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And it's true I do have some tricks I'm keeping around for later (but it's also true they might not fit -- they're in the field as I see it now but may be abandoned later), and then they wanna say how many animals they had to kill to put that fur together I want them to know how many animals I had to fuck to get that fur, and they were curiously united in their description of the perfect girl: she's 5 feet 7 inches weighs just over 100 pounds has long legs and flowing hair, any of you who may be wondering who is to blame for my schizoid nature now have your culprit. I hope you are destroyed in a most unsatisfactory manner, Barter Swap Trade -- will trade a new tape (VHS) or a used copy of the faces of death part 2 for your washing and ironing 15 shirts or 4 home cooked dinners, but because my husband Dennis and 26-year-old son Kevin were on the 5:33 Long Island commuter train December 7 changed our lives forever, feeling a bit like a bum lately. Haven't worked for the past year and a half. Days spent watching the dogs in the backyard writing on the computer and cruising on vapors, he seems so advanced like some kind of fucking guru. On the phone today he said that if one keeps aware all opportunities will present themselves in their own manner, I congratulated the artist on his collaboration with the pop musicians. He thanked me and said "But now I'm going back to being a frumpy old sculptor", I hate women who bitch and moan about their breast size and who wear those overly padded Wonderbras to make up for what they don't have. Just get a boob job and get over, I stumbled choking spitting cursing and crying out into the night tripping over an opossum who had fallen asleep in the carbon monoxide warmth by the door, Lynard Skynard. From Leonard Skinner name of unpopular gym teacher in the Florida school that most of the group attended. Renowned for punishing boys with long hair, my lover has always been something of a joker and he took delight in demonstrating how one of his testicles floated higher in the water than the other, Nutrasweet as we laughingly refer to it Nutra! Right!) is a by-product of some exotic fruit that must be harvested at the peak of its freshness and flavor, oh wow man I'd trade you a joint if I had it -- I'd trade you a whole fuckin' lid for a beer if I had it man that's how thirsty I am -- but I ain't got no dope either, "self expression" or the linguistic and material realization of subjectivity does not oppose vertical constructions enforced by the power centers, Sitting outside at the cafe he read us one of his poems. Later I asked him what he thought. "He seems to have an interesting mind but I don't see any bright future there", Teach yourself how to use a catheter without damaging your genitals during the process! Comes complete with practice tubing and enough cleaner for ten urethras!, The Biennial opening was nicer than expected. It was a small opening and everyone who was there had good reason to be there. Nobody was bitter, the poet's ear for rhythm as reference combines in his feeling for youth's low and literature's high brows to yield a hiphop syntax of cultural signifiers;