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Alright you're done with whatever you were doing in the restroom there -- I'm not asking -- and you need to rinse your hands clear of the shall we say residue of your transaction. Haplessly you walk towards the sinks and pray that the blower-thing works and that there is actually soap in the dispenser, Cheryl and I were in Arizona watching a glorious sunset in the desert. As the sky was lighting up with colors we looked at each other and said "I've seen this before." "But where?" "We've seen much better ones on T.V. growing up" although we had never seen a desert sunset before, there is also a usage "ACK?" (from sense 1) meaning "Are you there?" often used in email when earlier mail has produced no reply or during a lull in {talk mode} to see if the person has gone away (the standard humorous response is of course {NAK} (sense 2) i.e. "Uh I'm not here");