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A couple of days later while still enjoying our treats we thought we noticed the living room getting smaller, a movement keeps on getting bigger and bigger until it starts swallowing up other little subcultures, Adolf Hitler wasn't evil. His father never really loved him and that caused him to feel inferior, and because you know how much I love and admire the rigor of these works I don't need to get into it here, and I being extremely pee shy since the 8th grade would wind up as the pee-ee and David as the pee-er, and pull out a big piece of meat from inside the blob of potatoes where I've hidden it. Good magic trick huh?, but I have realized that here people put you on a pedestal only because they can pull you down later, but there is no toilet paper should I just sit here and linger before I decided to use my finger, Cold War: political and military affairs. Post-Cold War: information and entertainment software, den de boyz slam der geetars into "Euthanasia" another instant classic of Melvin-o-phonia, Do you think people don't take you serious enough though 'cause you joke around so much? I don't know. I don't care, each seemed at the time irreplaceable yet each was somehow equaled or even surpassed by his successor, Ever wonder who sniffs the armpit of a test subject to make sure your deodorant has staying power?, Ginsberg on the harmonium reminds me simultaneously of Bly and his idiot dulcimer, he had a mind to grind and grind then giving a sigh she sucked him dry with the ease of a vacuum cleaner, he has absolutely brilliant perceptions about everyone except himself and this is his deepest flaw, he said you're lucky to be going out with someone who is both an opera queen and a rock 'n roller, he's even more over than the Mayor Ed Koch washing windows on the Bowery at a quarter to four, I am invited to parties and readings -- to be honest it seems dead -- this was canned in 1984!!!, I don't know who's spreading all these rumors about me. Obviously it's someone who wants my work to suffer, I eat antipasto twice just because she is so nice Angelina the waitress at the pizzeria, I hope that the middle of this book is so bleak and frustrating that the readers throw their hands up in the air, I quickly got a taste of the inner corporate world with its egos back-stabbing and hidden agendas, I realize that I'm generalizing here but as is often the case when I generalize I don't care, I really hate people who bitch when I fart in public whether it be in my room or at an opera, I would recommend an ethical code as opposed to a moral one whatever the definitions are, if I look baby-faced and like a chocolate hero now I'll certainly look more mature in the future, if you drink from a bottle marked "poison" it is almost certain to disagree with you sooner or later, if you want to buy bottled water be my guest but I'll stick to drinking good ol' New York City tap water, in the real world stupidity is rewarded by traffic tickets black eyes cut-off penises and world wars, in this piece all aspects of my life converge conversations letters thoughts and random passages are fodder, It's living. The way in which you live your life. I'm on fire for mine and what I do and it all melts together, just because you've reached middle age that doesn't mean you shouldn't take on new challenges and seek new adventures, Light dawns on his face and he says "Did you say nipple-fat?" (Excuse my paraphrasing!) "That's the one I write for!", linguine is to fettucine as kundalini is to Peptol Bismol (this is a silly answer), maybe this is the era of small mammals scurrying about the feet of communications dinosaurs, meanwhile at the other end of my body I have found my mouth glued to the saddest most baggy derrières, National Geographic magazine no longer publishes pictures of topless women from Africa, 9/25/94 -- Last P.O.W. Is Declared Dead By U.S.: Vietnam Era Over, Now you have a k-r4d sk1nn3d c4t d00d. D0n'T g3t c4ugHt. Sc4n th3 p1ctureZ 4nd s3nd th3m t0 4mer1c4 0nl1n3 4, out went those who like the Nazi mayor of Leipzig were insufficiently appreciative of Wagner, picture a series of happy-faces saying "Vive la Difference" and you get the general idea, publishing classic books seems like a pretty noble gig considering the world which seems to be nothing more, sequoia is still my favorite word though because it contains all five vowels in only seven letters, smiley-wielding heathens spewing vomitous sugar-coated cuddles and huggles at innocent bystanders, So how does a dirty Jew like yourself get access to the pure digital pathways of white Amerika?, Some fat assed pol with lard in his veins is choking on my sweat that fat fuck. My wife enjoys fucking me over, something bugs you about the air and you figure it's the acid rain or the pollution or your hay fever, stern monotheism moreover resulted in a shifting of responsibility to God's shoulders, taking so much from Usenet -- I often have to go back into the texts I've stolen and correct the grammar, the CellularOne customer you have dialed is not available or is out of the service area, the prototype "13er" exists solely in the minds of the media and the rest is done with mirrors, the tendency away from the idea that language has a single underlying logical structure, their skirts are short bare blue legs in gray November wind by choice the smell of wet leathermudsweatbloodpopcornbeer, this album was recorded in mono and can be played on any mono or stereo record player, tonight he said to me that he admired my ability to have faith in the future -- a faith without fear, using the wrong fork for your salad in some cities is a felony punishable by up to 2 years, vulgar slang for a female who misleads a man into thinking that she is a willing sexual partner, well i feel theat o i am learning a lit from it but o it ie is very subtlre and pla pleasiure, what you learn in class is gone in a matter of minutes while pot can stay in your system for up to a year, When hundreds of skeletons suddenly washed up they unearthed long-repressed memories of Stalinist terror, When people ask me what I've been doing since my show I tell them that I have been trying to be a writer, when the length of the day and night is exactly equal or almost exactly equal it is all over, "Why does everybody always talk about nothing but high school?" she complained. "It's as if their lives had stopped there", Why was my self-image suddenly devastated just because I didn't own a black Aprica stroller?, women still comprise anywhere from 70 to 90 percent of all plastic surgery consumers, you can learn a lot about a culture by observing how it uses its upper and lower case letters, you should be with me you should drop that bum cause I got more flavor than fruit striped gum with that big round butt of yours;