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A life lived without egotism is apt to appear relatively effortless and therefore somewhat uninteresting to others, and hippies in the trees are chasing after me and they're trying to feed my venus fly trap vegetables and they say "meat is murder", and I believe also that the difference between mainstream poetry and avant-oppositional-experimental-whatever, as a small light-bulb would be shattered by excessive electrical voltage so your nerves are unready for the cosmic current power, bitchin' Camaro bitchin' Camaro I ran over my neighbor bitchin' Camaro bitchin' Camaro now it's in all the papers, but despite the efforts of Protestants to promote the idea of sex for pleasure children continued to multiply everywhere, cat fur mayo corn chips and sugar peanut butter and banana macaroni and cheese mustard kitty litter marmoset bladders, confident enough in her own budding sexuality that such obvious Freudian imagery did not intimidate her, Do you constantly lose at Lotto? Throw craps every time? Always choose the slowest checkout line? Then YOU are PERFECT for this SPECIAL OFFER!, doomed to live out its shelf-life as a permanent fixture on the high-tech multi-screened video monitors in all the hip clothing stores, endemic career paranoia -- as if everyone is trained to think in the exact same way and worry in the exact same manner, everyone who's been watching T.V. for 5 hours straight and will continue until 5 a.m. at one point has called an 800 number, finger-snaps and vocal tricks vooms fooms and chu-chus shoops wyongwyongs yeahyeahyeahs and a sharp sudden cartoon laugh like Woody Woodpecker's, he called her sexy. "What's hot is that there is something wrong with her. It's like fetal alcohol syndrome. It makes her eyes too close together", i brush these words on paper in acid eat my story hold it under your tongue wait for it to hit everything will become very clear, I can't help but think of Swami when I see homeless guys asking for change. "Do not scorn these men. Remember in God's eyes we are all beggars", I'll make a hole in the door and then I'll make a hole in the front door I'll make a hole in the door and then I'll make a hole in the front door, in order to get it truly right I will have to rewrite this for the rest of my life day after day month after month year after year, just as I chose to avoid power and money due to my childhood experiences with them so I did the same in the past few years, let's hear it for the non-producer: beggar junky homeless juicer loafing sidewalk commentator penitentiary gladiator, more and more I'm beginning to think of No. 111 as an art work and less as specifically a work of literature, my mind can almost visualize a young person somewhere sitting stoned with his friends and proudly pointing to his symbolic souvenir, my personal gripe is people who don't understand what coffee can mean to a person in the morning. Hell anytime for that matter, O perpetual discoverer of the antipodes great taper of the world eye of the heavens sweet shaker of the water-cooler, other wars had media coverage to be sure: that is after all how the West learned of Homer and his accounts of the Trojan Wars, Ross Perot. Little fascist bastard. If he'd been running the Post Office he'd've long ago been the target of a disgruntled worker, she said "It's like that old one about the tourist who when asked how his trip was replied 'I don't know yet. I haven't gotten back the pictures.'", shorties forties x-large stereo league think race slap fun real vans consolidated oficinato*d black label thrasher venture, some starched pressed shaven handsome jock recruiter tries to scrub your brain free of any individuality stick up your middle finger, sort of an open confession to the world about how I am evolving from a visual artist into a committed writer, stickiness I finally blurted unable to hold back any longer of course typifies the new kind of connective metaphor, such passages almost seem printed in Chinese or Arabic whose beauty of design I can enjoy without having to decipher, take your finger put it in your ear and rub it around then take your finger out of your ear. So which feels better the ear or the finger?, the approximate ("the closer the better") we attempt in our thinking speech and behavior to approximate ("the closer the better"), the metaphor of rules comes up a lot here but eventually we find ourselves at decision-points and fervently hope our data, there seems to be an obvious difference between the emerging generation of alternative writers and their predecessors, today's children who have grown up in the information age appear to process information much more quickly than their predecessors, wanting to see cool times on your clock like 1:23 6:66 4:56 00:69 6:30 etc., when asked to comment on the course of his life in later years Dubuffet responded "I feel like I've been on vacation for forty years", when I was seven or eight I mistook a tube of store-brand hemorrhoid medication for toothpaste. I remember vomiting for hours, with each bite she looks more content and by the time she has finished wiping up every bit of sauce with her bread you can almost hear her purr;