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Actually I heard 666 represented an allusion to the imminent return of Nero sometime in the future, after a few days ant society will collapse in a sea of internecine warfare ant neuroses and mass hysteria, and a cup scrapes the bottom of the toilet reservoir then I could tell how I could feel them sit in their living rooms and carve the air, Annie is it true that you can pop a kernel of popcorn just by holding it between your thighs and thinking about soccer players?, Bring a bucket along. Explain that you frequently get ill. Oh yeah as your food arrives mention how long it's been since you last ate raw, contained herein are myriad suggestions of how to spend a few early-morning hours enjoying yourself and annoying others, Dear Consumer: Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding our products. We always enjoy hearing from our consumers, do not feel guilty if showers turn you on. There is nothing wrong with masturbating in the shower. I masturbate in the shower, Do you really think it takes $14 dollars to make a CD? I've heard that the cost of printing a CD is under $3, 11. Wavy Gravy clown Woodstock I organizer 12. George Bush Jr. Republican candidate for Texas Governor, famous news photo of a military execution from the Vietnam era raises as many questions as it answers, George Burns. At press time the old codger is still kicking. They say he's got his 100th birthday booked. That's 3 long tired medicated years, he said "Perhaps we've suppressed it or didn't acknowledge it or afraid that we're crazy or afraid of the opinions of others", here even the alphabet implodes under the twin pressures of the ecstasy of catastrophe and the anxiety of fear, I began to be dissatisfied with what meager opportunities I perceived were being offered -- I thought I deserved better, I hate it when you wake up early try to pee and your thumb slips and you slap your nads with the elastic waistband of your underwear, I hate when people honk their horns as they leave a residence to say "ta-ta" as part of a noise pollution attack on neighbors, I have lived some thirty years on this planet and I have yet to hear the first syllable of valuable advice from my seniors, If there are two magnets at an equal distance from a piece of iron which will draw it with a stronger force? Certainly the larger, in view of the sensitiveness that among other things is linked to the fixation of the average length of the private member, it's interesting to note that a group of girls can get together and do the same things that guys have been doing and do it better, it's sad -- some of these people seem to have nothing but a public life -- it's as if they spend all their time online glued to their computers, needs to change when the pain of one's life becomes too much to bear. He likens it to the feeling of having one's fingers caught in a door, now Mary found the price of meat too high which really didn't please her. Tonight she's having the leg of lamb the rest is in the freezer, once again I thank you I thank you and I thank you for all you below who agreed to participate in this little endeavor, or the use of ethnic terms such as American Indian/Black etc. which have been expired for more than 24 hours, questions are posed so that answers of flattery are given. Insecurity and egotism on parade. A vanity fair, read in the paper today about a famous bandleader who at age 44 gave it all up to become an obscure writer, sitting on a screened-in porch during a violent summer thunderstorm we were treated to a most spectacular show by nature, snorts about 3 kilos of crank and grabs you by your face and shoots off little bits of your flesh with their stentorian shotgun-blaster, swore off poetry readings tossed aside my notebooks and abandoned the tedious job of keeping up with the output of my peers, the bottom line is that simple pleasures are what really makes you happy. But you don't make any money off of the simple pleasures, the kids. The parents. The dogs and cats. The cars. The fucking MTV PSA's to save the Earth by separating your newspapers, the letters A B S&M produce the most favorable feelings in people while Q X Z F and U evoke sheer terror, the sages. The soothsayers. The Jetsons. All of them were right. You can finally work anytime you want. If you know how to get there, 3:28 am quiet Friday night the first snowstorm of the winter cozying up to the Internet with my computer, Tiger Balm Spleen Labs report. Applied to forehead: there's a moment when it feels like your head is going to meld with a supernova, Ullhodturdenweirmudgaardgringnirurdrmolnirfenrirlukkilokkibaugimandodrrerinsurtkrinmgernrackinarockar!, upon reading the self-assured art critic's lousy poetry we were able to rip off his lid for full laughable exposure, we knew that the restaurant was under new management because the busboys bent over backwards to keep our glasses filled with water, (What do you say after giving 500 blow jobs?) even smiling makes my face ache ... ("then bite your knuckle and talk to a big red door"), What does a corporate giant have to do anymore except fire people and ship jobs to third-world lands where he can get cheap labor?, when he heard of my decision all he could say at this later stage of the game was "I'm proud of you" a statement which brought me to tears, who brewed decaffeinated coffee doing their yoga in alligator shirts and listening to the latest Windham Hill Sampler, yes we all understand by now that all men are inherently evil. But try as you might you cannot grow up to be your mother;