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But what really is personal? Is not shared culture as personal as one's subjective experience? Where can we draw the line? Are we not as much shaped by what is outside us as what comes from within? Am I not as much a product of advertisers and goods as much as I am by my "singular nature?", Ideas themselves are startling rather that they exit from this particular mouth. Go figure. Yes mumsie would have to be aborted in her 150th trimester. Sad for her. As for me I do not procreate (though I practice a lot) I recycle and I have mastered my and others VCRs, The New York Times was only able to take him seriously 25 years after his death. And even then he was treated as an oddity. Of course they only quoted passages from his most well known novel all framed up in a box at the bottom of the page -- an excerpt to comfort the Time's readers;