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A "false" community defines itself in relation to a few elevated centers, a huge baroque web of attachments and retro-attachments reaching into every corner, a person who could not be helped by the Buddha was truly a person without a future, a white supremacist wants permission to wear a Ku Klux Klan robe and be called "Hi Hitler", absorbed or englobed to the point where they become part of the inner structure (or "deep grammar"), accept the fact that you will never fully understand why others are so inferior, after months of struggle I am finally beginning to accept myself as a writer, all he could manage to say about my work was "Well. You certainly did a lot of work there", also I'm 32 years old and these represent my clothes for the last six or seven years, and I saw that relationships no matter how nice they may be always manage to expire, and then when the solid yellow divider becomes dotted then the solid yellow appears, and we are all enmeshed in the net stuck together by the sweet and sticky text characters, Animals have yet to speak out. Dr. Seuss is on his way to act as an interpreter, as a logical extension of the process I've simply extended the order farther, as long as you end up with both who cares whether knowledge is power or money is power, avoid tumbling off the cliff of triteness into the black abyss of overused metaphors, but the result was a case of blue balls for him and for me a case of swollen labia, Capt. Save-a-hoe had better strap on his cape the shot calla is creeping on the under, Charles "Chuck" Mingus King of Cunnilingus Occupational Poetry and Other Dharma, confusing a process (thinking) with the existence of a substance (I) a basic error, Dark is heavier than light. Dark always settles to the bottom of a lake and/or river, dark threatening industrial that doesn't hit you at 120 mph, Dear Jay and Kenny -- Real friends are so hard to find. Thanx for being in my life!!! Always Gretta, denotes something you are as well as something you do (like "poet" for example or "dreamer"), Destroyitkillitblowthefuckeruperadicateitsomehowitmustbestoppednowaagghhh!!!!, did you ev'a iv'a ov'a in your lef'a lif'a lo see a dev'a div'a dov'a, different hallucinogenic state d elemental that can't be in ayahuasca, Divine meditation among the cadavers is a shortcut to a high school diploma!, Do you seem to be always the listener and the one lectured rather than the lecturer?, from behind the register a RABBI is dragged onto the counter and across the scanner, Ha Ha Ha aH hA!! People who want to get their media out DON'T NEED YOU. Ha aH Ha Ha, half our mind is being utilized but physically and mentally we're still sleepwalkers, Hank could suck down 3 bottles of red & write 5 poems that'd put your Hallmark rhymes to shame. Sure, have a delicious shake for breakfast another for lunch and then eat a sensible dinner, he kept screaming at the top of his lungs "AUDIO WHORE! AUDIO WHORE!" right in James's ear, He was then asked what his view was of the future. He looked directly into the camera, hey if cigarette smoke can't cleanse your system a balanced diet isn't likely to either, hot rainy Indian night tube lit blue-stained chalk walls can't sleep look at watch a quarter to four, How fantastic the scope of those books! How large they are! How long they are! How much like life they are!, How have you continued on with what do you for so many years with so few people who care?, How long does it take to drink in a life? Don't worry. You don't stay in Disneyland forever, I always wanted a toaster that could launch hot bread products up to 30 feet in the air, I didn't know what I was looking for other than incense and US flag rolling papers, I don't believe anyone can have ownership over the distribution of words. So there, I don't want any one type of thing or approach or way of thinking to become enshrined here, I feel guilty because I didn't go to temple today -- after all it is Yom Kippur, I give up with you people. It's always "me me me" with you. Well I won't take it anymore, I had no prior knowledge of the planned assault on Nancy Kerrigan I did however, I hate it when I go to use the toilet paper and I can't find the end of the paper, I have always preferred the outdoor life: hunting fishing slaughtering a few of God's creatures, I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter, I just saw her walking down the hall with a mattress strapped to her back asking for volunteers!, I missed Punk because my record player was broken and because I was suddenly older, I think that he is dating waif model Kate Moss presently but I am not completely sure, I told him that I planned to do a long piece in Sanskrit a language which I neither speak nor, I told him that I tend to get my best thinking done at rock concerts -- the louder the better, I wish I had been old enough or distinguished enough to have dared to disobey orders, I won't give you what you want which is a shocked response ("Oh my! You sexists! Objectifiers!, I'm really ready for some spiritual thinking because the rest is day-to-day filler, I've had "plenty" of "woman" and I felt like Captain Ahab each night I had to "harpoon" her, if a man says "I'll call you" and he doesn't he didn't forget -- he didn't lose your number, if I don't get my raisin bran I go completely nuts and have to sacrifice a goat or, if it wasn't for my poetry I never would've made it through being a teenager, If you can get one of the "gravity defying" pens that write upside down even better!, if you make a list of the last ten years you'll find that most of it doesn't exist anymore, in a confined opaque world given to the ephemeral gratification of desire, in the 11 months since their little boy died after eating an undercooked cheeseburger, in time you will begin to lose the sense of structure only to rediscover it later, inhaling smoke by one's own action e.g. inhaling the smoke of incense etc., it has been a murderous day with people demanding that foreigners be handed over, it is exceptionally kind of you to allow me to travel in the trunk of your car, it seems to me that one can't be revolutionary without being clear what one is for, it's really sick -- I starve myself all day to the point where all I can think about is dinner, Jesus rests a hand on the shoulder of two up-to-the-minute American teenagers, language terms and forms of practice define themselves in relation to the centers of power, Let's just destroy the Internet so that we never have to deal with the damn thing again!! Aaargh!!!, Marilyn Quayle: most women do not wish to be liberated from their essential natures, me after noting similarities between the Jesus arguments on the stall walls here, men are like linoleum ... lay 'em right the first time and you can walk on 'em for 30 years, men are so honest so thoroughly square eternally noble and historically fair, More real estate for me. More room for me to live in. Less stupid people driving at rush hour, my therapy-voice tells me that there are a million shades of gray between success and failure, not since Socrates had the world seen his equal for absolute self-control and composure, odes to nihilism but without the suicide option -- you just have to stay and suffer, oh my gawd the hottest guy in like the world is right around the corner and heading straight for, one day I got the visor the next day I got the blond hair the next day I took the green hair, or a very course kind of flummery eaten almost exclusively by farm-laborers, particular examples are virtually endless but major concerns should suffice here, people used to stare at me in wonder so I kept my body covered with a thick wrapper, perhaps the worse the state of the U.S. the more the writers will be shook up to write better, promotional considerations and fees paid for by Beverly Hills Century Plaza, racism sexism and all those other nasty "isms" will probably last forever, Racist opera: isn't listening to Wagner the same as listening to Skrewdriver?, real Cyberpunks don't shop at Banana Republic or the "Mainframe" clothing section at Sears, revelry and honesty in a man of low degree are always at odds with each other, She found a job. Afraid I'll lose her. She's always been a flirt. She might find someone who soothes her, she said that not making a living from one's art was an old fashioned modernist idea, She told me of her father's drinking. I unfortunately saw the same tendency in her, she told me that the books that mean the most to her she keeps on the back of her toilet cover, Some people say my work has no value. They find a way of saying it's not literature, someone does something apparently suicidal that turns out to be a good idea, spam juice and marshmallows with a topping of Cheez Whiz all in a mug of warm Rolling Rock Beer, Summer's almost over and you know what that means? It's time to visit your tri-state Ford dealer, Talking about great victories ... what happened to Vietnam? Are you Americans still there?, that an Indian Rockefeller would be better than an American Rockefeller, the agent of a rich zemindar when he goes into the mofussil or interior, the contemporary writer today is caught up in a zillion molecular desires, the culture tells you that you should be thin thin thin then we keep hearing about all these failures, the '80s revival like the '80s themselves is not going to be a friendly affair, the Father Son and Holy Spirit are NOT to be referred to as Big Daddy and Junior, the Hottentots eagerly devoured the marrow of the Kodoo and other antelopes raw, The JZA And His Four Fine Ass Naked Backup Singers Who Strip On Stage And Serve Free Beer, the only thing she survived on for 132 days was a few sips of water, the other side of divorce: coping with your mother as an object of sexual desire, the sex act is regarded as a dramatic role a one act play in which they are the star, the story of a writing teacher who is more concerned with drink and drugs than literature, the vertical construction of language and the shaping of ideas by power centers, the whole British canon ... Byron Shelley Wordsworth ... the whole bunch of them can blow for all I care, there will be someone on the receiving end but it will not be the intended receiver, These are the great lost years of my father. I will look back and wonder where he was all these years, they're a couple in England who drilled holes in their heads and claim to have never been happier, this is my most recent social activity since I came out of the refrigerator, "This is the sick part where it really spins out of control" she says between mouthfuls of pasta, those of us older girls who get off on reading Sassy do it as a sort of guilty pleasure, to complain is one thing but to have an actual basis for complaining is another, We cannot let go of it. So in reality we are not there at all. We are elsewhere, we do not have them because it does not suit the elite to give the insects too much power, we want to get down be loved want attention affection success get happier get higher, What the hell will I write? The way I figure it I will have to fill 100 pages more, when I get real bored I like to drive downtown and get a great parking spot then sit in my car, When Jesus went to heaven He didn't ascend on a cloud. He just vanished into Finnair, whether the pitcher hits the stone or the stone hits the pitcher it will be bad for the pitcher, which reminds me of a story -- a Black guy a Chinese guy and a Jew walked into a bar, Which would you prefer? So where are we now? This is the ever lasting question of a thinker, Why do we need government? Why were governments created? To protect us from each other, with as much or as little involvement that the viewer needs or wants at that particular, you can make a lot of people happy simply by telling them what they think they want to hear, you just don't mess with a guy who can wrap his penis around his waist and stick it in his ear, your temporary financial embarrassment will be relieved in a surprising manner;