of the Maya, people can be rendered inoperative by bumping them on the head beware, people seeking guns for personal combat want reliable "stopping power", P.P.S. I made a donation to that scummy radio station of yours, puts a finger in his ear so the draft through his head won't annoy him anymore, Q is for Quentin who sank in a mire R is for Rhoda consumed by a fire, regard your own actions thoughts and words just as a person who looks in the mirror, replace the filling of a Twinkie with ketchup and put it back in the wrapper, self-conscious repressed virtual reality sexuality engineers, she has to wear white gloves when she eats Tootsie Rolls to keep from eating her fingers, she said that the confluence of art and money was like mixing oil and water, she told me the great poet slightly smiled and began to softly tap his fingers, she was sitting here during the break saying that she couldn't take it anymore, so fat she lays on the beach and Greenpeace tries to push her back into the water, So I really want to pursue the notion of original thought anymore?, some men know that a light touch of the tongue running from a woman's toes to her ears, sometimes I want to go talk to people and explain but you could argue for hours, Spending all your money on Jolt cola. Spending all your money on Transformers, spreading her perfect arms upon the air and on her couch murmuring "Where? O where?", Stupid group = stupid posts = stupid posters = stupid readers, suspected collaborator -- beaten to death several hours after capture, telling me how the country was being destroyed by greedy land developers, the agreeable sensation of contemplating the misery of others, the captain has turned on the seat belt sign due to turbulence in the area, the condom cuts off circulation to my dick so I can keep it up longer, the dogs in the street wouldn't eat the green meat that hung in festoons from his drawers, the groupings of text (one word a few words a sentence) are scattered on the paper, the last two lines carry the same point as Hui-k'o interview with Bodhidharma, the lows will be a little bit lower the highs will be a little bit higher, the notion of treating people like possibilities rather than fixed structures, the only crowded place was the liquor store with men lining up for cheap vodka, the only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar, the quacks blue quacks make her quite a quacker but black is a quicker quacker-backer, the waterfall: Poulaphouca Poulaphouca Poulaphouca Poulaphouca, the way writers like Tolstoy and Joyce coped with their anxiety over Shakespeare, "Then it doesn't matter which way you go" said the Cat " -- so long as I get somewhere", there'll be gam-smacking sleaze and venomous catfights with bikinis blown asunder, there's a lot of offensive shit and a lot of stuff that I don't agree with here, think of 9 women you know odds are that one of them will get breast cancer this year, this way the viewer is provided with the text and the text only and from there, Thou shalt not shit on the rug? Thou shalt not hump the couch when company is over?, through the wrought iron gate I see that she has purchased a new air conditioner, to the delight of Nazis Richard Strauss agrees to head the Reich Music Chamber, too bad you can't just grab a tree by the very tiptop and bend it clear over, total demolition of a room is quite common but lacks any real humor, Tweetie you'll be eating humble pie and picking your own feathers out of your craw, "We can never decide on anything and then we change our minds" says another, we do not read the Bible -- but we do care for & we do read the newspaper, we hesitate to ask the question because we do not want to hear the answer, We want to smell nice now don't we? So what's the first thing we do? We take a shower, we've got to get together sooner or later because the revolution's here, What are the critical cues that differentiate one speech sound from another?, What's needed now is to maintain the body. And that is a pleasure not a chore, when asked how I lost so much weight I replied "I quit eating sugar and butter", when I get bored I go to a Seven-Eleven and ask for a two-by-four, When it is 12 o'clock noon in New York City what time is it in Nirvana?, when people start to like what you're doing then you're probably fucking them over, where electrical conduit has been replaced wall speckled with fresh white plaster, whether it's your house or your wife or your kids -- in anything there is no future, whose blood consisted of alcohol testosterone adrenaline and anger, Why toss out perfectly good words just because they do not fit into the order?, Will I end up like him? Or him that guy with the big head and the dumb comb-over?, women who are on top after you're finished lie on your chest and drool all over, years did not matter to him because he thought in terms of the unending future, yo' mama so ugly that "Gorillas in the Mist" was her taking a shower, you are very close to God-realization -- at the very latest November, you can't coat a wolf in chocolate because a wolf already has its own fur, you know it's going to be a bad day when you jump out of bed and miss the floor, You look like the type of girl who has heard every line in the book. So what's one more?, you may notice the dark area on the inside portion of the dark sucker, you'd think about what kind of food you want and the table would move across the floor, Your body is not composed of Gatorade. Your body is composed of water;