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A man received a letter from a government agency stating that he would no longer be entitled to food stamps because of his recent death but that if his situation changed he could reapply for more, aren't blue cars daring every four green happy iguanas just killing little mushroom nerd-o people quacking relentlessly stupidly that unbelievably virtually witches xeek yellow zoomongers!, How have the sixties ideals influenced the nineties so far? Their fear of politically-incorrect speech. Their humorlessness. It's a disaster. And my generation is responsible for this disaster, I am very much in love with Michael. I dedicate my life to being his wife. I understand and support him. We both look forward to raising a family and living a happy healthy life together, I can remember quite lucidly when I was a boy lying on a hospital bed in an open-back gown. My parents gazed blankly politely out the window as the doctor probed my rectum with his finger, I have spent the greater part of my life discovering how to be true to my passions while doing no harm to others and I can say with confidence that I have enriched the lives of many boys over the years, I read a lot and take it in but once I come down to putting it into any form or any kind of representation I quit thinking and just feel go with the gut and what comes out is what you really are, I recently read about a couple in England who have drilled holes in their foreheads in an effort to enlighten themselves. I will spare you the details but will mention that they claim to have "never been happier", if it be asked what is the improper expectation which it is dangerous to indulge experience will quickly answer that it is such expectation as is dictated not by reason but by desire, in everyday life we see people all around struggling to find happiness and peace believing it will come when they finally get what they want without seeing that this very moment holds all that one could desire, the dream is over what can I say? The dream is over yesterday I was the dreamweaver but now I'm reborn I was The Walrus but now I'm John and so dear friends you just have to carry on the dream is over, We keep thinking that we will shock those around us with our art. This happened twice recently. Once with Bruce and once with Cheryl. As it turned out the intended victim was not shocked but instead it positively charmed her, when I heard that trees grow a new "ring" for each year they live I thought we humans are kind of like that: we grow a new layer of skin each year and after many years we are thick and unwieldy from all our skin layers, you can start with a nice bed of fresh megalomania and add some sliced paranoia a few delusions of grandeur and a shredded perception of reality. Top with our creamy schizophrenia;