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A structure based on the unique needs of the individual rather than the monolithic version of power, according to legend no matter how frantic with thirst it may become the chatak bird will only drink rainwater, after 11 pm India the noisiest country on the planet falls into a dead silent slumber, After his reading I told him that I was perplexed by his narrative. Was it his voice or the voice of another?, and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower, Anyways sorry for the horrible lack of attention I have been seeming to give this thing. I really do care, Aren't you annoyed by people who use the same idiomatic (or idiotic) phrases over and over?, at the Metropolitan Opera your $85 seat doesn't even pay for the elephant's dinner, Bob Grant was born Bob Gigante ... Barry Gray grew up as Bernard Yaroslav ... Larry King used to be Larry Zeiger, Can she be serious? Can she really expect me to write in a style identical to those 40 years older?, Can you ever do anything to influence someone's level of empathy and compassion? I'm not really sure, clothes make you look as fat as you feel ... Alka Seltzer makes your tummy feel better but you retain ten pounds of water, Dinner Special: Turkey $2.35. Chicken or Beef $2.25. Children $2.00, forsaking my usual ritual of shaving meditation and exercise I jumped on to the computer, fundamentally parallelism was an ancient linguistic mnemonic device used mainly by orators, God gesceop us twa eagan & twa earan twa nospyrlu twegen weleras twegen fet & twa handa, Harrass people who wear fur coats. Remind them that an innocent baby seal was mercilessly clubbed. Or just yell "FUR", (his bony fingers clutch high up on the curtain the other hand also appears slightly widening the aperture), How can I put this down? Johanna has my girlfriend's feet! Kind of hard to understand if you're not from her area, I have not become the King's First Minister in order to preside at the liquidation of the British Empire, I think of the profound influence he has had on my life. I think how closely I had followed him in his last year, I wonder when the hell I'm going to get sick and tired of collecting endless amounts of linguistic crapola, I'm hopeful -- it could happen tomorrow it could happen in 100 days or it could happen in 100 years, I've squeezed pimples by the hundred ruptured pustules by the score. I've milked my face until it bled and still I crave for more, If you have never slept with a person of the same sex is it possible that all you need is a good gay lover?, Imagine going through life trying to empty oneself of all previously acquired ideas -- to become more, in times of crisis revert back to tin cans soft clay tablets magic lanterns and refrigerator magnet letters, it's like that fucked up pair of scissors at the barbers: one half has an edge the other has a comb which thins out your hair, it's worth is zilch however as there is absolutely no interest in collectable rectal thermometers, know that it would be untrue know that I would be a liar. Wow Pretty good Jim Morrison impersonation there, lack of historical reference or intellectual judgments define exportable American culture, Lifesize Pumpkinhead Creature? If live ones exist can they really be more expensive than $2200?, Like you're sitting at your friend's house keg going on and you decide that you're going to get your pathetic life in gear?, Lo-Lee-Ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap at three on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta, mental conjecture and thought about truth are like ants crawling around the rim of a bowl -- they never get anywhere, My ass hurts from wasting so much time on this crummy Web. My wife thinks I'm gay because I don't spend any time with her, my social life is rich. All of my personalities are talking to each other -- it's a goddamn party up here!, my initial resistance to ambient techno music has turned into an obsession -- now all I want is more, ne eek the names that the trees highte as ook firre birch aspe alder holm popler wylugh elm plane assh box chastyn lynde laurer, our growing inability to tolerate the intricacies of what we take to be time-consuming matters, read an article in the paper today about two poets -- one who anonymously plagiarized the other, said by the man who had just shot and killed the owner of a cheese shop that sold absolutely no cheese whatsoever, savoir faire is when you find yourself in bed with someone else but you laugh because today is your turn with the hamster, Seems like winter is mostly about cold heavy jackets boots shivering soup and huddling in your bed. Down with winter!, sing with me I'll sing with you and so we will sing together so we will sing together so we will sing together, sure it bothers me that I can't summarize Madame Bovary or find the area under a curve anymore, take my advice at any price a gorilla like your mother verse words you're a headless chicken chasin' a sucker, The favorite color of homosexuals is yellow. But don't panic -- not everyone who wears yellow is queer, the Firm & Trim Body Belt is scientifically designed with 4 heads and 313 microfingers, the first to arouse my prepubescent sexual interest was Asian (Bruce Lee as Kato the Green Hornet's chauffeur), the initial "b" vibration in the sound "ba" lasts for only 40 milliseconds before switching to the "ah", the same plane that took him from the White House after his resignation will carry Nixon's body to Yorba Linda, there's this cage quote i love about "spreading a message of joy and revolution" in his work but he's no joyce either, they found that the principle of disorder was every bit as much significant as the principle of order, thicker they say than water but bourgeois blood runs faster can't regard this blood a clotter -- a scrape -- they scream disaster, to avoid a 1.5% late payment charge your payment must be received by August 10 1994, To this day I do not know the place to which lost data goes. I bet it goes to heaven where the angels have it stored, we're to restore the "communitarian" ethos of the '50s -- you know when everybody trusted their neighbors, What? Life has a MEANING? I don't think so. All things being as they are I think there is no point to life whatsoever, What makes you the most happy about being a girl? Let's face it: Girls Kick Ass! And we are happy to be what we are, when I die I'd like to go peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather not screaming like the passengers in his car, when the rope transfers your strumming to the outhouse it usually falls apart with a most reviling nature, where they slag Mary Hart for "getting too rich by destroying your culture". Mary would eviscerate John and Leeza, while I celebrate the revolutionary ideals of the sixties we have got to realize that we went too far, you both have that insular mentality that says the world began and will end with your arrival & departure, You know how when you complain to people about what you want and then they say something like Be Careful What You Wish For?, you know over-analyze things to the point where we're paralyzed and then things become chaos and you say "whatever", you will get sick and parts of your body will gradually stop working get replaced or taken out altogether;