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A congeries of conflicting theories and guesses accepted by some and denied by others, a symbol of the indwelling higher self as the opponent and conqueror of the desires, after the opening we went to the Museum of Modern Art for another opening there, After years of struggle party se nikal jaate. But I am a fighter. I don't need a Bofors, all America Online Users are incredibly neurotic pathological liars, All right you've twisted my arm I'll bitch. I'm sick and tired of guys with ponytails playing their guitars, all you have to have is a little name recognition and everyone thinks you're a millionaire, and it is no coincidence that the uniform of mobsters and teenaged gangs is black attire, "And things are worse than ever" thought the poor child "for I never was so small as this before never!", and this is just probably the beginning -- for the past year I've acted shittier than ever, and to the black folks he was just a crazy nigger nobody doubted that he'd pulled the trigger, answering machines and voice mail phone tag beeps and shrewtones and whistles a zillion phone providers, at the end of the class when the announcements were made someone stood up and said "Kenny cut his hair", Barbie -- because when she gets sick of Ken she can just throw him in a shoe box and get another, because soon the hallucinations become predictable combinations of what's really there, being offensive is destructive and will not make the world a harmonious utopia, compared to what we've seen in the past the rate of evolution is going to be much slower, cutting open battery farmed chooks breast meat and squeezing out a good coffee cup full of tumor, Do you think that's the kind of thing that Johnny Rotten was talking about when he screamed "No Future?", don't look like a bra feel just like a burger don't look like a slip skirt I feel just like a poser, Downy oachen fo' a cake hon? In other words do you want to go to the shore for a coke dear?, draw the outline of a hacksaw and people will give you a fortune in disposable razors, for the past two years the drama of Woody and Mia's breakup has been played out in newspapers, Frank Sinatra. Sure he's falling over himself on-stage. Sure he can't remember his lyrics. Sure, he even won some prizes but that he says was because there was only a few competitors, He needed a beer. His skin was like sandpaper. His eyes molasses. He was sticking to the air, he told us out of the blue of his childhood and the unexpected suicide of his father, he who does not expect will not find out the unexpected for it is trackless and unexplored, Hindu Taoist Mormon spill theirs just anywhere but God loves those who treat their semen with more care, How can you say my reign is over and I don't have any draw at the box-office anymore?, however there is no person who has only 10-percent of the Japanese body odor, "I always stop when I hear hourly church bells" he said. "For the present moment it makes us aware, I am the demon who rots in the corner of your soul and reminds you of what a waste you are, I Dumuzi the king will plough your vulva/Then plough my vulva man of my heart/Plough my vulva!, I know that it seems stupid now but stick with it -- toward the end it gets deeper and heavier, I used to have opinions -- strong ones. I had answers. Now I do not. I cannot find the answers, I was always expected to be at the top and if I didn't win to me that meant loser, I was quite touched for it crossed my mind that if anyone Kathy would have creamed me for improper, I'd go there but I don't care I'll go there it's just to stare let's go there it's just it's fair I'll go there, I'm afraid you'll have to go off the Prozac before we start dating -- it's making you crankier, I'm going to be one of those women who when she gets older has to use a Depends diaper, if there's a pothole outside your house you may have to wait a little longer to get it repaired, in a world where so much is imitation people now value the original more and more, in the little jewelry shop we'll stop and linger as I buy the wedding ring for your finger, Is Jack Kerouac this country's most important critically unrecognized modern writer?, Is there any way to make my foot stop thumping the floor? Depends on how long my fingernails are, it is funny because -- well you know this -- how popular that word is among kids on the street here, It sucks when people use "May I help you?" as a synonym for "What the hell are you doing here?", it was the only place I went all week where I didn't see a laminated gavin goober, it wasn't like it would appear it all came down to skin and hair -- a racial kind of atmosphere, It's like you want it and I want it so let's do it. Nobody's doing anyone a favor, it's only 4:10 and i can't believe it's not later but that's okay because there are things here, ladies and gentlemen please say hello to our friend Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra, "Life's a gift. What you do with it is your business." said the 83 year-old chariot driver, light in men's room on LIRR so hideous that I couldn't bear to look in the mirror, (like some Viet Nam combat veterans rape and incest survivors and Holocaust survivors), longtime figurehead for a dope smoking blotter sucking dance-in-the-aisles sold-out hippie culture, Make all the noise you want to on the toilet. Other people will hear you but it does not matter, "Man what Aerosmith song is this?" And the other one was like "I dunno but I've heard it before", my aunty Polly Wally's got a square cut punter not a punter cut square but a square cut punter, Nirvana's first album was named after this household product A. pesticide B. bleach C. cleanser, no way in hell I can do 55 fuckin' bucks but I'll pitch in if I can crash on your floor, not anyone fnord other my unyielding path is yet crossed by the lowly Moose of Failure, O the moon shone bright on Mrs. Porter/And on her daughter/They wash their feet in soda water, one generation passeth away and another cometh but the earth abideth forever, one of the major obstacles to true enlightenment is an absence of a sense of humor, particularly since she wears a placard around her neck on which is written the word "LIAR", play the saxophone underwater and you will remember where you left your leather underwear, Reverend Rabbi Sammy Davis III Honorary JDL Black Panther Grand Jew-Bah, sir I think I wanted to express the duality of man -- a kind of Jungian thing sir, So if you plan on going to see Letterman plan on bringing plenty of cash for souvenirs!, stand at the sink with the faucet water barely running and make tiny minimalist sculptures, sure absolutely no problem you got it definitely (what were we talking about -- oh yeah, That's four hundred children with their crap in the fields. I mean really who can change 400 diapers!, the creative voice of God I heard resounding as Aum the vibration of the cosmic motor, the founding principle of government is to keep people from hurting each other nothing more, the self is transformed into an empty screen of an exhausted but hyper-technical culture, There has been something bothering me lately. What are those black things under seals eyes -- could they be hairs?, There's spiders in my hair! THERE'S SPIDERS IN MY HAIR!! There's spiders in my hair! There's spiders in my hair!, those of us who aren't unusually horny or obsessive-compulsive need something more, Tightfit for heaven's sake leave Yourprick alone! I don't care if I catch Herpes in the corridor, Wanted: chambermaid in rectory. Love in $200 a month. References required, we must move forward and in so doing dissolve our solitude in great swirls of melt-o-pleasure, we positively delight in the lies we tell to sell ourselves to a potential employer, we've been collecting bodies for twelve days and I don't know whose idea it was to bring them here, What did the Governor of North Carolina say to the Governor of South Carolina?, What is green-black and yellow and found at the bottom of a pool? The same baby three weeks later, when a company fucks you and you look for retribution the best you'll get is a form letter, when I took the first survey of my undertaking I found out speech copious without order, when my grandfather died a year ago they held his wake across the street from his favorite bar, When you see Geoffrey the Toys 'R' Us giraffe do you ever get the urge to stick him with a spear?, whenever s/he is about to fall asleep ask questions that start with "Didja ever wonder...", while language forces us to use the word it ultimately there is nothing to which it refers, yes she said she does revise even more so because the language she uses is so singular, You know how most packages say "Open here"?. What should you do if the package says "Open somewhere"?, You thought the Bicentennial was bad. Wait for the millennium. It will be your worst nightmare;