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A Hitler Youth in a jogging suit smiling face banded 'round his arm says "Line up you've got work to do -- we need dog food for the poor", a quaint anachronism once useful for protection of females but rendered obsolete by contemporary firepower, a teapot is the topological equivalent of a donut with a handle (or two donuts kind of mashed together), after a November speech in which he called the Jews the "bloodsuckers" of the black community called the Pope a "no good cracker", an end which reifies the dominant paradigms involving masculinity and femininity in Western culture, and remember there is no tyranny in the State of Confusion and with those words each looked at the other in absolute awe, and we are always elsewhere. It is un-American to sit still. Sitting still means stagnation -- being left behind while others, art is something we do. It's like we have a purpose in life being artists. That's a position. That's a job. So where's the glamor?, At dinner tonight it crossed my mind that he may feel competition with me. I honestly had never considered it before, at this point in my life. I firmly believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK. Does anyone care?, because I have a world of shadows out here dancing to the tunes I call like a merry pack of rats following the Pied Piper, but she bought a bit of butter better than her bitter butter and she put it in her batter and it made her batter better, but to be honest the "Do You Make Other Indie Kids Jealous?" quiz had me hoping there was an element of irony here, by thinking of it as a reference book it seems to take some of the pressure off it to be a "work of literature", creates short-lived paradigm of revolutionary as fun-loving hipster rather than dour Dostoyevskian bomb-thrower, Did you hear about M&M's getting rid of the light brown one for BLUE? I think blue is a very unappetizing color, Do you want to know how to legally get Illinois Bundleweed roots along with a recipe for homemade ayahuasca?, Don't you realize that there are enough people to hate in the world already without your working so hard to give us another?, finishing off this joyous moment was the camera that was inserted 3 feet up my ass (It was supposed to go further), for the first time perhaps he understood that discerning placement of the comma does not atone for a spiritual coma, He keeps asking me where to get dirty pictures. I do not need the Web to get dirty pictures. Where do you get dirty pictures?, he quoted his old friend Jerry Garcia as saying "There's no such thing as an original lick every lick's been played before, he tells me I am beautiful could he please cut my hair and I say cut off all of my hair. So my tongue cuts off all of my hair, he was eating his scrambled eggs bacon coffee and toast when he suddenly clutched his chest and nose-dived into the bowl of sugar, How can one explain the multi-million dollar Jordan contract to the Asian-rim peasants manufacturing the stamped rubber?, i am sitting here in a room full of strangers. i've known most of them for almost all of my short lifetime but yet they are strangers, I can't say I was overwhelmed either way to turn 18 21 or 30 and 40 doesn't bother me much either, I hate it when little shits like McCauly Caulkin (Is that how you spell the little bastard's name?) make millions of dollars a year, I frequently arrange my possessions into alphabetically arranged rows sometimes from A to Z sometimes the other, If three devotees can mow the lawn in one hour how many stoned devotees would it take to meditate until nobody cared?, in America it's more like a rusty nail and I enjoy causing my victims to suffer from the disease which they ask for, invent a better pacemaker compose industrial music or mix up a smart drink that isn't a Tropicana Twister, mad psycho robot Nuns who can eject rotating knives from their eyesockets at will at speeds of up to 26 miles per hour, marijuana everywhere/and here's a joint to smoke/teenage girls with bosoms bare/have another toke/marijuana everywhere, modern myrrh and mischief ... flat-tummied twin-turreted gamins ... moist pouted underlips ... amoral pixies and confused carnivores, most times finding the introduction the biographical information publication data and the publisher's list more, my ex-girlfriend works with me. I can't get a date with anyone at work because she keeps telling everyone we're still together, notice that the pencil has a dark area. The pencil blocked the path of the dark being sucked to the core of the dark sucker, now I don't begrudge him for working and being involved in work but it's his unhealthy attachment to his work that I deplore, or when you are thirsty try 7-Up the refreshing drink in the green bottle with the big 7 on it and U-p after, people tainted with exclusively original thought not subject to past religious manipulation are not welcome here, Quid custodiet ipsos custodiens? Or how come there are so many white men who call themselves Asian female "connoisseurs?", "Really it is not I who am writing this crazy book" said Joyce of Finnegans Wake. "It is you and you and that man over there", since I can find nothing better to play with I shall see what happens when I sharpen my claws on this handy piece of furniture, since it heightened your masculinity you diversified your Audubon sanctuary to make the hen incongruous ha, so I turn over and there's nothing there but the breath on my shoulder is stronger so I lie there and feel the breath on my shoulder, so when we are faced that morning with what we have to give up we are faced with only the potential for the shifting of matter, Tampax papers work better than Job's!!! Available in almost any bathroom around the country not to mention your mother's, the ad exec when asked why use billboards said that people are busier and busier and there is no time to read anymore, the best way to get those spikes to stand up vertically is by hanging upside down until the epoxy dries: about 12 hours, the "caterpillar effect" at traffic lights: when a light turns green the first person moves then the second then the third et cetera, the following preview has been approved for all audiences by the Motion Picture Association of America, the moth from a flame that took our collection from our senses and flashed a banner over a dish of a dominant hemisphere, the pseudonym of Rodolpho Raffaele Pierre Filibert Guglielmi di Valinetina d'Antonguolla, the purpose of thoughts is not preservation and hypostatization as ideas -- they arise in order to disappear, the word "US-amerikanisch" should replace "amerikanisch" (and likewise "US-B|rger" should replace "Amerikaner"), then again I wouldn't bat an eye if I saw it in the Weekly World News (it doesn't come as a surprise on the net either), there seems no longer to be an authentic counterculture -- there's just one big Time-Warner selling what seems to be counterculture, think of it as being a product of a lot of people having a rather complicated relationship with each other, through an extensive randomizing process we found Noah de La Torre of Montebello to be the undisputed winner, to the dumb ass chick who called whining about gray mashed potatoes it sounds like you had a bad hit to me! Go home to your mother!, Tough going this morning at the computer. Around two o'clock I thought a bowl of homemade chicken soup would make me feel better, we all found out after the first 2 or 3 episodes that you can't put 7 strangers together to live with one another, You do? Instant Karma? Or do you believe like the next three lives down the road? Not instant. Somewhere along. I don't think it matters, You say: "I think some asshole wants to talk to you." You say: "I don't remember eating that." You say: "Does anyone have a lighter?";