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A man a plan a canoe pasta heros rajahs a coloratura a rut a Rolo cash a jar sore hats a peon a canal Panama!, And I thought to myself how many times will he tell me this same old story as if he is discovering it again and again over and over?, Anne came rushing up to me. "I have something very important to tell you" she said with grave seriousness. "Jackson really thinks that you should cut your hair", Before you enter the restaurant cut some of your hair or hair off of a pet. When at your table place the hair all over the inside of the burger, BTW what ever happened to that guy you were so hot on? You know -- the huge one with the little dinkie!!!!!! I remember how disappointed you were!, but other sounds such as "ma" do not depend on a fast transition as the "m" typically lasts a hundred or more milliseconds before the "ah", even the modes of existence and non-existence are mutually dependent so that one is possible only in relation to the other, he advised me to keep a journal but not to report on trivial matters such as "the meat was over or undercooked" or changes in the weather, I eat lye soap seat lye soap and stew and I eat stew roses are red and violets are blue I eat soap and I eat stew I hate my life and I hate yours, I feel if I knew how to use "sliding signifiers" in a sentence I feel that then I would be able to crack the high-money art super-structure, I found myself touched by the devotion and unbeknownst to me I became intensely interested in things that I hadn't thought about for twelve years, I have to feel needed or like I'm depriving somebody of something before we kiss. My tongue hugs me and ruffles my hair and offers to cut my hair, I really liked her when I first met her -- she seemed really cool. But now however she strikes me as self-centered and I really can't stand being around her, if I see one more couple walk past me holding hands I will feel no remorse when I stab them to death with the knitting needles I used to wear in my hair, If you are tired a lot lately try working two jobs! "No that sounds awful" you say? All right it was just a suggestion. Maybe flirt more. Buy a Wonderbra, if you find yourself in the heart of the financial district around lunch time you can fire some off and let the Yuppies think they're caught in a drive-by. Gyeah, if yours is different from mine which is different from his and different again from the other's over there, instead of getting the kind of underwear that rides up your butt in the stocking from Mommy I'd give anything for one pair of Calvin Klein underwear, it could be unveiled tomorrow that America and Europe did in fact create the AIDS virus and their plan was to wipe out Asia and Africa, it is not uncommon for someone to hit such a two chambered bong and say "I don't think I got a hit" only to fall over giggling seconds later, many museums fear their customers will become mouse potatoes: they will learn about art on their home computers and never go to museums anymore, Mrs. Bertha Briggs of Poughkeepsie NY recently wrote to Harry and then won the lottery the very next day -- AND her dog was cured of cancer!, My butt does not sound like a harp and I am not understanding the reference. Its acoustic vibrations are much more like a tuba in D-minor, no more cheese fat teenagers prying neighbors shopping malls and hick taverns run by degenerate alcoholic geriatric barmaids with facial hair, Oprah Winfrey arguably has more influence in the culture than any university president politician or religious leader, or perhaps that because you write from the point of view of people whose language is debased then your language is debased and therefore you're a debased writer, other than he there is no seer other than he there is no hearer other than he there is no thinker other than he there is no understander, participating in un-Islamic activities such as watching television and playing games such as chess draughts monopoly etc., perhaps inspired by mass burnings of army draft cards during the Vietnam War female supporters of feminism were exhorted to burn their bras, right up until the end the stumps and intestinal muscles of the disemboweled creatures continued to move in a now steady and rhythmic manner, she asked me if I was interested in doing a project for the New York Times. I thanked her kindly and told her that I don't use that drug any more, strangest thing is they tend to be very tight at the opening but a little roomier further either tight as vise grips & dry as the Sahara, there are a thousand products out on the market that suppress your running nose and sneezing. But when you take these things they tend to make you sicker for longer, they kind of reminded me of my grandmother's mastectomy and also when I was a kid Edward Kennedy Jr.'s loss of a leg to cancer, things aren't what they thought they were regarding: race: the struggle: her charismatic! My white ass leave the image at the door let Jesse Jackson take the floor, we've been feeling a separation between ourselves and the world that we've been taught to believe in -- suddenly so many questions coming from everywhere, What? Did you them it on here? I'm going to wait until you answer. Hey how do I get out of here? GET ME OUT OF HERE! Fine I'll wait until you answer!, work has become taking notes wherever I am and whatever activity I'm doing -- as such I am able work time or anywhere, yes it may be a cry for help from the depths of a lonely soul and it never fails to wake the nurturing I-have-enough-love-for-both-of-us nature, you can take your Socialist world view and shove it straight up your ass along with all of the useless newsprint you waste printing copies of Socialist Worker, you know I actually don't believe in Karma. It's kind of a drag. I wish I did. Almost like believing in God. I don't believe in God either;