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Cakes of the stars: Michael J Fox -- chocolate swiss roll. Jack Lemmon -- jam donut. Robert De Niro -- Loony Toons cup cakes. Eddie Vedder -- chocolate chip muffins. Cindy Crawford -- fondant fancies. Prince -- chocolate hobknobbers, Could we not envisage a democracy of the imagination in which each individual ceases to be a passive recipient of spiritual truths and becomes instead their active creator?, He was extra-ordinary! There was no one like him. One felt a real ego-less-ness in him. He was so light no vanity no arrogance. He was utterly free completely wild and humorous and without fear, I thank all of you from the pit of my burning nauseous stomach for your letters and concern during the last years. I'm too much of an erratic moody person that I don't have the passion anymore. So remember, in the shower this morning I started thinking of the parallel cultural hostility toward non-commodity producing artists/poets and historical European Jewish moneylenders, language is the questioning we do in order to find out the answers (and not the repetition of that which we already know or the vertical construction of language according to the pre-given ideas, lush the sex kittens lush their serenades ... zee melodies Americaine burst like grapeseeds from Paris terraces ... sweeping strings très hi fi society brisk ... whirring purring ... gay cyclical Sartrian strains ... hers all hers, personally I'd take poetry over flowers any day! Flowers are pretty and nice but they die and are forgotten. Poetry on the other hand can be touching warm everlasting and also show you care, the specifics of what I am doing and their host of attendant problems are endless and fascinating. I have been grinding away at them for a year and I think I have come up with some very fresh ideas, this way I can just sit down at the computer and compose without really worrying about what the result will be -- it's complete freedom and a method of writing that is inclusive of everything but failure, well I hate to say it but my penis my sexual organ because there's so many women that loves it. I mean you should see how they play with it look at it and kiss it. Since they love it then that makes me love it more, what are you thinking? The proper answer to this question of course is "I'm sorry if I've been pensive dear. I was just reflecting on what a warm wonderful caring thoughtful intelligent beautiful woman you are", you have to revise and revise at every bloody stage to insure that everything's spot on especially because you're working in what other people regard as inconsistent ways so you have to be really sure, you know that all cats must die. This is just a fact. Man and cat were never meant to be friends. The following is a rather extravagant manner of err ... eradicating the little pests. Needed: 1 can of tuna;