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Chaos is the natural product of order. Bureaucracy is the highest state of social order. The only effective way to "fight" Chaos is to remove the structure (ah well it sounded dangerously New Age Flake-ish toward the end there...), he is the unseen seer the unheard hearer the unthought thinker the ununderstood understander. Other than he there is no seer other than he there is no hearer other than he there is no thinker other than he there is no understander, he used to be elsewhere when I was a kid but we used to attribute it to a generally adorable spaciness. Tonight and recently it has been more disturbing more removed. Is he getting older? Less open to new ideas?, Just how do you DEFINE a poet in "mid-career"? I came to poetry formally a little over a decade ago deciding to leave the engineering profession (& "deciding" is far too genteel a term) to pursue my desire, she told me that one of her students suggested to her that we have a baby. "Why?" Cheryl asked. "Because that way your child could play with the kid of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore. They would grow up together -- both with sets of really cool parents" she answered, should I come across some marijuana in the near future the endeavor should prove to be easier. However there is none about and so my conservative and anal retentive mind is hard-pressed to come up with anarchist propaganda, Strict Dress Code Will Be Enforced: Legends Know No Code chap thong back G-strings Westwood padded derrière-wear bustles hot pants butt plugs Frederick's padded girdles posterior tattoos high-cut swimsuits ladies panties for butch queens only Andre Walker, the sixties were an incredible moment in history. It was the moment when Western thinking Judeo-Christian concepts and Hindu and Buddhist concepts came together. It totally freed up the Protestant domination of our culture, while attending a student's birthday party during a later week of one of his hunger strikes Gandhi was offered a piece of chocolate cake by a less enlightened disciple. The disciple then remembered Gandhi's fast and repealed the offer;