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A gardener named Kenneth McDear likes plants more than women we fear. "He's hardly perennial" say folks who know Kenny well "he only comes up once a year", And what do you mean by "your part"? Part of what? Part of the country? Part of the argument? Part of his body? Or maybe the manner in which he parts his hair?, But I don't reckon being an ikon would be really any good for what I am doing. It would be a serious distraction to have press at the door, Every female that I have become seriously involved with has caused some degree of emotional damage due to their treatment of me. And vice versa, hanging upside down from a chinning bar with a rag stuffed in my mouth Ramada Inn guest towels hanging from my nipple rings and my penis in a blender, Herman has taken to writing poetry. You need not tell anyone for you know how such things get around. -- Mrs. Melville in a letter to her mother, I had extra girl shirts and they pulled over in the woods and as a bear would do I did it in the woods wiped my ass with the shirt and I stayed psyched forever, I have to keep calming my troubled mind. I keep telling myself "I may be many things to many people but I will never be a good aikidoka", I look to theory only when I realize that somebody has dedicated their entire life to a question that I have only fleetingly considered, I recommend this book to all people and guarantee that reading it will result in the most profound experience of your life no matter who you are, I'm saying it's important to interrogate the discourse (some of it at least) as much as the participants seem to want to interrogate each other, in my father's never-ending quest for spirituality he phoned one day and invited me to join him that weekend for a fire-walking seminar, love you lots unless you happen to be American in which case I love you slightly less than I would anyone else for reasons of language and culture, Masturbation. In addition to it nullifying the Saum it is an immoral and sinful act. The perpetrator has been cursed by Rasulullah, my entire life began to be a process of less -- less possessions less living space making less art compulsively living more quietly etc., my fear however was not of whirring drills sharp steel probes nor even that awful bubble gum-flavored fluoride treatment but of Linda's mountainous derrière, on gut instinct alone I'm saying that at least one of them will die in an auto crash in the next 6 years. Oh and did I mention the sooner the better?, So it's little wonder pretty soon I realize it's late January working on February and I hadn't done anything with this since October, over at her house to help her with a chore. While she went to the bathroom looked on her bookshelf and saw all my books in a pile mashed along with thousands of others, the fool on his wedding morning sees his naked bride lift her arms to brush her hair and notices the tufts of hair in her armpits. "Oh boy" he chortles. "Two more!", the message got through a little but looking back I wasn't quite prepared to really give up my belief that if only I pushed harder I would get somewhere, There was a young fellow named Taylor/Who seduced a respectable sailor/When they put him in jail/He worked out the bail/By licking the parts of the jailer, What do you want? I never heard of Language poetry until 2 years ago but I hadn't heard of Cubism before 1979 either, words must be read in context. Read my words in context not as an abstract opposition of poetry and theory but as a contextualized one. Sure, you are a coward a traitor a thief. You do not even believe in God. You have betrayed and deceived everybody. You would even sell your own father;