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A new spray to cure nicotine addiction was recently withdrawn from the market the reason being that the spray itself was found to be equally addictive to the smokers, and I feel great to be immersed in a project with all my heart and soul. I was up on the net last nite picking up content until 4am. At noon today I was back out there, as for instance the man who has got a carbuncle on his back talks with his friends and others and even carries out undertakings but his mind is all the while on the pain he bears, Bruce Andrews was at the Ear Inn on the day that Richard Nixon died. Jeff Hull asked him what he thought. "Who fucking cares?" Bruce replied. "He was one of this century's greatest mass murderers", Does the text at the end get too long and narrative? Or is it refreshing to read stories and full narratives after pages of chance and mathematically arranged gestures?, fiddling with obscure the situation-specific fear and pain and anxiety expressed here so often are merely reports of individual battles in a larger war, he starts off by saying that death is the only certainty and looks around the room. "One of us" he says "will be first and then someone will be the second and then the third will occur", I think we'll engage the consumer in the digital domain in a way that forces new forms of publishing and moviemaking and music-making and shopping and whatever, imagine the glorious day when the blueberry army finally takes over the world crushing the apples and cinnamon lemon cherry coconut meringue and banana, in this world there are two kinds of people -- those who Get It and those who Don't. If the meaning of this is not immediately obvious to you count yourself as one of the latter, in the Buddha's teachings the source of absolute liberation is internal -- a state of mind that is not dependent on external circumstances -- not on race class or gender, it is a brilliant compendium of German melancholy and romanticism of German pride and German humor which as they say smiles with one eye and cries with the other, Jackson was at my opening and said "That's interesting! Weren't they both deconstructionists?" "Who?" we replied. He pointed at my piece and said "Jeffrey Dahmer and Jacques Derrida", my fast beating heart but slowly she spread her legs apart and when i did it i felt no shame all at once the white stuff came at last it's finished it's all over now my first time ever, relax think happy thoughts happy happy happy happy shut up happy happy happy happy shut up shut dup shutshutshutlalalalalalalalalalalalalala, Standing on the subway platform he asked me how my book was coming. "Fine" I told him. "When will it be finished?" he asked and then added "Oh -- that's something you're not supposed to ask authors", The doctor told me that my eye condition generally occurred in young males with a lot of stress in their lives. "Really?" I said "I hadn't realized that I was under such pressure", the main problem I have with Socialists is the way they smell of foreign cigarettes and unwashed clothing. I also hate the way they always try to thrust their beliefs on others, we must always remember that if there were not one thing that was not on top of another thing our group would be nothing more than a meaningless body of men gathered together, you can't have a revolutionary poetry that says I am revolutionary and therefore I am going to write about coal miners in the language of coal miners;