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And from there I began to unravel all the value judgments that I had been building for as long as I could remember and I looked around and recognized a huge baroque web of attachments and retro-attachments reaching into every corner, every fucking person has a part of them that wants to be Jesus I fear God. I don't want to fear God. I really hate feeling superior to others yet people on t.v. would suggest a loser everyone fucking wants to be superior, I have a problem -- I stink real bad. I don't know if it's because of my Franco-Princetonian background or my refusal to wear any kind of odor-reduction products. Can you help me? No one at work lets me get close due to my ripe aroma, it was a real drag. At the rock show all he could do was tell me about his career. In between songs he kept hammering me with details about this interview that assistant this show here that Kunsthalle there. He certainly made it difficult to hear, the first thing when I saw him today that he said was "Oy what a day!" and at dinner proceeded to launch into yet another stressful business story a new crisis. Bigger than the last crisis. And he cannot see the next crisis around the corner;