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And a little girl goes into the bathroom and sees her daddy taking a piss and says "Daddy daddy what is that?" He replies "That's a dick." Then she says "When am I gonna get one of those?" He replies "Oh in about 5 minutes after your mother goes to the store", Evil is our nature. And unlike those with conscience I take pleasure in my cruelty and delight in all the destruction and havoc I've wreaked on (and in) the lives of others. I shatter their hearts destroy their hopes strip them of their innocence and beat them with their fears, hey Daffodil Queen I'm still singing can't stop your face on my eyelids the rush of your cool spring sweatshirt cool warm girl under sweatshirt my fire sometimes my inferno smile at me like a squirrel and let's roll down the hill one more time hey Daffodil Queen it's summer, I put the words and phrases into an alphabetic and syllabic order with the entries going from one syllable A to Z then a semi-colon then two syllables A to Z then a semi-colon then three syllables A to Z etc., I wondered what the hell ever happened to her -- we used to be such good friends -- although there was something stopping me from really getting too close to her. I hear that she is now in Narcotics Anonymous and is teaching yoga. Cheryl never really cared for her, if everyone was given a solid gold sporknifeeaw at birth ... well ... the pawn shop would be over loaded with worthless sporknifeeaws stolen from hapless babies but still there would not be a need for any of those other stupid silverwares, it hadn't even been a year since I decided that my mouth was getting tired and chapped from giving so many blowjobs that it was time to start having sex like a normal 19-year-old ... and I was not ready to start screwing around with a virtual stranger, people who misuse apostrophes make me very hostile. So like how hard is it to pick up a Strunk and White and learn the rules? Clothing stores are the worst. "ALL SHOE'S ON SALE! GIFT CERTIFICATE'S SOLD HERE!" My personal fave -- the plaque at Burger King that reads "CONDIMENT'S BAR", people who use apostrophes just because they feel like it. Petty Vengeance: Correct them. Scribble over the apostrophe or rip the offending apostrophe off the sign. (Debb points out that this only leaves an apostrophe-shaped scribble or rip but I don't care), read in the paper today about a famous bandleader who at age 44 gave it all up to become an obscure writer. When asked about his change in life he said "It was like cutting off a gangrenous arm. You miss it but having a life is better", struggle surviving injuries motivation accepting people for what they are. Veins and opinions insecurities trends money capitalize destruction hate flower and love a fine line to be neutral. Get away kill the past kill it dead write the future, time dissolves and spirals somewhere down the drain. I don't know if my eyes are open or closed where I am whether I'm breathing anymore. I don't even feel anything. I just am a sense of pleasure. Pure concentrated 180 proof everclear pleasure, well I don't want to go to Cyberspace mostly because it's for geeks who sit in a room peek into the minds of other people that they don't even know. What stands in the way of these punks taking over the whole United States and running us all through the wringer?, Why are all the slow drivers always in the left lane? No one seems to remember (or more accurately no one CARES) that the first rule of the road is to "keep right" ... except of course (heh heh) in other countries where you "keep left" ... I wonder if they have the "left of way" as a phrase there?;