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And you cannot believe that you actually gave these people power over your life for so long. And you feel sad sad for them sad for yourself sad for all the pain accumulated over those many years, but the remaining stuff stayed pretty thick 'til the last couple months when it started to get this fucked up frizz texture. Upon closer examination the spaces between the roots were gettin' a little bigger, At the museum opening the famous critic was much warmer than I would have expected. We talked for a half an hour and never once mentioned the subject of art. It really must have been a relief for her, carry it around. Share it. Keep it to yourself. Eat half of it in a day. Eat it all in a day. Tuck it in your pocket. Open it. Rip it. Flip it. Pop it. Argue. Argue. Argue. Keep it in the drawer, guide to percentage of water in stars: Janet Jackson -- 45 percent water 55 percent carpet. Joe Walsh -- 19 percent water 81 percent sponge. Tim Robbins -- only 1 percent water, Richard Strauss himself once rhetorically asked whether a "cultivated audience" liked Wagner's operas for the singing or for the orchestra. "I think the latter" was his rhetorical answer, so body piercing and ambient techno music and performance art and couture motorcycle boots and the huggie drug Ecstasy are shipped overnight through the merchandise market that is America, something as simple as meter rhyme and abab patterns pull us in directions which have to do with material structures of the language not just the ego-expressive interests of the writer, words and sentences are selected firstly for how they sound and secondly for what they mean. What comes in between the first letter of the sentence and the sound of the final syllable really doesn't matter;