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A /*/ is used for the 'schwa' sound of unstressed or occluded vowels (the one that is often written with an upside-down "e"). The schwa vowel is omitted in syllables containing vocalic r l m or n that is 'kitten' and 'color' would be rendered /kit'n/ and /kuhl'r/ not /kit'*n/ and /kuhl'*r/, and Arizona Ice Tea. How dumb can people be? Where is it notorious for being hot? Phoenix Arizona right? So they slap the name Arizona on the bottle to make you think it will even quench the thirst of people baking in 120 degree heat in Arizona. Suckers!, As a teenager I had come to the same conclusion that many teens do: that everybody and everything around me was half-assed and wrong. This included the bourgeois capitalist system that I was being forced to live under. Workers are being exploited! This sucks everybody should just share!, Hey kitty! You're like the queen of the ball the hot chick on the dance floor the girl in the spotlight. How do you do that? But stop drinking so much coffee or Pepsi or whatever it is that you do for all them bursts of energy cuz you might O.D. and we wouldn't want that. We love you just the way you are, I don't have enough talent to make it in the real world and how I'll never have enough money and my friends are all back-biting sons of bitches and everything in the world is beyond reclamation and when I'm numb with despair I'll slit my wrists and lay in the bathtub just like that guy in Caligula, telephones are an ideal form of communication! Surely there is no other invention of the twentieth century which can compare to that of the telephone. Whether you want to catch the latest gossip with your family or simply say hello to an old friend the telephone is there, who would go to the inconvenience of traveling to an out-of-the-way place to endure the discomfort of sitting on a hard seat for hour after hour in an auditorium without air conditioning at the height of the summer except out of devotion to the works of Richard Wagner?;