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And so Anthony was trying to fuck an older man. As he approached him from the back Anthony politely asked "Would you mind lifting your legs a bit?" There was silence for a moment. "Daddy don't lift his legs" was his answer, each center has a space for its own concentric circles of sound and meaning like a stone thrown into water the ever-new outer circles of one center interpenetrating with the outer circles of other centers, here I sit and slowly savour the stink and stench of bathroom vapor. Which thief would commit such a caper and steal all the damned toilet paper. But my job is done and I will not linger so what the hell I'll just use my finger, "I'm a Frayed Knot!" screams one enraged string at the bartender and then disappears. Kant leaves via the back door. The remaining string gulps down the rest of his martini and says "And at these prices you're not likely to see many more!", Let's say there's 4 billion people on the planet. 4000000000. There's about 250 million Americans. 250000000. But with all these people I only care about 2 dozen or so 24, one (depreciated because it loses information) uses a leader of ">" for everyone another (the most common) is "> > > >" "> > >" etc. (or ">>>>" ">>>" etc.), The conversation at dinner turned to the subject of a very attractive young painter. Bill spoke up. "He's so cute that I'd pluck all the hairs from his butt one by one tie them together and use them as dental floss forever", Think of a work that has survived to influence the generations: Beethoven? Well that's rather recent. What of all the people who lived before him and to how many does he truly matter now? And what does Beethoven care?;