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And life the same: always different sometimes exciting sometimes boring sometimes gently pleasing and so on and what other questions are there?, after poohpoohing the righteous rantings of the waterlogged Christ figure the Cat begins to juggle several icons of Western culture, and each player is given a lawn mower and is placed inside a gymnasium with a squirrel. The first to ... well you get the idea, and I know what people are probably saying about the both of us. What a shame or what a pity to be compared to the two sisters, Ann is angry. Bob is bad. Helen is hateful. Sam is sad. I'm in love and love is bliss. How many times do I get a kiss? 1-2-3-4, Do you think in a rigid conventional fashion having difficulty breaking away from mental sets that you have established for years?, explodes like a phosphorus shell into 50 zillion different varied rhythmic fragments and you feel the soundwaves hit you before you hear, going too far: the rise and demise of sick gross black sophomoric weirdo pinko anarchist underground anti-establishment humor, half assed for most of his life. Piss poor little ham. Narc-boy a fake fuck limp dick sucking up to the man. And the world. We need a fucking cold war, having worked in the woods for a while heard the Minutemen's "This Ain't No Picnic" and hungered to get back into the city and start all over, he lowers his voice to make a point. "Between you and me right everyone has different opinions I'd like it to be a bit heavier", Here eat it! Insert sound of piggy little bitch getting a Ding-Dong crammed down her throat by yours truly taste it bitch! Do you like it? Huh?! Do ya?!, I am sick unto death of obscure English towns that exist seemingly for the sole accommodation of these so-called limerick writers, I have herpes. I need to lose some weight. I have an overbite. I'm 30 today. I have a lousy voice and I want to be a singer, I have this urge to see if I could make the blood cells in my mother's womb -- imbue them with personality and make them revolt against her, I read in a homeopathic-healing book that sticking a clove of garlic up one's bung is supposed to effectively heal the fuckers, I screwed as never before all my pent up emotion finding release in this young virgin (& she was) who is by the way a schoolteacher, I used to believe that if you knocked on doors long enough you'd eventually be let in. More often I've found the door is never answered, I used to feel sorry for Judy Garland when she was alive but now that she has been dead for 25 years I feel even sorrier, I used to say to people that I only had two fears -- either I'd grow up to be like my mother or I'd grow up to be like my father, I would see people my age when I was 18 and I'd see old guys like 45-year-old guys with weird haircuts or no hair or whatever, in brief I've got some problems with the hegemony of apocalyptic doom that's been going around for the last oh say 100 years, in fact right now I'd trade 5 IQ points for a new ligament in my knee. And 2 for perfect skin. And maybe 1 for a nice head of hair, it's like those "telephone" stories in grade school that start with a sentence and travel around the room each person adding one thought or another, Men tend to be seduced by technology. They get into the faster-race-car syndrome bragging about the speed of their microprocessors, Move over Cindy! OK everybody! You guys have to admit that Kate Moss is probably the most beautiful Supermodel ever, my biggest fear is that someone will say Kenny there's too many ideas here or else they will say Kenny there's only one idea here, not unless you call urinating on the floor and howling at the moon every time I hear Captain Kangaroo's name obsessive behavior, now you must be a navigator an investigator an appropriator an intuitive promulgator and innovator, once she had learned to understand these words then it was possible for her to react with such questions "with understanding" or "without under, once when I was at the movies in the East Village some shrew on the pay phone said: "I'm comin' home late cuz I'm at the pictchas with Jennifah, one syllable rhymes A to Z then a semi-colon then two syllable rhymes A to Z then a semi-colon then three etc., people still seem to look the same age as college students until around 35 at which point they suddenly look obviously older, perhaps I should admit I'm as full of shit as everybody else and find something besides "the quality of life" to chomp & moo over, second wave poopie: this happens when you're done poopie-ing and you've pulled your pants up to your knees and you realize that you have to poopie some more, she asked about my new work. "It's going very very well" I responded. "What's it look like?" she asked. "Like all my work -- just a stack of paper", she said she has had nothing to do lately so every time she feels lonely she picks up the phone and calls me -- she doesn't even consider, some guy tried to tell me that since Hitler was a vegetarian animal rights activist that all liberals are fascist dictators, the man who lights a fire kills living things while he who puts it out kills the fire. Thus the wise man who understands the law should never light a fire, the odds are you're going to live quite a while into retirement. If you don't plan for it now you just better hope you die before you retire, the process of forming associations from the many to the one is the way by which objects and words identify in each other, welcome to the land of the well-adjusted adults who manage their own responsibilities with an appropriate level of power, What is Michael Jackson trying to persuade us about himself and the world? What does he want from us? What lands does he want us to discover?, When she heard that the dog was about to lose it's leg to cancer her response was "Well I feel bad but at least he won't jump on me anymore", Winifred Wagner in the early '60s: if Hitler came in the door today I would be happy as ever to see him and have him here;