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And then I read one writer who said "Happiness stops at Vienna." I thought that was a wonderful line everything east of Vienna is just a continental tragedy for a thousand years, Cheryl referred to the installation as a re-creation of an Iron John sweathut and I had to agree. During the opening the back room was packed with grunge rockers jamming on guitars, even dogs trained to sit without moving for thirty five minutes have a Buddha-nature that includes fleas and unchecked flatulence both of which are taken into consideration in the dogma, He drew me a map of the United States and Canada with all the poets names on it arranged according to where they live. He denoted the really good ones (in his opinion) with a star, Hint: There are more than a few folks out here who know me in "real life" and if you're a clever fattie you may be able to find out who they are. Until then shut your whining mouth you little groveler, I mention it as a pointer the meanest suckers you're ever gonna wanna see but you gotta kill 'em the first time otherwise they get this revenge thing in their heads and they come lookin' for ya, in the foreground a large tree/phallic symbol dances wildly in the wind taunting the children and encouraging them to succumb to the sexual yearnings they undoubtedly feel for each other, Karen Carpenter knew what she was doing! Get all those nasty emulsifiers out honey and write us a nice ballad when you're done so that we can all go say a prayer to our toilet altars, Kosuth's definition pieces were very important to me in order to open up a vocabulary in the gallery that included linguistic presentation of ideas, St. Francis of Assisi hoeing his garden was asked what he would do if he were suddenly to learn that he was to die at sunset that day. "I would finish hoeing my garden" was his answer, still I think Stockhausen did some singular and remarkable stuff. There was a certain cult status about him in the Sixties which shows at least then there was more adventurousness in pop culture, the Best Joke Ever!!!! Get a paper bag and place a dog turd on it (wet one preferable) place it at the door set fire to the bag and knock on the door ... just wait for them to come and stamp out the fire!;