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A preparation made from the dried flower clusters and leaves of the cannabis plant usually smoked or eaten to induce euphoria, any criticism of Jews Israel or Barbra Streisand is immediately interpreted as vile obscene Jew-hating propaganda, Before I found Marc Bolan as a teen-ager I never had an identity outside my parents. When he died I was 18 and I grieved like I had lost a family member, Did the bartender actually clean your seemingly fresh beer mug or just rinse it behind the bar in a tub filled with the backwash of strangers?, Do you tend to be self-blaming and self-depreciating feeling that you give of yourself continually and that others take more and more?, Eddie Van Halen has AIDS. I didn't know it at first but now it totally makes sense. I heard Van Halen was having their last concert ever, How do I take my avant-sensibility and apply it to the pop culture in such a way as to survive in the world as a writer?, I begin to see objects only when I leave off understanding them and afterwards remember that I did not appreciate them before, I don't deny it I never denied it. I never said I wasn't Jewish. But what does being Jewish mean? I didn't go to Bar Mitzvah, I don't want in on the female gender and I don't want in on the male gender. What is all this leading to anyways? I want my own gender, I have always loved cats while he is strictly a dog person. Do you think we can overcome these differences and find happiness together?, I know if I would openly attack Kool-Aid I would get a lot of flack from their auspicious and beloved and influential followers, I'll belt the funk out of you. This one comes out of our mouths every 2 seconds now we've started to mess it up by screwing around with the order, imagine this didacticism translated into humor and drilled into your ear involuntarily for forty-five minutes or more, in the late 1970's students were required to pose nude for photographs supposedly used in a study of meditation posture, it was used to satirize the stories of the incredible exploits of Roland and Oliver famous in the list of Charlemangne's twelve peers, late nights cruising on the Internet. Staying up till well past 3 listening to Seefeel and banging on the computer. Such has been my winter, Oh did I mention that I get a bad rash under my left arm if I come into contact with an ambidextrous Eskimo ice farmer?, operates on the principle of anticipation whereby the reader is "led on" in a relationship from one sentence to another, over lunch I had to blurt out the latest on my book. I felt as though I ruined the flow of conversation -- I felt stupid and insecure, people can be really dumb. It isn't all that uncommon for people to be suckered into paying extra for something they THINK is better, Rita swallowed but I grabbed Malcolm's spurting prick and pulled it out from her lips sending his gusher of jizz flying over Rita's heaving knockers, shown live on television and witnessed by the astronauts' families the tragedy caused a massive shock especially in America, so there we are: the two of us standing in a dry shower he holding the magic golden wand as I wait for the special moment to occur, swallowing any substance or object which is not normally consumed as food or medicine e.g. pebbles paper a coin etc., the anarchically dehierarchized horizontal plane liberated from the always already-made definitions of a high center, the disappearance of external standards of public conduct when the social itself becomes the transparent field of a cynical power, The girl on stage playing lead guitar looked so much like my sister. I remarked so and she agreed with me. "Yeah" I said. "I wish it was my sister", there is great suffering when we do not fully realize the instant arising and passing away of mental and physical phenomena, tra-la-la-de-da-dee-da-dee-da-la-dee-da-dee-da-dee-da-tra-la-la-la-la-la-do-da-dee-da-dee-da-de-doodle-dee-doodle-dee-da, Vermont (The state). Except for the skiing I can't really think of a plus for this place. Endless mountains of bare trees and cloudy overcast weather, what with the headers and legal warnings and indices and subscription information and disclaimer after disclaimer after disclaimer, while mohawked clerks at Tower Records with little crucifixes in their ears play "Pillow Talk" and everything you want they only have in Beta, "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it's called the present." (Avis Rent-A-Car shuttle driver), your relationship enters rocky waters when your newfound partner unexpectedly awakens from his persistent vegetative coma;