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A lot like having Helen Keller verify your TV tint adjustments you addle-brained 'footer, after the reading he came up to me and said "I never realized that you had so many good lines there", and a Spotted Owl activist chained to an old-growth pear makes one wish to be a garbage collector, and although we'd only met and chatted for six hours when it came time to part I already missed her, and anyways I read this great book this afternoon about Barnett Newman that made me feel better, and just the thought of tofu cheesecake covered with a sticky gooey blueberry sauce makes me shudder, busted a fat ass half-Cab over it first try on a Shut Shark with a three inch nose. He had big hair, but as he opened his mouth the piece of meat fell out dropped in the water and was never seen no more, dipped in Ram's phlegm and then packaged in meat conveniently cut out from a head of a dead howler, Do you think about time trying to figure out how to get more and more of it viewing it as "yours"?, dreary small rooms and a common shower and toilet that looked like it was something out of the Lager, Duccio came not by usura nor Pier della Francesca Zuan Bellin' not by usura, duct tape is like the force -- it has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together, Ever humped an inanimate object like a pillow liver hole in the wall sausage banana?, Gabriele d'Annunzio the pseudonym of Gaetano Rapagnetta (1864 --), he added that many women insist on using Saran Wrap when he goes down to taste the tuna, he is the unseen seer the unheard hearer the unthought thinker the ununderstood understander, he said that classical music was composed by men who believed in world stability and order, he sent me a book in the mail and told me that the words in this book would keep me puzzled forever, He's only 30 and he's already the head of his own corporation! What a success! Hurrah!, Hey kids the summer went pretty quick didn't it? Did you spend all your money on Lollapalooza?, hip was a notion roomy enough to describe flower children as well as bikers in black leather, How about Dr. Ruth and Dr. Kevorkian doing a call-in show on necrophilia?, How is it that we've substituted the term "Experimental Writer" with "Alternative Writer?", How many times have you fallen asleep watching it only to wake up to "The Star Spangled Banner?", I decided that I would work with the sound "ah" -- any word or sentence ending in the sound of "ah", I do cardiovascular exercises regularly. I meditate. I don't own a car, I hate it when 16 year old punks drive around in Mom & Dad's '72 AMC Pacers, I hate it when I fall asleep watching T.V. and then have to wake up and crawl under the covers, I hate it when I go to take a leak and I get two streams neither of which go where they're supposta, I hate people who being too stupid to think for themselves get all their opinions from Rush Limbaugh, I hear voices who keep telling me to spread the peanut butter between my toes. Mmmmm ... peanut butter, I know what she wants and I tried to give it to her but I kept banging my chin on my monitor, I like my guy to be possessive. I want him to be like that. It makes me feel more loved more desired, I lost 10 lbs. in 2 weeks -- I felt no hunger and I'm no longer driven by cravings anymore, I must admit that what follows here is my interpretation of the long and short of my career, I often dream of being the brush that Oddjob uses to paint Jill Masterson gold in "Goldfinger", I recommend a new experiment: examine your thoughts unremittingly for twenty-four hours, I resent the fact that I was raised in the suburbs and I can't do shit to change it. Am I bitter?, I think that at this point there is enough appropriated language. It is now time to use another, I wonder how many punks will no longer be punks after they work for IBM or whatever, I would like to create an art in which there is no possibility of either fear or failure, I'll have to stay at home so I called you on the phone cause I'm stuck here on the throne with diarrhea, I've been here before and I come here often to think and I regret that I haven't jumped earlier, If you were to describe yourself as a fruit would you be a mango a cherry or a banana?, imagine going through life trying to empty yourself of all previously acquired ideas, in fact we children of the '70s are not going to bring the '50s back to America, it felt like an aftershock from three double cappuccinos with a candy bar and a Jolt soda, it sucks when you call a cab and they say "It'll be there in ten minutes" and it takes more than an hour, it was a singles bar a Tuesday night the moon was dim the band was tight they did the bump together, it was extremely interesting watching him draw for a while and then begin to smell the paper, It's only a year and after a year I'm sure that my work in English will be different -- freer?, John Bloor who mistook a tube of superglue for his hemorrhoid cream and glued his buttocks together, Kiss was the Seventies act that most inspired adolescents to defy their parents and play guitar, look to the sky for your savior he won't save ya he didn't save your forefathers why bother brothers, Mann on Wagner: most sensational self-portrayal and self-criticism of German character, men in lime-green corduroys with little orange elephants bray as their wives buy overpriced scrimshaw, men who abuse have either been abused or have witnessed abuse so you're a potential abuser, more perfect than the Greek more copious than the Latin and more exquisitely refined than either, most language is spoken language and most words once they are uttered vanish forever into the air, my personal favorite bar soap at the moment -- a nicely neutral odor hella-lather, my work is generally something you cannot memorize although parts of it might resound in your, neat ideas for chemical mixes that will turn my blood green or my piss into a red powder, never seen a live one before concentrated orange jews^H^H^Huice I put up in my freezer, not anger but "divine melancholy" was responsible for my unconventional behavior, "Not that we didn't have affairs" he admitted with a smile at my raised eyebrows. "We had our fair share", nothing in life or art needs accompaniment because each has its own center (which is no center), number of doughnuts you would have to eat to get the same fat in one typical burrito platter:, OK he's finally coming over for dinner. What are you gonna offer him a wine cooler?, Once I plugged into the net this book began writing itself. Information came faster and faster, peekaboo stuff was laid aside those nights with nothing left to hide except our safe Victorian fears, performing as a Barbara Streisand impersonator in the mirror in bed with Rush Limbaugh, perhaps if some of you managed to learn how to use your newsreader then these problems wouldn't occur, Ravi in Bangalore: Q. What is it that the white man keeps and we throw away? A. boogers, Read this before going any further. Read it again before complaining about the content here, Reader please put your book down here and breathe lightly for a few moments before continuing further, separating the imaginary rights of one from the imaginary rights of another, she said to me "Judging from the way you walk I'd think you were a much happier person than you are", sitting in the classical violinist's house listening to an electronic "O Susanna", soon after it's no exaggeration to say the undecideds could go one way or another, stud-muffin's love and tears shrimp-sucking Ping Pong playing socially inept idiot savant soldier, take one to come doctor's order no more borders fake one make some feeling bolder no more disorder, that way when one of you is feeling lazy or tired you can count on the other person's willpower, the baby is placed on a wooden chopping block and the umbilicus is severed with a chopper, "The history of the church" Tolstoy bluntly affirmed "is the history of cruelty and horror...", the only kase in which "c" would be retained would be the "ch" formation which will be dealt with later, the page unlimited by cost and space extends in all directions to the horizon line so far, there is a kind of love in poetry for the pleasures of falseness and I understand those pleasures, there is as much nutritional value in a CD as there is in a McDonalds hamburger, this generation has full access and comprehension of computers before they can drive a car, this has become little more than a string of clichés so now I'll get down to business (there's another), those girls we went to high school with who got married to the first guy they fucked had kids and worked in shoe stores, tonight brought into direct contrast how different my path is and will be from all my former peers, we are for the most part more lonely when we go abroad among men than when we stay in our chambers, we get our information in the subway from reading a newspaper over somebody's shoulder, Weather at any hour and whether at any hour. Whether at any hour. Whether at any hour?, well I'd lost my job the week before didn't have much to do and was tired of watching this huge HUGE spider, what you really should do is make sure you floss because if you don't you will end up in the dentist's chair, when a walrus lisps whispers through tough rough wet whiskers your poor daddy's ear will get blispers and bliskers, when bringing home bags of groceries it's required that you spill at least one bagful on the kitchen floor, when we can no longer ramble in the fields of Nature we ramble in the fields of literature, Where else can you go to pick up a canteloupe some rollerblades and a rifle all in the same store?, Why can't he see that he has it all? Does he really need me to tell him to look at himself deeper?, working at home at the kitchen table on a portable computer with a portable printer, you can't go out in public since your twin brother/sister was seen on "American Gladiators", you go to a fancy restaurant and then have a separate table just for your spanking silverware, You're fantastic. When I heard about you eating that shit on stage I thought "Wow! That guy is way out there!";