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After he finished translating into German the first lecture I gave at Darmstadt last September Christian Wolff said "The stories at the end are very good. But they'll probably say you're naive. I do hope you can explode that idea", and as he spoke to me I listened intently to things that only weeks before I would have dismissed as sheer nonsense. It's funny how someone can tell you something over and over and you do not listen until you are ready to hear, desire comes from perception you never desired something you didn't know about and when you did it was a perception of either pleasure which you desired or pain which you loathed with aversion both being two sides of the coin named desire, dipped in a grungy batter and fried to a delicate crisp upon which halo refrigerator shoeface franklin bruno satnam puppetshalo refrigeratorwcker spgt and members of sebadoh scribble scream and ponder, for her birthday I gave her a gift of my latest book. While over at her house fixing her computer I saw that it was still in the manila envelope leaning precariously close to the edge of a table made of a door, Has anybody ever rapidly waved their hand back and forth in front of their computer monitor? I for one am going to spend the rest of the day waving my hand rapidly back and forth in front of my computer monitor, I apologize to my sister Jodi. We used to take her in her bassinet and whip her feet up you know so she would like snap. I mean I don't know if it did her any harm but she's awfully short now and she's twenty-seven years, I look in the New York Times and read of nothing but authors getting huge advances for their books from major publishers -- like $500000 and they are such conservative hacks really. All of the authors I respect never, information assumes huge importance in hypertextual novels not as a commodity but as the core of new processes new ways of making connections new ways of navigating and narrativizing the technosphere, of two men one of whom knows nothing about a subject and what is extremely rare knows that he knows nothing -- and the other really knows something about it but thinks that he knows all -- what great advantage has the latter over the former?, She told me how one girl said to her that she couldn't see how I could take words from all over and make them seem like they were my own. She said if I was able to give myself permission to do that then just think of what lay in store for her, "The dog doesn't get human food." "Do you mean the flesh of humans or the food that humans eat?" "Let's just say she craves the food from which humans make their flesh." "Through which humans make their flesh." After this exchange for the rest of the night he ignored her, the Religious Right couldn't possibly take over. But that'll mean I actually have to *leave* my computer! The Religious Right couldn't possibly actually take over. The religious right couldn't possible take over, the possibilities of perfect avant-garde poetry through the flawed manifestation of the very well-read interesting lecher who teaches the poetry course at college or runs the local gallery or sells you software, Warning! There is a longish dull stretch shortly after the beginning of the book. The reader will have to endure it. I am at that place trying by all means to avoid ambiguity in the hope of saving the reader's time later, when I began my career I had absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Now the whole ballgame has changed the tables have turned. With the position I am in today I have everything to lose. So the stakes are much higher;