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And so he went on stringing together absurdities all of a kind that his books had taught him imitating insofar as he was able the language of their authors, American scientists may have discovered the ultimate cosmetic: a chemical that produces a safe suntan without requiring the user to go outdoors, an official speaking on condition of anonymity noted "Other colleges have football and basketball we have poets ... and you know what trouble poets are", Eeeaaarrrghh! I pictured smashing his face in ... kicking his scrotum back up into his torso ... digging the fucker's eyes out ... going for a field goal with his head over and over..., even if it is not good for us we become addicted. And we become enslaved. And when we become enslaved we are constantly thinking of that thing wherever we are, from the mountains to the prairies ... FUCK MISS AMERIKA ... to the oceans ... HO HO HO CHI MINH ... white with foam ... 1 2 3 4 WE DON'T WANT YOUR FUCKING WAR ... God Bless Amerika, grab me Chewie. I'm slipping -- hold on. Grab it almost ... you almost got it. Gently now all right easy easy hold me Chewie. Chewie! With a little higher just a little higher, he found himself (as any writer can confirm) having to produce by the end of the day a series of words arranged in a way that has never been imagined before, history that ends up on a page no longer exists in the past -- it has only a present and a future. It is in effect a score to be realized by the reader, I read in an article that he was going to be a straight novelist until he happened upon a book by Gertrude Stein. After that he knew that it was all over, I wonder what this world will be like when we are forty or fifty years old. I often wonder if the human race will last that long without all of us killing each other, is your boyfriend turning out to be a drag or are you just PMS-ing? Gawd ... do something about it quick but do it with all the style and cunning you can possibly muster, it all started like a Mickey Rooney-Judy Garland movie -- well not exactly. Instead of saying "Hey let's put on a musical!" someone said "Hey let's start a future!", it is written in New York where everything is right up to your nose and we get our information in the subway from reading a newspaper over somebody's shoulder, it states that I should gratify the wishes of my animal soul and treat people like people instead of the way I have been treated by too many for my fucking years, non narrative and non linear texts can be absorbed at random and quickly with as much or as little involvement asthe viewer needs or wants at that particular, online and inline: new linear cultural ideas. Our culture increasingly moves on a line. Progression is logical business-like rational and linear, should they gain control of the TV remote they will waste entire afternoons idly lounging on your furniture flicking between game shows and forgetting to close the fridge door, Sister Soffey at school told me how awful it was what a sin it'd be if I touched myself there even to pee. I should think of something else than what's between my fingers, the language is both opaque and transparent -- transparent enough to roll a semi-narrative and opaque enough for me to stumble upon glorious formal structures, we imagined utopian America as a horizontal structure one able to acknowledge the validity of each of the numerous unfixed centers, what you see and hear comprises only a small part of reality. If you take it to be the whole of reality you will end up having a distorted picture, Why do people call pants a "pair" of pants? There is only one and don't tell me it's because there are 2 legs in them because there are 2 sleeves in a shirt and it's not called a pair, WHY do so many people hate Los Angeles? How can you hate the future center of the biblical apocalypse? No one complains about other religious centers, with this he became more tranquil and continued on his way letting his horse take whatever path it chose. For he believed that therein lay the very essence of adventures, y'know after a long afternoon of eating squirrels and biting non-whites in the crotch there's nothing I like better than pinching off a nice healthy log. Just kinda hunker, you might go to the park to feed breadcrumbs to the pigeons but then when you run out of breadcrumbs the pigeons might start a riot pecking out the eyes of innocent park-goers;