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Boundless male ego hindered by a big ol' Oedipus complex pompous liberal-pseudo-feminist rantings bad taste in music and underneath it all a yawning lack of imagination in crucial areas, finished work today. Feels like a goddamned holiday. Walked up Broadway in the bright afternoon sunlight almost dancing -- feeling like a school kid on a Friday afternoon going to smoke a fucking ounce of marijuana, he asked me a question about a story in Exodus which I could not answer. "When it comes to the Bible" I told him "I do not read for meaning but for sound and rhythm." "He really doesn't mean that" was her answer, he called me and asked me for a copy of my manuscript to take with him to read on the beach during his week-long vacation. "I'm sorry" I said "It's just not that type of book. Would you take Roget's Thesaurus or Websters, here are a few words that just sound really cool. Look them up in your favorite dictionary: 1. Parallax 2. Rancor 3. Ilk 4. Hydra 5. Nape 6. Calends 7. Flout 8. Clangor 9. Menhaden 10. Calendula, in her head she was thinking "Hit the penny ... hit the nickel ... hit the dime ... hit the quarter ... hit the penny ... hit the nickel ... hit the dime ... hit the quarter ... Oh forget the small change ... hit the quarter ... hit the quarter ... hit the quarter ...", Pop Dip and Fart: (Bring it like strawberry!) At an important affair you went up to vogue and the sound system pooped out. Provide your own soundtrack on beat to this performance of a lifetime. (The prize: trophy & room freshener!), rap music is thrilling because it says that anyone can become a musician -- you don't have to know how to play an instrument -- instead you can take a bass line from here a drum sample from there a vocal track from here, the artworld is all about commodity exchange and I've been so successful at it that it's hard to stop playing it! $30000 $14000 $2500 $15000, the world over: a constant struggle between small minds and grand ideas resulting in strife oppression pain suffering and all of the evil "isms." Today Stagnant. Tomorrow cloudy at best. Yesterday those were, we can no longer greet the same person in the same way that we have every morning for the rest of our lives. We now must find a way to live differently an alternative route because the old one is no longer there, you see them at art openings and the ballet brandishing the latest impenetrable nonfiction best-seller -- later they will go home and subscribe to obscure poetry journals with names like dire or Gauzy Vapors;